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Research Shows Supplements Cause No Harm

Chronic conditions and medical error are causing millions of deaths across the nation every year. Supplements? A different story.

Among the leading causes of death in the U.S. are heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Stroke, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes are not far behind on that list.

"Health experts" around the globe continue to tell patients that treating these chronic conditions with medication is key, but what they forget to acknowledge is the regular occurrence of medical error across the country. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medical error causes at least one death every day, and also injures nearly 1.3 million Americans every year. Problems with prescribing, dispensing, administering or monitoring due to poor communication, patient misuse and other problems are what lead to such travesty. Unfortunately, patients across the nation feel that avoiding such issues is impossible, because they believe they have to rely on their medication to ward off sickness, disease and other chronic conditions and are unaware of the healing that a plant-based diet can bring. 

Zero Harm Caused by Supplements
What many of these people are unaware of – likely due to lack of vital information provided by "health experts" and doctors – is the fact that there is another answer to the problems they're dealing with. By supplying the body with beneficial nutrition through dietary supplements, the body's self-healing mechanism is naturally able to avoid pain, stave off premature death and prevent new conditions. This solution has a positive reputation, and no statistics leading users to believe they're harmful.

Natural supplements, packed with vitamins and minerals, aren't causing deaths in the country.Natural supplements, packed with vitamins and minerals, aren't causing deaths in the country.

The most recent research collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System in 2015 found that there were certainly no traces of death caused by taking vitamins, but also no fatalities caused by any type of dietary supplement.

No deaths were caused by calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc, colloidal silver, selenium, iron or multimineral supplements. Herbal products and amino acids also amounted to zero deaths, according to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. Melatonin, chondroitin, blue-green algae, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, St. John's wart and other remedies cannot be found in any death-related articles and journals of study.

What are the "Health Experts" Doing?
These so-called experts of health can provide proof that medication, medical error and chronic conditions are fueling the fire and causing death across the country annually. What proof can they show you that supplements are doing the same? Here's the thing: They can't. Instead of providing a holistic remedy, they're profiting for healthcare, insurance companies and themselves. It's time to stop taking advice from them and start fueling your system with the vital antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive.

Those death-related statistics could diminish if more people understood the power of supplements. Join us on the path to better health today and learn about all of our beneficially, life-changing supplements.


  1. Jennifer Corson March 1, 2017

    I have seen the negative effects of medicine on my loved ones. I’m thankful to know about natural supplements especially for my little one.

  2. Connie Gesser March 1, 2017

    I’m thankful for the high quality supplements that Hallelujah Diet provides. I’m confident that the supplements can make a difference in providing my body with with it needs to experience vibrant health.

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