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The Harm in Consuming Animal Products

There are more than a few reasons why you need to stop relying on animal products for nutrients.

When most people think of protein, they automatically assume meat needs to be a staple in their everyday diet. Those same individuals believe that dairy products like milk and cheese are the best sources of calcium. What they don't realize, however, is that they've been desensitized by the meat and dairy industry. Animal products aren't the only options for receiving those amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In fact, the harmful, negative characteristics of the meat and dairy outweigh the benefits.

Harsh Living Environments Produce Harmful Meat
Think about the chicken, beef, lamb and pork you find in the grocery store. Are you aware of how these animals lived before making their way to the meat department? As Ann describes in her book, "Unravel the Mystery," gone are the days when they roamed in wide open spaces, grazing the grass and drinking clean water to fuel meat for human consumption. Now, they're kept in tight pens and cages and fed growth hormones, antibiotics and corn with pesticides and herbicides present. Not only is this abusive and immoral, but it's a living environment that makes the animals more susceptible to disease and illness. This, in the long run, can be transferred to humans during digestion.

It's not only the mistreatment of the meat that can lead to disease. Animal fat found in the flesh blocks blood flow, which can cause high blood pressure. Meats are some of the worst acid-forming foods you can feed your body, as it often leads to stomach problems.

The factory environment makes animals more prone to disease and infection.The factory environment makes animals more prone to disease and infection.

Would You Drink Dog Milk?
When it comes to dairy products like milk and cheese, they're just as dangerous for the human body. As Rev. George Malkmus pointed out in his book "The Hallelujah Diet," many people often question the harm in dairy. After all, cows produce milk to provide for their babies, so why would it be risky for human beings like you and I to consume? Think about it this way: Would you ever consider drinking milk from mice, cats or dogs?

"Just look at nature – how many animals in the wild drink the milk of another species of animal?" he said. "We never seem to make the association that putting another animal's custom fuel-blend into our bodies or out children's bodies may be the cause of the physical problems we experience."

For example, if you give your baby cow milk, or formula, it often leads to a number of issues. It causes colic, ear and throat infections, allergies and more. Why? Because babies aren't supposed to receive fuel from a different animal or species. That's why breastfeeding is crucial.

But dairy isn't only harmful for babies. It's filled with saturated butterfat, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases as we age.

For these reasons, we suggest avoiding animal products. Remember: greens, lentils and beans are rich in protein, so meat isn't necessary. And you can receive ample vitamins and calcium from leafy vegetables like collard greens and turnip greens. By joining us on the path to better health, you'll fuel your body with essential nutrients you need to thrive. You'll never have to turn to animal products again.


  1. Roberta ourso November 30, 2016

    …………………………………………………………………….A W E S O M E ……………………………………………………………………………

    This couldn’t have been said any better. We have been so programmed by the medical professionals and also by government to believe we need meat and dairy. Largely, it’s about big business for the meat and dairy industry. Consider the effects it has on our finances as well as the devastating effects on our health and well being. There are more doctor visits and consumption of dangerous drugs to ,hopefully, counteract our medical problems which only add more poisons to our ailing bodies, causing a host of new issues. What a vicious cycle.

  2. Moses Odurole December 31, 2016

    I am an Health Minister, to what extend can I practice this profession? Knowing fully that the authority did not fully support the idea.Thank you for standing behind the poor masses on the part of wellness. God bless you sir.

    • Melody Hord January 6, 2017

      It is very difficult to get anyone to change their diet. (I know I don’t want to change mine!) Showing and letting people taste delicious recipes is a start. There are also numerous testimonials on the Hallelujah Diet website confirming the self-healing body’s ability when given copious nutrition and cutting out poor choices.
      When we eat plants, their positive nutrients are unleashed within our system and we benefit from their amazing properties. The number of innate chemicals found in plant foods that the body can use for ammunition is undeniable. Our body’s self-healing mechanisms use these vitamins, minerals, fiber and compounds to protect our cells, tissues and organs. Plant food is highly beneficial to the body!

      Current Health Ministers can take Health Minister Training on-line at a discounted price if they would like to go back through the training. Keep believing in yourself to be a shining example.

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