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Turning Your Health Around is Fun!

Are you having fun navigating a Health Turnaround?

Time sure flies . . . especially when you are having fun. Pursuing a Health Turnaround can be fun. Seeing results is really fun. Feeling in control of your health is way more fun than feeling lethargic and hopeless!

We know the power of the body and how quickly improvements may happen. We hope you can see all kinds of improvements in your health.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t quite jumped in with both feet yet. Sometimes, the timing must be right. It can take a lot of refiguring to retrain the brain to do new things.

Here is a link to what a typical day on the Hallelujah Diet might look like. CLICK HERE

If you purchased the Health Turnaround Kit, this information is in the Health Turnaround Recipes booklet.

Just as diet is a key player in a Health Turnaround, don’t underestimate the power of Hallelujah Diet supplements. They can sure pack a mighty punch! If you aren’t sure which ones will serve you best, you can start with a few basics and build from there according to your needs. Supplements can be game changers in our health.

The Health Turnaround Kit has 3 outstanding basic supplements: BarleyMax (which is really a living superfood), Glutathione Promoter/ Selenium and D3-K2. You can read more about each of these on the Health Turnaround Kit webpage – CLICK HERE.

Of course, if you have certain issues that you are addressing, there are supplements to address specific needs.

Eye Health supplements can make improvements in vision. Supplements such as magnesium may help someone rest more soundly. Supplements such as Collagen Booster with Silica and Hallelujah Diet Joint Health can help hone flexible, agile joints. Some supplements may not make you feel differently, but you know your body needs them and it is difficult for the body to make them, such as EPA and DHA from fish oil. Each and every supplement performs in a unique way in the body. It is remarkable there is such tremendous help with quality supplementation.

At Hallelujah Diet, we want you to experience optimal health, AT EVERY AGE! We know that ordering all the supplements you want or need can be a big investment. All each person can do is the best they can and be picky! Hallelujah Diet is very particular about each and every item they carry. A core goal is to provide you with items that help you achieve radiant health.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or give us a call at 1-800-915-9355. Hours are M-F 8am-6pm and Sat. 9am-4pm EST.

Hopefully, your goals are there. We believe they are accomplish-able. Just get in there… and make it happen! Bust down the walls that have constrained you… ALL OF THEM! Only YOU through the strength of Almighty God, can do it! God uses people, works through people empowers people . . . and the possibilities are HUGE!

Have Fun!

We have fun hearing your testimonials of health turnarounds. Please keep sending them to


  1. Melody Hord February 1, 2022

    I am always happy when I am playing tennis. I used to have a stiff back the morning after tennis. But since taking silica, I am no longer stiff. Woo Hoo! I also like to take a quick tsp. of HD liposomal vitamin C right before I go play! I feel like I have more energy. If I don’t take it right before I play, I will take it when I come home. The items in the Health Turnaround kit are great. I would add the liposomal vitamin C and magnesium in addition to the kit.

  2. I purchased the Health Turnaround kit the first day it became available, and I’m glad I did.

    I’m especially enjoying the great recipes in the Health Turnaround Recipe booklet.

  3. Annette Whitworth February 21, 2022

    This was a great Kit. I have told so many of our HM about it, Especially when they are working with so many customers that wants to start with the diet. I tell ppl it really is a 2 month Supply because the items in the kit last 2 months with the barley and selenium and the vitamin D3. Thanks again

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