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Why Do We Humans Get Sick While Animals in the Wild Don’t

If we will take just a few moments to consider the animals in the wild I believe we can learn something from them. Animals in the wild carry no Health Insurance, nor do they have made available to them Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, doctors, drugs, radiation, or surgeries.

Nor do they have university trained nutritionists to tell them what they should or should not eat, or how many grams of this or calories of that they should consume to be properly nourished, and yet animals in the wild rarely ever get sick!

So just what is it that allows animals in the wild, without any help from experts in the medical community or dieticians to experience excellent health, while man with all these so-called helps, becomes sicker and sicker as the cost of this so-called health care continues to climb?

Here is the answer: Animals in the wild follow the instincts God placed within them when He created them. An animal in the wild knows by the instinct programmed into them by God, where to go to obtain the nutrients necessary to sustain life immediately upon birth. Do they not instinctively seek out mother’s milk supply without any help from man?

And after these wild animals are weaned, do they not know instinctively and by mother’s example, and without mans help, what to eat in order to sustain life? We call them dumb animals, but they are far wiser than we humans when it comes to how to nourish and maintain their God created physical bodies.



Most people who drive an automobile know that the engine of the vehicle they are driving was designed by its designer to run on a certain grade or octane of gasoline. If a person is not aware of this requirement and in ignorance places within the gas tank of that vehicle a low octane fuel or contaminated fuel, what will be the result? Will that low octane or contaminated fuel not cause pinging and knocking to occur within the engine?

Now if when that pinging and knocking occurs, they take the vehicle to a mechanic to fix and he is unaware that they have put a low octane or contaminated fuel in the gas tank, the mechanic might do all kinds of things in an effort to fix the problem, possibly making the problem even worse, while charging money for his unsuccessful efforts.

But the mechanic will be unable to fix the problem as long as he is unaware that the problem was caused by the owner placing wrong fuel into the gas tank. Doesn’t that sound a lot like what the bible says about how doctors have unsuccessfully been trying to fix the physical problems of mankind for over 2,000 years.

“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood for twelve years, And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.” (Mark 5:25-26)

If we humans are going to experience the health we so desire, and the health animals in the wild enjoy, we must be mindful of the warning God gives us in Galatians 6:7, and let’s apply this teaching to what we take into our body and expose our body to: “And be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”


I’m going to drop a bombshell here: Almost every physical and even psychological problem we humans experience during our entire lifetime (other than accidents of course) is caused by the placing of wrong fuel (food or drink) into our body, and the physical and emotional problems we experience are almost always merely the body reacting to that wrong fuel.

If this be so, and it is an accurate statement, what can the doctor do to help us? If the problems we are experiencing are caused by wrong or bad fuel, can those pinging and knockings (physical problems) be corrected by placing more contaminants into the body in the form of drugs (poisons)?  Or rather will not these additional contaminants produce more pinging and knocking (additional problems)?

And if the problem is caused by bad fuel, will radiating (burning) the offending part restore health? Or will removing the part surgically restore health? Do you believe the mechanic working on your car can, by removing the spark plugs or other parts, create a condition that will allow the car to run better, when the problem is bad fuel?



In 1976, after I was told I had colon cancer, I went looking for a way of dealing with that cancer without the use of toxic chemotherapy, burning radiation, or mutilating surgery, because of the devastating results my own mother had experienced going the medical route before me when dealing with her colon cancer.

The reason I went looking for an alternative was that after mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, she very willing accepted the standard medical treatments for cancer of chemotherapy, cobalt (radiation) and surgery, and at the time of her death I was convinced that all these treatments, rather than helping her get better, actually had make her worse and that it was these medical treatments that had become the very cause of her death.

Not wanting to go the way mother had gone with her colon cancer, in desperation I turned to an Evangelist friend in Texas by the name of Lester Roloff for help. At the time, brother Roloff was trying to get preachers and fellow Christians to change what they ate, but his efforts were met with not only rejection, but often ridicule and criticism.

However, my reaction to what Brother Roloff was saying was not one of rejection, ridicule or criticism, but rather “Brother Roloff I need your help” and his advice to me was, if I wanted to get well, I needed to stop placing into my body those things that had created my cancer – in other words he encouraged me to change the fuel.

His advice was that I eliminate anything of animal origin (both flesh and dairy), along with all refined sugar, refined flour and caffeine, the very substances I had been consuming on almost a daily basis for the previous 42 years. These were the things brother Roloff said had caused my cancer.

And in their place, Brother Roloff encouraged me to adopt the Genesis 1:29 diet, the very diet God had given Adam immediately after He had created him.  The diet he encouraged me to consume was a diet consisting of 100% raw plant sourced garden foods and to drink a lot of freshly extracted raw vegetable juices.

It was in January 1976 I took Brother Roloff’s advice, made the diet change overnight, and almost immediately started to get well. The rectal bleeding soon stopped and the baseball tumor under my left rib cage began to shrink.

Within less than one year, without any chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, or any other doctoring, my tumor had simply disappeared and I was totally well. But not only did my cancer disappear that first year, but so did every other physical problems I was experiencing prior to making a change in the fuel (food and drink) I was placing in my body.


When I wrote my first book “Why Christians Get Sick” way back in 1988, I listed certain food and drink items Christians were placing into their body that were the primary cause of almost every physical problem, other than accidents, Christians were experiencing.

As the content of that book began to be realized I began to receive not only rejection, but also ridicule and criticism from fellow preachers and Christians just as Brother Roloff had received criticism before me when he tried to get Christians to change what they ate. The criticism was especially intense when I encouraged the elimination of animal flesh, dairy, and cheese. Hadn’t God told us we could eat animal flesh in Genesis 9:3 my critics railed?

Since that initial rejection of my book by the preachers and the Christian community in general, over a million copies of “Why Christians Get Sick” have been printed, while thousands have purchased additional copies to give to friends and loved ones who they wanted to see improve their health. Why would people send friends and loved ones copies of this book?

Because those who applied the teachings of the book almost always got well from whatever their physical or psychological problems were and they wanted their loved ones and friends to experience improved health also.

Here is a letter I received just this past week from Briana B., who lives in Bethel Springs, Tennessee: “Thanks you so much for spreading the good news of living God’s Way! I have just finished reading “Why Christians Get Sick” and really enjoyed it. I’ve been on the Hallelujah Lifestyle for just 3 days now and already feel great. Thanks so much for all you do to spread the good news and enlighten people.”

(Why Christians Get Sick is available online or by calling 800-915-9355.)


On February 12, 1992 when Rhonda and I, following the Lord’s leading, began a new Christian ministry we named Hallelujah Acres, in an 11-foot wide, 16-seat Vegan Restaurant and Health Food store on Main Street in Rogersville, Tennessee (population 5,000), few people entered our store or showed any interest in eating foods they were not familiar with eating.

That is until I began proclaiming a message titled “How to Eliminate Sickness” in that store on Saturday mornings. Gradually a few people started to attend, listen to what I was saying, apply the truths they were hearing, and started seeing amazing improvements in both their physical and mental well-being.

In that “How to Eliminate Sickness” seminar I would share with the people that if they wanted to get well from their physical and emotional problems, they would have to change the fuel. I shared with them what foods they were placing into their body that were causing their physical problems and what foods they needed to start consuming if they wanted to get well.

As people started to make these diet (fuel) changes, the testimonies started to roll in: cancers disappearing; diabetes gone, high blood pressure and cholesterol readings normalizing, headaches gone, arthritic pain going away, eyesight improving, and the testimonies have continued rolling in, in ever increasing numbers to this very day.

Through the years tens-of-thousands have written to share with me that after they changed the fuel, that is after making the diet and lifestyle change I have been sharing, they have recovered from over 170 different physical and emotional problems, and they just don’t get sick anymore.

One gentleman, after just six months of making the diet (fuel) change reported a 60-pound weight loss and the disappearance of 28 different physical problems. Another told of a 206 pound weight loss in just 10-months of making the fuel change. A Nascar Driver reported recovering from stage-4 metastasized cancer and is still free of cancer over 10 years later after changing the fuel (foods he was consuming).

You can read over 1,000 of these testimonies, in numerous categories, at

I am out of space for this Health Tip. Next week, the good Lord willing, we will begin taking a look at the various fuels and other things we are placing on or into our bodies and see if we can determine what part we have been playing in the creation of the physical and psychological problems we have been experiencing. This information will not only be interesting but enlightening and challenging as well.


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    Nice pseudo-pseudoscience rev.

  2. I just had gay anal sex with your so called god last night

  3. and thats the bottom line.... October 21, 2013

    actually you never see sick animals in the wild because the moment you become ill you become food. Simple as that

  4. Paul Marion November 12, 2013


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