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23-Year Nurse Turns Her Back on the System

Each week, I share testimonies that have been sent me by people who have been blessed by or found improvement in their health after adopting The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle. Do you have a testimony that has not been shared? Your testimony could be the one that would encourage someone else to make a diet change that could change their life!

“Hello Rev. Malkmus, I am a 48-year-old registered nurse who has been reading your weekly Health Tips for over a year now, and have just decided to go on The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle starting tomorrow. I am taking all the food not recommended on The Hallelujah Diet out of my pantry and refrigerator and giving it to the local food bank. The eggs and cottage cheese I will be giving to my dogs.

As a Critical Care Nurse for 23 years now, I have only seen a vegan once that I am aware of. This man had been in the hospital twice with severe heart problems when I was his nurse. A year later I saw him again at a gas station and he shared that after he had become a vegan he no longer needed any medications and the doctor had told him he no longer had a heart issue.

I work in the open heart surgery unit and in Medical Intensive Care units, where most of the patients are there due to their poor diets and lifestyle. I remember one woman who, after heart by-pass surgery, started bleeding, causing an emergency. When we re-opened her chest, her heart was completely surrounded with fat – so much fat that it was difficult for the surgeon to get to her heart to stop the bleeding. I remember the surgeon exclaiming: “This fat is what keeps food on my table.”

Well, seeing that woman’s heart, coupled with this surgeon’s comments, along with the way I feel has brought me to the point that I have got to change my diet. So, at this low point in my health, I am turning my life and diet over to my Heavenly Father. I am banishing the sin of gluttony from my life TODAY!

I know my Heavenly Father does not want my life centered around bad food and ill health. For too long I have allowed Satan to have a field day in my body, by keeping me addicted to the wrong foods, the foods that have created all this ill health I have suffered with for so long.

In fact, I am praying about possibly taking a new direction regarding my career. I no longer have confidence in my own profession to mitigate physical problems, though I still have the same compassion to help people restore their health I had when I entered the nursing profession.

Yes, I still have the same desire I have always had to comfort someone in their time of need, touch their brow, telling them everything will be okay. So, at age 48, I am looking at going back to school and becoming a naturopath.

I have been studying the Levitical diet and also God’s original diet. There is a vast difference between the two. The Levitical diet includes lots of meat while God’s original diet includes no animal source foods at all. Obviously, when things were in perfection in the garden we were commanded to eat a pure, vegan diet.

It appears that the Father was trying to do his best to keep His people healthy in Leviticus because the people had refused to stick with the Heavenly Father’s original plans as He outlined in Genesis 1:29. I can totally see how we destroy the nutrients as originally placed in those foods by cooking them. And not only are the nutrients being destroyed by cooking them, but we are also devastating the land they grow on.

I currently weigh 266 pounds and have finally come to my senses and am making it a priority to regain my health. So even though my physician has told me that I must maintain a high protein, animal-based diet, I have decided to trust my Heavenly Father and go for a complete change in my diet by adopting The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle.

Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for giving me this opportunity to write you and let my covenant with my Heavenly Father known! I will update you of my progress.”
~ Jackie H.


  1. Go Jackie! I too am a nurse. Have been for 30 years. I had the same ah, hah moment of I know God made us. I had tried all kinds of diets and as a Vegetarian for 15 years I still was not healthy. I wanted to know what God said about eating. My sister told me about HACRES and I have not looked back since! Never thought I would give up cheese, but here I am 4 years later, healthier and happier than ever… except for my work. Although I am making a little difference with my co-workers (slow progress) I have no effect on my patients to change, and I so want that. So I too have been looking in a different direction to do what I have been called to do!

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