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79th Birthday Wishes For Rev. Malkmus

Rhonda and I do not do what we do for the praise of men; still, it is nice to know that there are some who appreciate our efforts. Below are a few of the many letters received wishing me a happy 79th birthday.

“Dearest George, We became Health Ministers in 2011 and had spoken with you previously a few times on different occasions. We saw you again and spoke with you at your seminar in Brandon (Tampa Area), Florida on January 5, 2013. Your seminar in Brandon was over-the-top – it was GREAT! Over 300 people were packed into that lecture hall and some had to stand leaning against the wall and some sitting on the floor because of no available seats. We sat on the last row listening to you for nearly three hours.

You are amazing, George! You continue to captivate our attention even though we have heard your message many times before. Your recovery from a few inconvenient bouts with health problems – cancer and a stroke – have not diminished your zest for ‘life’. I have no doubt that both you and Rhonda WILL SEE the return of our LORD! What a total blessing you and Rhonda have been to us all. I am still amazed at how God picked the perfect person for you as your helpmate. It should give us encouragement to continue on the narrow road ahead of us. ‘For many seek but few find’.

Happy birthday to a wonderful man and someone who can, at almost 80 years of age, still type 50 words a minute with nearly zero errors! Blessings and love always!”
Vivvy, Florida

“Happy birthday, Rev. Malkmus! I wish you many more healthy and happy years ahead as you continue to minister health to the world in your senior years. You have been a God-send to this generation in the area of health and healthy lifestyle. God bless you and all your Hallelujah Acres family.”
J.R., Florida

“Happy 79th birthday, Rev. George! I’m just learning about your Hallelujah Acres and all the good you are doing. I appreciate all the information you share about the importance of juicing and living a healthy lifestyle. I also love the BarleyMax powder.”

“We praise God for your testimony, George! You are so encouraging and inspiring! Thank you so much for your ministry. We didn’t know until recently that you and Rhonda had moved to Florida and were trying to slow down a little bit from the unbelievably fast pace you have set the past 20-plus years. Florida sounds wonderful! We pray that God will continue to give you health and strength as you continue to minister for Him!”
Antoinette M.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday, Dr. Malkmus! I was born on November 24, 1936 so I am very close to your age. I originally adopted The Hallelujah Diet because I had skin cancer and your program helped me with that problem immensely. As a result of the diet and lifestyle change I also lost 50 pounds and, to this day, have blood work reports that are envied by my friends.”
Barbara S.

“Having just caught up with e-mail, I read your 2013 challenge to go on The Hallelujah Diet road, and will try again. For many years I have been inspired by your Health Tips yet haven’t yet been successful in adopting The Hallelujah Diet. If you can add my name to your long list of those requesting prayer I would I would be most grateful. I know the Hallelujah way is the only way to obtain health and remain healthy and pray that at 84 years of age it is not too late for me. I’m so tired all the time and have no energy. Please help me to change that!”
Thelma R.


  1. Olalere Babasola, Lagos Nigeri February 12, 2013

    Happy birthday greetings to Rev. George Malkmus. We will not cease to thank God for your ministry. I pray that God will grant you many more years on this side of the divide to reach more souls with His health message. Thanks and God bless you richly.

  2. Tony Akinyemi February 13, 2013

    Here’s wishing an icon a very happy 79th birthday. May God keep you for longer to continue to be a blessing to our world. Rev. Tony Akinemi, Lagos, Nigeria.

  3. Gunnar Leitma February 13, 2013

    Very happy, happy birthday George, I am almost 4 years older and have been following your great ideas too. Thanks! I do not need glasses either and life is great. (only one thing we see differently- bible does not talk about Sunday churches, the ever burning hell etc.). Otherwise you have done great job!!!

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