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Surprising Facts: How Dental Work Can Increase Cancer Risk

Your oral health will affect your immune system, and poor oral health can lead to serious diseases such as heart problems and even cancer.

It has been found that dental health has a direct impact on overall health and wellness, which means that you need to take a proactive approach to protect your teeth. Your oral health will affect your immune system, and poor oral health can lead to serious diseases such as heart problems and even cancer.

There are three common modern dental practices that might lead to these health problems:

Mercury Dental Fillings
The toxic heavy metal load in mercury can have negative consequences on your immune system. For many years, mercury fillings were used to repair teeth when decay was removed because they didn't know about the dangers of mercury. Even though fillings are now done with ceramics and other safer materials, there are many people who still have old fillings that contain mercury.

Mercury from fillings will be absorbed into the bloodstream though the mouth, causing ongoing toxicity when the mercury amalgam fillings remain in the mouth. Some people have elected to have the fillings removed and replaced with other materials. If you choose this dental procedure, you need to be sure that you are working with a professional who is experienced in holistic dentistry. Specific safety measures need to be used to prevent mercury vapors and high levels of toxic exposure during the procedure.

Dental Cavitations
A dental cavitation is a place where a small hole is present in the jawbone and that hole is encapsulated with decaying periodontal ligaments. These cavitations can occur primarily after wisdom teeth extraction, but can occur from any tooth extraction, and it is estimated that 85% of all wisdom tooth extractions leave cavitations. When the bone heals over, it traps bacteria within the space. This bacterial presence can't be touched by antibiotics since the infection happens in a protected area.

When cavitations are present, ongoing stress is placed on the immune system. Ongoing toxicity is spread throughout the body and it is possible that this stress is present for decades. Many years of a weakened immune system can lead to cancer or other serious health conditions.

Root Canals
Root canals are another dental practice that can lead to chronic bacterial growth. The devitalized tooth has many small areas where bacteria can begin to grow and thrive, and it isn't possible for antibiotics to get rid of the infection since they can't penetrate into the tooth.

Bacteria can grow within the tooth and spread throughout the body, which weakens the immune system and creates an environment that is at a higher risk for many degenerative diseases, such as cancer. It has been found that all root canal teeth and cavitation sites have bacteria, and the continued presence of the chronic infection puts stress on the immune system.

If you want to protect your health and reduce the risk of chronic disease, then you need to make sure that you are being proactive to strengthen the immune system. Read Unravel the Mystery, by Ann Malkmus, to discover more information about how dental treatments impact the risk of cancer and other diseases. You will also find additional information about other lifestyle factors that affect your immune system. The Unravel the Mystery Recipe Book is a great companion book to help you strengthen your immune system through dietary choices.


  1. Kathy May 31, 2017

    What about dental implants? Are they safe?

  2. Connie Gesser June 2, 2017

    It is sad how many ways poor dental work can result in serious consequences to our health. When I found out through Hallelujah Diet that root canals are always infected and can cause health problems in others parts of my body, I had the root canal tooth pulled. I’m glad it was a wisdom tooth instead of a tooth in the front part of my mouth.

  3. Lisa R June 2, 2017

    Is there any way to determine whether you have an infection due to cavitation”

  4. Marie June 7, 2017

    Please let me know about dental implants ??

  5. Angela Solomon June 13, 2017

    This artcle helps us to be more aware of our mouths and the important part it plays in our general health. Always be cautious and ask questions when it comes to have dental work done.

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