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Breast Cancer – Dissolved!

Your letters of testimony of what the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle has done for you or your loved ones are such an encouragement to this editor.

Thank you to all who have written this past week! I love hearing from our readers so please keep those letters coming. Click here to send me an email.

“I have some encouraging news to share with you. I am happy to report that after following The Hallelujah Diet and juicing aggressively, my breast cancer tumor has dissolved and I feel so much better. This was confirmed by a recent mammogram and thermogram report.

I only had these tests done because of pressure from my family members in order to ease their minds. Thank you for your efforts in reaching out to the Christian community and to all others who will listen with a well needed message of eating right so that our bodies can heal themselves naturally. May the Lord bless you for your zeal to help others!”

“I want to once again thank you immensely for the great work of helping people to improve their health that you do. May God continue to strengthen you with His grace as you continue to fulfill your God-given assignment here on earth.

Our teeming population here in Nigeria (140 million plus) needs to hear about what you teach at Hallelujah Acres.

I have been on radio and several TV stations in Africa sharing the Hallelujah message since 2004 after attending Health Minister training there in Shelby, North Carolina, and I am still sharing the Hallelujah Acres message that ‘You Don’t Have to be Sick.’ Mega blessings to all at Hallelujah Acres!”
Rev. Tony A., Lagos, Nigeria


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