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Bahamas Goes Bananas Over The Hallelujah Diet

For over 20 years, testimonies have been the lifeblood of Hallelujah Acres. When people adopt The Hallelujah Diet, in most instances they see their physical (and often psychological) problems simply disappear. Then, rejoicing in their new found health, they send us their testimony which becomes an inspiration for others to give The Hallelujah Diet a try. A few of these testimonies follow:

“My name is Madison and I live in the Bahamas. Although I have only recently discovered The Hallelujah Diet, I have been on a similar diet most my life. My mother believed in and raised all of her children on a vegan diet. This vegan diet kept our entire family free of diseases and troubles that others experienced because they were on an unhealthy diet. My mother also believed that carrot juice was the answer to any physical problem that came upon anyone in the family.

At one point in my life I did stray from my mother’s vegan diet and resulted in the only time in my life I have ever been sick. During this two-year period of straying I gained weight, developed acne, and began feeling tired and lazy. However, upon returning to the vegan diet all of those negative things that had begun to appear in my body simply went away – my acne disappeared, my weight normalized, and I got my energy back.

Now that I have learned about The Hallelujah Diet, I want to fully incorporate it into my everyday life. Hopefully I can stay completely committed to the diet so that I can remain free of illness for the rest of my life. I have recently completed Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training Online and now want to help others here in the Bahamas realize that they too can live sickness free if they will but change to The Hallelujah Diet.”
Health Minister Madison P., Bahamas

“For years I had considered becoming a vegan but sadly never did. As a result of consuming the Standard American Diet I suffered with digestive problems, was depressed, and severely overweight. My cholesterol levels were over 250, I had a fatty liver, and osteoporosis. Then one day while out shopping I came across Rev. Malkmus’ DVD which I purchased. After watching it I said ‘WOW’.

This introduction to Hallelujah Acres led me to the Hallelujah Acres website and Paul and Ann’s free ’60 Days to Reclaim Your Health’ program. I started following Paul and Ann’s advice and lost 15 pounds; saw my digestive problems simply disappear, and my cholesterol levels dropped to under 200. Thanks Rev. Malkmus, Paul and Ann, and thanks Hallelujah Acres.”
Health Minister Rita J.

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I have over the years so appreciated your attitude and knowledge base concerning nutrition and health. I have also read your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’, purchased numerous health products from Hallelujah Acres, and adopted much of your Hallelujah Diet into my way of eating along with my family’s way of eating. One thing I have noticed and so appreciated is your tenacious way of researching the things you speak of. By the way, I also run for physical fitness.”
Greg R.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those who have been following my teaching of the course “Biblical Nutrition 101” in my church here in Turning Point at Calvary in St. Augustine, Florida, we completed Lesson Six last week. We have averaged well over 100 in attendance each week and the testimonies of improved health are already being reported in the class. Many have reported lost weight – from just one pound to over 30 pounds in just five weeks on the diet. Other improvements in health reported include arthritic pain gone, constipation gone, off antacids, headaches gone, increased energy, and parents reporting that after they eliminated refined sugar from their children’s diets their behavior improved dramatically. Many in the class are so excited about the improvements they have personally experienced in their own health that they are not only telling others, but even bringing friends and loved ones with them to class. New folks are joining the class weekly. These Biblical Nutrition 101 classes will conclude on June 11th and then we will be having a graduation with certificates for perfect attendance along with a potluck supper sometime in July.

In church Sunday, one of those in my class told me that there is not a single juicer left in any of the stores in St. Augustine — perhaps these classes are proving more effective than I thought!

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