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3 Common Misconceptions About The Hallelujah Diet

If you're interested in learning more about the Hallelujah Diet, you should first eliminate these erroneous beliefs from your mind.

Diets tend to have a bad reputation. And while the Hallelujah Diet has the d-word in its title, it's the furthest thing from it. That's one common misconception: The Hallelujah Diet isn't actually a diet, it's a lifestyle! With our nutritional guidance, you can fuel your body to perform optimally, promoting longevity and overall wellness.

If you're interested in learning more about the Hallelujah Diet, you should first eliminate these erroneous beliefs from your mind. Here are a few common misconceptions about our primarily-raw, plant-based way of life:

1. It has magical healing powers
Our plant-based regimen does not have the power to heal anyone. However, by fueling your body with the proper nutrients, it'll gain the strength to heal itself. This is what God's intentions were from the beginning: To eat only raw foods from the ground to fuel a healthful, thriving body.

With the Hallelujah Diet, you're giving your body the assistance it needs to rebuild the immune system and ward away illness, disease and chronic conditions.

The Hallelujah Diet gives your body the strength it needs to self-heal.The Hallelujah Diet gives your body the strength it needs to self-heal.

2. Preparing meals is too difficult and costly
Many people believe that preparing meals on the Hallelujah Diet is too expensive and difficult, but we completely disagree with this assumption. For starters, think about how much money you spend on a single meal when you sit down at a restaurant – for an unhealthy, greasy hamburger and French fries, nonetheless. Now, consider how many fresh vegetables you could buy with that same amount of money, and how many healthful, wholesome meals you could make of them.

"Think about how many meals you can make out of inexpensive fresh produce."

Preparing these meals isn't difficult either. Simply cutting up an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables is easier than preheating the oven, cooking the foods and then washing the the dishes, pots and pans.

3. Exercise isn't important
Eating an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed, unhealthy foods from your diet is certainly the most important component of our healthy regimen. But as we said before, The Hallelujah Diet is actually a lifestyle, and exercise is another important piece of the puzzle. By staying physically active, you're giving your body the strength it needs to thrive. Exercise builds up muscle mass, boosts metabolism, influences weight loss and can even reduce your risk of developing major chronic conditions. Beyond consuming a plant-based diet, you should be exercising for 150 minutes every week.

Once you've eliminated these common misconceptions from your mind, you'll be ready to take on the lifestyle that God intended you to have from the get-go.


  1. carolyn b. calhoun April 18, 2017

    It’s good to be reminded that the Hallelujah Diet is so much more than a diet. Sometimes we forget that it is a QUALITY lifestyle change. When you weigh the cost of the food you need to prepare against the cost of regular foods and restaurant fees…there is no comparison for good health.

  2. anonymous April 19, 2017

    I agree completely with your comment on the word “diet”. When you changed your name from Hallelujah Acres to Hallelujah Diet, I thought that word is a negative. Lifestyle is the correct word, since your company’s mission includes fresh air exercise, mental wholesomeness, application of God’s word, positive relationships, etc. all as part of the healthy Hallelujah lifestyle. How about another name change? 🙂

    • Barbara April 19, 2017

      I agree with the above comment! Bring back the “Acres” and you’ve set the stage for an American eating reformation!

  3. Jennifer Corson April 19, 2017

    I agree the Hallelujah Diet is a lifestyle change. Its also a good reminder that when you change your diet you will not necessarily be instantly better. Most times it has took years of bad food and lifestyle choices to get where we are in our health so now it could take time of giving our body the right fuel to see it start to be self healing. It’s also good to remember because this is a lifestyle change it’s important to stick with the change even after we are well.

  4. Connie Gesser April 19, 2017

    I agree exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle. If I want my food to taste good, it does require time in the kitchen preparing my meals. It can be challenging to find time to exercise. I’ve been trying to make more time lately to exercise and stretch. I notice exercising helps give me energy. I’m always glad when I do exercise. I know it is a good investment in my health.

  5. Technically the article is wrong. While the Hallelujah Diet “is” a lifestyle, it is also a diet.

    The problem is that the word diet has come to mean a “magical way to lose weight” which of course 9 times out of 10 fails. Because “diets” due to the current way of thinking restrict what you can eat, which means it becomes boring, bland, restricting and ultimately people begin to lust after what they have previously been consuming.

    So while I agree with what you are “trying to say” I’m not so sure you are going the right way about it.

    While others have said go back to original name of Hallelujah Acres, if that is not feasible perhaps you should tweak the name to Hallelujah Lifestyle Diet? Food for thought?

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