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BarleyMax for Poison Ivy?

This past week’s Health Tip titled “How Churches Promote Ill Health” generated so much encouraging mail in response, I will share a few more of those responses at the end of this testimony section.

I sure appreciate receiving mail from our subscribers, please keep them coming. I thrive on them!

“Last month I got into some poison ivy before I realized it. It affected me so bad I had to begin taking medication but it wasn’t getting rid of it. That’s when I decided to try making a paste of BarleyMax and give it a try. Before the BarleyMax I had it bad on my face and tried just putting the BarleyMax paste on the right side to see if it would give better results than the medication. I could hardly believe my eyes as it started pulling out the poison! Just wanted you to know BarleyMax is not only good for the inside of the body but the outside as well.”
Jane N.

“When I started on The Hallelujah Diet 18 months ago, I was on nine medications for various ailments. I am now off six of them, and have been able to drastically reduce the other three. Two of those three I remained on were due to my inability to sleep. I have suffered with severe insomnia for over 20 years. Last night, for the first time in over 15 years and without any medication, I slept through the night. God bless Rev. Malkmus for getting the word out about The Hallelujah Diet.”
Beth L.

“Dear George, My husband and I are on The Hallelujah Diet and take BarleyMax and your supplements. My husband had a heart attack a year ago and that is why we adopted your program. He had blood work done recently and all his readings were ‘perfect.’ He contributes his improved health to The Hallelujah Diet.”
Brenda F.

“Hi Mr. Malkmus, Thank you for spreading the message of how we can have great health without prescription drugs, doctors, etc. In July, while flipping channels in the middle of the night I heard you share your testimony of how you recovered from a stroke ten years ago without medical aid. Seeing you on television had to be by divine appointment!

A few weeks after hearing your testimony I began having stroke like symptoms – numbness around my mouth and the side of my face, chest pains radiating down my life arm and slurred speech. I immediately began The Hallelujah Diet, including lots of vegetable juices loaded with greens and thankfully I have fully recovered. I am forever grateful and plan on becoming a Health Minister, but until then I am directing as many people as possible to your website. God speed and many blessings.”
Linda, Australia


Comments on last week’s article, “How Churches Promote Ill Health”…


That was an excellent article regarding how churches promote ill health Rev. Malkmus. This article is certainly a ‘KEEPER’!
Jim W.

“A great big ‘AMEN’ to your article on how churches promote ill health! You put into words my exact thoughts and feelings. I love your articles and use them in my teachings at my wellness center. Keep up the great work! My health has improved even more since I started juicing. I refer all my clients to you and your website.”
Von, Owner of a Wellness Center

“I just read your article on how churches promote ill health and I agree with you. I am saddened by the foods served at every church gathering. Sadly, I have played a part in providing these foods. I am really ashamed of myself as I have known about your teachings for years. I read your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ years ago and yet I keep falling off the wagon. Well, I am returning to the wagon and this time not only to stay on it, but also encourage others to get on it. I hope to visit Hallelujah Acres soon and let you know my progress. I am only 58 years old and yet feel like I am 88 years old. Shame on me! I too will soon have a testimony to share with your readers of my health improvements following your teachings.”


“I loved your article regarding ill health within the church. My pastor husband and I have a wonderful congregation of over 300 people and growing. My husband and I are Hallelujah Diet folks. I am in my early 30s and my husband in his late 30s. We adopted this lifestyle after the birth of our second child four years ago and absolutely love it. My parents also live this exciting lifestyle with us.

We are so grateful for your wonderful eye-opening articles like this last one on how churches promote ill health. The church body needs to understand that they will reap physically what they sow with regards to what they eat and drink.

Yes, we believe in healing, but it is heartbreaking to see Christians crying out to God for healing when He has already provided the solution to their problems right in the foods they eat. The ignorance and lack of discipline within the church is so sad. My husband and I truly appreciate all you are doing to improve the health of God’s people.

Our children are Hallelujah Kids. They see the benefits of healthy eating and living and love our lifestyle, and it thrills our hearts to see our children walking in freedom of disease and sickness. When our children are asked why they eat different from the rest of the kids, they are able to give a detailed reasoning behind their food choices. We’re training them in the way they SHOULD go, knowing they will NOT depart from that way. Thank you again – we are so GREATFUL.”

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