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The Importance of Maintaining Stress Levels

When stress levels are sky high, your emotional health isn't the only thing that's impacted. Your entire well-being - mental, physical and social health - is at risk of falling apart.

There are dozens of aspects of daily living that cause stress, whether it develops in your place of work or in the comfort of your own home. Stress may be unavoidable sometimes, but that doesn't mean we should let it run its course without trying to find ways to cope. When stress levels are sky high, your emotional health isn't the only thing that's impacted. Your entire well-being – mental, physical and social – is at risk of falling apart.

"Emotionally healthy people experience positive feelings about themselves and as a result, they experience healthy relationships and are able to keep life's problems in perspective," Rev. Malkmus wrote in his book 'The Hallelujah Diet: Experience the Optimal Health You Were Meant to Have.' "There is no doubt that living a happy and productive life is dependent upon good mental health."

Let's take a closer look at the importance of maintaining stress levels and how emotional imbalance impacts overall well-being.

How Does Stress Impact Physical Health?
Muscles tense up as a reaction to stress, and when they're stiff for a long time, your chance of developing chronic, stress-related musculoskeletal conditions increases, according to the American Physiological Association. Some common conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Acute stress, or an emotional response brought on by an unexpected tragic event, can lead to hyperventilation or panic attacks – two issues that negatively impact the respiratory system.

Additionally, chronic stress can lead to heart conditions, as the rapid increase and decrease of blood pressure and heart rate can heighten one's risk for developing hypertension, heart attack or stroke.

How Does Stress Impact Mental Health?
Stress has an impact on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Unfortunately, if stress levels become unmanageable, you may develop a mental disorder like depression or anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.  Sadly, "health experts" often turn to medications to alleviate mental conditions.

"Emotional depression is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our society today," Rev. Malkmus wrote. "And how is our society dealing with it? Doctors are treating it with drugs. My friends, those drugs only complicate the problem rather than solve it."

How Does Stress Impact Social Health?
Because high stress levels impact mental health, they can also affect social health. Feelings of depression may make you feel self-focused and forget the importance of social interaction. By spending time with the ones you love, you can receive social support when you need it most.

How Can You Reduce Stress-Related Symptoms?
To reduce stress levels, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America recommended getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and accepting the things you can't control. Additionally, following a healthy diet can alleviate stress.

As stated earlier, stress-related symptoms are often brought on by uncontrollable factors – but there's something you may have neglected to recognize. You know a wholesome diet promotes overall well-being, but have you ever considered how harmful a poor diet is for your stress levels?

"You see, the brain, which is a defenseless organ, is dependent on the quality of its fuel; it can't story energy, it survives only a few minutes without oxygen, and it quickly decays under unfavorable conditions," wrote Rev. Malkmus. "Removing all meat products, sugar, caffeine and dairy from the diet may be the key to lasting emotional balance."

To keep stress levels at bay, it's time to drop the SAD diet and follow the Hallelujah Diet. By fueling your body with a plant-based regimen, you'll find emotional balance and overall well-being.


  1. Angela Solomon April 4, 2017

    Wonderful article on stress, the way society is today stress is something that most of us live with. With God and a good plant based diet, we are on the right track to help deal with the every day stress that life can throw our way. The Stress Support Complex also really helps especially at nigth when we tend to lay awake and let our minds wonder.

  2. carolyn b. calhoun April 4, 2017

    Very good article on stress. We don’t always know what the stress is from or what it will hook onto…but it sure is great to know that Hallelujah Hiet has supplements that can and will help out when we are affected by stress. The Magnesium Complex is so good if you want to get a good nights sleep. Every night.

  3. Connie Gesser April 5, 2017

    I have noticed a tightening up of muscles when I’m stressed. I’m glad, sleep, exercise a healthy diet and a good mental attitude helps. I’m also looking forward to trying the new stress support complex supplement.

  4. Annette April 10, 2017

    I have to agree with my co workers ,on this article! Great information on Stress. A Lot of people don’t realize how stress can affect you without you even knowing. There is several scriptures come to mind when dealing with stress, one was
    Philippians 4:6-7
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Another one that I relay on is this one…1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

  5. CAROLYN B CALHOUN April 30, 2019

    As an addition to what I wrote earlier… Stress can absolutely ruin your health. You may not realize it is happening, because your body and mind gets used to functioning at a high stress level. And so it continues until there is damage done to your health. In my case..Diabetes 2. Now I’m trying to live a dialed down stress level life. It is difficult but it can be done. Different diet, for life. Changes for the better.

  6. Gracia Mateus Dasilva February 10, 2021


  7. I think one important factor in managing stress is recognizing the things you can and cannot control. Our thoughts are very important to the health of the body.

    It is even more challenging now to find social support during times when many people are home alone because of the pandemic.

  8. Great article on stress. I know the one thing that helps me the most when I’m stressed is prayer. God is the only one who can handle the things that are out of my control.

  9. Great article, stress can cause so many issues with our bodies physical and emotional. Take time for yourself to pray and to eat healthy and take care of you.

  10. Annette Whitworth April 30, 2021

    This was a very good article. I do believe that you can live a stress free life if you want too. We must learn to trust and give everything that worries us over to the master the good Lord. Learn to pray and stand on his promises. Thanks

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