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Changing Lives In The Eurozone

The Italian economy may be under the weather, but people like Sabastiano are changing their health for the better and eager to help others do the same! Isabel in Switzerland is also helping others regain their God-given health! Check out this week’s exciting testimonies that PROVE that adopting The Hallelujah Diet really works!

“Good Morning Rev. George! My name is Sabastiano T. I am a Christian vegan living in Milan, Italy. I recently learned of your health ministry and really like The Hallelujah Diet and what you are doing to help improve the health of the Christian community. I would like to know if there are any trained Health Ministers in Italy. I already have a website where I am translating some of your articles into Italian. A great big thank-you for your work.”
Sabastiano T., Milan Italy

Rev. Malkmus responds: I am so excited that you have learned of our ministry and have a desire to share God’s health message with the people of your country. I am not aware of anyone in Italy who has been through our Health Ministry Training. May I suggest that you consider taking our Health Minister Training Online course and begin a ministry to your countrymen!

“Dear Mr. Malkmus, I am writing you from Switzerland. Your biblically-based health message has changed our lives. In 2001, I was looking for something that would help my husband recover from some serious health problems and the Lord led me to The Hallelujah Diet. Well this diet not only restored my husband’s health, but later restored me from some health problems I was experiencing as well. Yes, God led me to the Hallelujah Acres website where I found the information I needed to our health. The information I needed to restore my husband’s health and later mine was found in your FREE “Biblical Nutrition 101” Course. Then this past May 2012, I enrolled in your Health Minister Training Online course and received my certification on July 14. Since then I have been preparing for my ministry as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister here in Switzerland. Recently I received the prompting of the Lord to offer the course “Biblical Nutrition 101” that had brought health and healing to both my husband and I to others. Since we speak French in my part of the world I am writing you for the permission to translate the course into French so that I can make this life-saving information available to my people. I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from you. I give all the glory to our God for the privilege of being a part of the Hallelujah Acres family/ministry and community.”
Health Minister Isabel R., Switzerland

Rev. Malkmus responds: It is thrilling to know that you are now part of our Hallelujah Acres family there in Switzerland and have a desire to help improve the health of your countrymen. Regarding the translation of my course “Biblical Nutrition 101” into the French language, you have my permission. The only thing I ask is that it continue to be offered as a FREE course as it has been since first introduced in the English language.

“Hi Brother George, I just learned that my good friend, Don M. has completed the Health Minister Training Online course and been certified as a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. I believe he is the oldest Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister – he will turn 95 years old in November of this year. His wife is 93. I am thrilled that Hallelujah Acres now has a wonderful Christian servant trained and equipped to help his age group improve their health. May God continue to bless you!”
Health Minister Doug P, Tennessee

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, We were in attendance at your recent ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Hampton, Virginia. This was our first exposure to the Hallelujah Acres Health Message and we so appreciated learning of your ministry and hearing such exciting health information. Thank you for coming! In devotions this morning we found this Scripture to confirm what you are teaching: ‘He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and the herb (vegetable) for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth.’ (Psalm 104:14). Blessings on you and Hallelujah Acres!”
Evie R, Hampton, Virginia


  1. Hello Rev. Malkmus, I was wondering if the biblical nutrition 101 course was indeed translated in French. I can see that our friends from Switzerland will be translating the info which I am happy for. Can that course in French be shared with the Canadian Hallelujah Acres division? We do have a large community of Christian in Québec and in the Canadians Maritimes that would greatly benefit from this course in their language.

  2. I am Italian, and a health minister but live in Columbus, Ohio. I travel to Italy every so often. When I traveled to Italy several years ago I stayed on the diet well. Bought a blender in town. Even sprouted lentils I bought from a local grocery store. I hope the gentleman takes the training.

  3. Zoobabe11 October 3, 2012

    i have been through health minister training and live in Sicily part time, although I am American, my husband is Italian.

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