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An Expert’s Guide to Using Hormone Balance Supplements Properly

Dozens of different hormones exist in the body, and when one gets thrown out of whack, they all got thrown out of whack. Using hormone balance supplements can help move your body back to a natural and healthy state, giving you energy, stamina, better health, and better emotional control.

Why Take Hormone Balance Supplements?

As we age, certain hormones begin to decrease. After the age of 25, men typically see a decrease in testosterone. During menopause, women see their estrogen and progesterone (and testosterone) fluctuate significantly. And after menopause, estrogen and progesterone production pretty much stops and testosterone can spike.

For men, a reduction of testosterone can mean muscle loss, a lack of drive, and depression. Women know once estrogen and progesterone start to fluctuate and finally stop, we go through severe mood swings, our risk of cancer increases, and heart disease increases. Women can grow extra hair when testosterone spikes. Using supplements that help balance out these hormones gives you better peace of mind, stable emotions, and the ability to remain healthy.

Your sexual hormones directly influence the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These two hormones directly link to our ability to feel happy, help stimulate our energy production, and are two of the most potent neurotransmitters in the brain. Clear thinking relies on these being in balance. When they get thrown off, we experience depression and foggy thinking.

Insulin is another hormone that has vital importance. Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for too long and overeating sugar can cause type 2 diabetes. Insulin levels get thrown out of whack by high amounts of sugar consumed with saturated fat-containing animal products. But it’s more sinister than that. When your insulin levels go too high, it changes the way serotonin works in your brain.

And don’t forget the stress hormone cortisol. Whenever we feel anxiety, stress, or worry, cortisol is produced. Cortisol encourages fat storage and impairs endorphins, epinephrine, and norepinephrine production. So, why take hormone balancing supplements? It can help stop all of these problems.

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Types of Hormone Balance Supplements

Some of the best supplements for women include evening primrose oil and wild yam. Evening primrose oil helps balance estrogen and controls any excess or deficiency. Wild yam is a natural source of progesterone, which many women need during menopause and after. Saw palmetto is a testosterone balancing hormone. It can be used throughout a man’s life to increase the production of testosterone when deficient, and decrease the amount of testosterone if in excess.

For the best effects, you need to incorporate many fruits, vegetables and vitamins into your diet while taking hormone supplements. These fruits and vegetables are where the majority of nutrition comes from, and they increase the antioxidants in our body. These antioxidants help balance out hormones so the supplements can do their job correctly. The vitamins B12 and B6 help with energy. You should bolster the vitamin B supplements with vitamin D and vitamin K to get all of the benefits.

For people who have issues with diabetes and insulin control, bitter melon is a supplement that helps reduce blood sugar and controls insulin. It works primarily by decreasing insulin resistance so your insulin can function properly.

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When To Take the Supplements

Before randomly taking supplements, you should talk with a naturopath or herbalist to make sure the supplements will work for you. Hundreds of other supplements exist that help balance your hormones and improve your health. Once you get your supplements, you should follow the recommendations of your naturopath. If you chose one of the supplements above, make sure to take it early in the day. And if you choose the Balanced Woman cream, this should be used twice daily. That way it works with your system when your metabolism is working the best. And be sure to adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables. Supplements are great, but they’re not magic pills. You have to incorporate good healthy diet changes and physical activity to maintain your health.


  1. Many people are deficient in hormones. It is interesting to learn that sexual hormones directly influence the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain which effects clear thinking, depression and energy.

    Hormone balance is certainly important to good health.

  2. Jennifer August 19, 2020

    It’s amazing how much hormones can really affect someone’s health. Thank you for the information.

  3. Annette Whitworth August 26, 2020

    This information about our hormones was great and along with taking supplements. I did not know how changing the way we eat and adding more fruit and vegetables will help when we start to get up in age. I like this “Supplements are great, but they’re not magic pills. You have to incorporate good healthy diet changes and physical activity to maintain your health. This is so true, we have to do more then taking supplements. We need to add some type of change in our eating habits and doing some type of daily exercising.

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