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What’s Wrong with National Health Care?

In last week’s Health Tip we began taking a look at recent legislation called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also referred to as “Obamacare”, “National Health Care” or “Socialized Medicine.”

I shared a letter I had written to Hillary Clinton 18 years ago to show that my opposition to National Health Care (PPACA as it is called today) is not recent.

I opposed National Health Care 18 years ago just as much as I oppose it today, because it is dangerous to the health, well-being, pocketbooks, and freedoms of the American people.

Is National Health Care a Good Idea?

There are a number of reasons to be concerned about PPACA. Here are the three I feel are most important.

1.    PPACA cannot bring health to the American people.

One of the reasons I opposed National Health Care 18 years ago is the same reason I oppose National Health Care (PPACA) today. – Neither is capable of bringing health to the American people!

Rather than bringing health to the American people, PPACA will force all Americans, whether they want to participate in it or not, into a system that has already proven to be an abject failure.

Doctors and drugs never have nor never will be capable of bringing health to the American people! Why? Because the treating of disease doesn’t produce health! Furthermore, these modalities are often more dangerous to the health of the individual being treated than the disease they are being treated for.

Here is just one example of why I say this:

Every year in America, medical mistakes and adverse reactions to prescription drugs cause the death of over a half-million Americans! That makes modern medicine the number one cause of death in America each and every year.

  • Dr. Leape, in 1994, said his figure of 180,000 medical mistakes annually was equivalent to three jumbo-jet crashes every two days.
  • The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million. The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million. The total number of iatrogenic deaths [induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures] is 783,936.

The results obtained by going to doctors and taking drugs for physical and psychological problems hasn’t improved in the past 2,000 years!

The below verse from the Bible tells us the results the medical community was obtaining in treating a woman with health issues over 2,000 years ago, a woman who walked this earth during Jesus’ time here on earth.

“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.”
(Mark 5:25-26)

And please note that today, over 2,000 years since the “modern medicine” of Jesus’ day was incapable of healing this woman in the Bible with an “issue of blood”, modern medicine is still incapable of healing disease any better.

Yes, today, people are still suffering greatly at the hands of modern medicine no matter how many scientific breakthroughs and advances they claim, or how many medical breakthroughs they claim are on the horizon.

Did you ever watch a friend or loved one, after having been diagnosed with cancer, go to the hospital and after the administering of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery suffer greatly like the woman with the issue of blood? Not to mention: “had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.”

If you have ever watched a person go through that torture, you understand what I am saying here. They experience wretched vomiting, violent shaking, hair falling out, muscle wasting, along with unobservable damage to brain, liver, kidneys, and so many more horrible side-effects.

And then after all of this torture, the cancer often comes back, and they go through that torture again, with the same or worse results, and then too often – they die anyway.

Can this so-called progress honestly be called “health care”?

And then there is the cost…

2.    PPACA will bankrupt our government and its people.

Is the health of the American people any better today when we are spending $2.7 trillion annually for health care, than it was in 1994 when Hillary Clinton was trying to get the nation to adopt a national health care plan and we were spending $942 billion annually?

The 2.7 trillion spent last year on health care is projected to top $3 trillion this year. In fact, the cost of health care is projected to increase every year into the distant future with no letup in sight, as the people of our great land become progressively sicker.

Are the results the American people are obtaining, after all the money being spent on so-called “health care” today any better than the results obtained 2,000 years ago, when this women “spent all that she had”, as recorded in the Bible?

“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, and hadbeen to many physicians, and had SPENT ALL THAT SHE HAD, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.” (Mark 5:25-26)

The more people forced into National Health Care (PPACA), the higher the costs will become. The health of the American people cannot be improved by spending ever more money on so-called health care. That is already a proven fact! But there is a solution, and I will share what the solution is in next week’s Health Tip.

3.    PPACA will bring us a step closer to socialism.

National Health Care is something most European governments have provided their citizens for many years. The cost of European health care, along with other social programs, and an ever increasing control of industry by government, have brought the people of Europe into what is called “European Socialism”.

As government control and power over the private sector has increased, the freedoms of the people have decreased. European socialism has caused a great loss of freedoms, brought economic chaos, and increasingly poorer health to the people of Europe.

As government provides ever increasing social programs for the people, the people become increasingly dependent on government and begin to feel that these social programs are a “right”! These social programs are NOT guaranteed in the Constitution of these United States.

The only responsibility of government to the people is to protect the people from foreign invaders and provide an environment where the people can pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in a free environment. Only in a free society, not hindered nor encumbered by government, can a nation flourish!

Then when the government cannot continue these social programs because the money is gone and they try to cut back, the people rise up in anger, vote out the government that is trying to bring about austerity, and vote for and demand that these social programs continue.

Greece is an excellent example of what ultimately happens under socialism. When there is no more money to pay for these social programs and the government tries to cut back on government handouts, there is rioting in the streets by the people who want the government to continue the handouts, even though there is no longer any money to pay for them.

What Is Socialism?

The word “socialism” ought to scare every red blooded, freedom loving American, because it is the first tool government uses in an attempt to enslave the people. And once a socialist government has been installed the next step is communism.

There are only three systems available to supply the necessities of life – Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism.

Those seeking to bring America into a socialist system criticize capitalism and make it a dirty word, claiming it to be an unjust system. Though there are some unscrupulous individuals who abuse and misuse this system, critics of capitalism fail to realize that it is capitalism that has made America the envy of the world and the place where multitudes from around the world have been seeking to escape to for hundreds of years.

Politicians seeking to bring about a “socialist” form of government go after the poor, telling them that they are being mistreated by those who have more then they, or try to make it a race issue. But most Americans have no idea what being poor is no matter what the color of their skin.

The poorest in America, in a capitalist society, are rich compared to others in the world living under a socialist or totalitarian government. In America, under a capitalist system, the poor drive automobiles have televisions and cell phones, running water, plenty of food on the table and a roof over their head.

If a person wants to see what being poor really is, they should go see what I saw when I visited South Africa some years ago. There, many of the poor live in shanty villages without electricity, a toilet, or even running water, with absolutely no hope for the future.

My own grandparents on my mother’s side, right here in America, lived without electricity, running water or a toilet, without health insurance or life insurance, and never considered themselves to be poor, nor did they ever receive or expect even one dime from government. Rather they were proud, hard working Americans that earned their bread by the sweat of their brow, and because of their industriousness, had great hope for the future.

For a moment, let’s take a look at the differences between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. Webster’s Dictionary defines each as follows:

CAPITALISM – an economic system in which investing in and ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals . . .”

For years, we have had leadership in our government, politicians who have been trying to take our country away from a capitalist system and into a socialist system. If they succeed, it will forever destroy America as we have known it. And what is socialism? Again, let’s allow Webster to define:

SOCIALISM – a theory or system of SOCIAL organization in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled collectively or by GOVERNMENT . . . the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism . . .”

COMMUNISM –  . . . a system of SOCIAL organization in which all economic and SOCIAL activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single political party. . .”

The United States of America for over 200 years has been a bastion of freedom – the envy of the world – the land of the FREE and the home of the brave!

Our pledge of allegiance to our country’s flag states: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

Health Care Plan Dangers – Exposed

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your advisory the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist steadfast in the faith.”
(I Peter 5:8-9)

In order to better understand why I oppose National Health Care it is necessary to take a look at not only the failure of the system to improve the health of the people and its unsustainable costs, but also the implications of socialism, and how National Health Care (PPACA), when forced upon the citizens, becomes a tool to enslave the people.

This enslavement of the people doesn’t just happen overnight, but slowly as what should be the responsibility of the citizen is allowed by the citizens to be assumed by the government. Sadly, and often too late, by the time the citizen realizes what is happening they have lost their freedom and have sold their birthright.

In other words, before the people are aware of what is happening to them, if National Health Care is upheld by the Supreme Court, they will have lost their freedom to control their own health! Their bodies will become government property, completely controlled by government. That’s what is happening currently in these United States of America.

PPACA is government’s attempt to take control over the health of each citizen of these United States. First they will require every citizen to have health insurance. What this health insurance will cover will be dictated by government. Then government will require insurance companies to cover, without extra cost, ever more things.

When the insurance companies can no longer make a profit because costs are greater than premium payments, insurance companies will go out of business and government will be the only entity left to provide health insurance. That is one of the dirty goals of PPACA.

Once this happens, government will determine who is worthy of receiving treatment and who is not. Because of the unsustainable high costs of treating disease, rationing will have to be put into place, and the elderly will be the first to be denied services because they are no longer able to work and pay taxes. The elderly are a drag in a socialist society.

President Obama has already expressed that in order to minimize health care costs the elderly who need expensive treatments should be given a pill rather than obtain expensive treatment.

This all reminds me of the story of the frog who was placed into a pot containing cold water. The frog became very comfortable in that cold water until the pot was placed on a stove burner and slowly heated. By the time the frog realized what was happening to it, the water was boiling, and the frog was no longer able to jump out of the pot. The frog died because it did not realize what was happening to it until it was too late.

Don’t I have a right to health care?

There are some today telling us that Health Care is a “right” that ought to be provided by government. But in America, government is supposed to be controlled by “We the People”, with its only power given it by the citizens, citizens who at the ballot box determine who will run government.

How can government afford to provide its citizens with “Health Care”? It CAN’T! In order for government to provide health care it must first take the money from the people in the form of taxes and then dole it back to the people as government sees fit. The only money government has to spend has to be first taken from taxpaying working people.

In America, nearly 50% of the people pay no taxes. That means that those who pay taxes are thus subsidizing the health care costs of the non-tax-paying citizen, even the health care costs of those who have entered our country illegally. This is financially unsustainable.

As sickness increases due to poor diet and lifestyle, health care costs increase, and the monies paid in taxes by working Americans becomes insufficient to cover costs. As ever increasing sums of money are required to pay the costs of health care, ever more money needs to be borrowed (from China), eventually resulting in national bankruptcy.

As in the frog illustration above, PPACA is the beginning of the end for each citizen who desires to live in freedom rather than slavery.

Once citizens are required to look to government for their health care, that person’s body becomes government property. Government control of a person’s body is socialism, a giant step toward communism, a system where government controls everything.

What is the eventual result of National Health Care?

PPACA will force every citizen of these United States to turn their bodies over to a government that, rather than having their best interest at heart, is increasingly trying to exert ever more control over the people. As this happens, America ceases to be “The land of the FREE”!

PPACA will bring disunity to the people of our great land. Currently the nation is divided on the issue of National Health Care. One side wants government to provide their health care, while the other side wants government to butt-out and allow the people to be responsible for their own health care.

Surveys show that over 60% of the American people oppose PPACA. Our own poll on this Health Tip showed the following results:

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments on National Health Care. How would you rule?

  • Rule the entire act unconstitutional (86%, 1,235 Votes)
  • Uphold the act (7%, 106 Votes)
  • Rule only the mandate unconstitutional (4%, 62 Votes)
  • Have no opinion (3%, 28 Votes)
  • Total Voters 1,431

The Supreme Court of these United States is currently deliberating on the constitutionality of PPACA. Its ruling will be made public in early June.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of PPACA, it will result in the people of America losing one of their greatest freedoms – the ability of each individual to control their own body and health. If upheld, it will be a giant step toward turning America into a socialist nation. If this happens, Greece is an sobering example of what we have to look forward to.

If the Supreme Court strikes down PPACA, it will be a giant step in restoring the freedoms of the people of this great land and a giant step away from socialism. May God help us! PRAY!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
(II Chronicles 7:14)

Next week the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high, I will share a solution to our current dilemma concerning health care. Trust you will join us!


  1. Knisleyjr May 22, 2012

    I agree with you on many things, but I believe here that you have used the bible when it agrees with you and ignored the bible when it disagrees with you. This is typical of those who have adopted a secular conservatism philosophy and are trying to reconcile it with their christian beliefs. That is, the only way to be both conservative and christian is to ignore the scriptures when it disagrees with conservatism.

    This is precisely what the Pharisees were doing and why Jesus focused on what they were doing to the exclusion of any effort to address the totalitarian, corrupt, and extrinsically evil Roman rule. When Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon,” he was addressing the Pharisees directly (Luke 16). When they sneered, he told them “You are the ones who justify yourselves … but God knows your hearts.”

    The bible speaks at length about a society judged based on their treatment of “women, orphans, the poor, and the strangers among us.” Your opinion that “to be poor in America is to be rich anywhere else” is straight from Satan’s lips to conservatives’ ears. In reality, it has never been true and likely never will (“the poor you will have with you always.”) People starve and suffer in America just like they do everywhere else, and they always will because it is the idolatry of wealth that causes the existence of the poor to begin with.

    I think you have done a great work and I have enjoyed reading your works and adopting many of your suggestions. But I also believe that Christians will sooner rather than later need to repent of their promoting secular political positions as christian viewpoints. God allowed Rome to completely destroy Jerusalem and Israel because they loved their right wing political agenda more than they loved God (recall Jesus weeping for Jerusalem). Likewise, it will be conservatism and twisted view of the righteousness of capitalism that lead to America’s demise, because unlike the other idolatrous ism’s, there are few if any calling for repentance from the corruption of conservatism.

    • Pajp007 May 24, 2012

      There are corrupt people in all major political parties…..Most people who are critical of capitalism do so because they have been indoctrinated with an inaccurate definition of capitalism and don;t really know how it works.When you take a few steps away from political dogma and research the topic in light of history you will have a very different opinion.Supporting capitalism and the proper, limited, Constitutional role of government is the only way for any and all of the people to prosper.

  2. Rufina R. Navarro May 22, 2012

    I read it thru, but please correct your quotation of 1 Peter 5:8-9
    which should read: “adversary” instead of “advisory” an error
    that changes the meaning of the whole scripture. Other than
    that this is an eye-opener to everybody as to where our
    gevernment is taking us to.

  3. Nizarmecklai May 22, 2012

    I like your observations BUT hopefully you will offer a solution in your next health tip. What should be done for people who are unable to afford the health care as available? No doubt any system is only as good as the PEOPLE that administer it. Why is it that WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS go relatively unpunished while those they have destroyed off their life savings, are left to starve or whatever while the government prints trillions to bail out the alleged criminals to pay themselves even more bonuses. Why shouldn’t the government print to save health care as required.?

  4. James May 22, 2012

    Mr. Malkmus you should stay to health care and stay out of politics because everyone doesn’t agree with your views. HA is a wonderful platform for health and you are doing a wonderful work in that area, but I don’t need your advise on what you call Obama Care. In 2008 when the Healthcare bill was passed I was a working as a licensed Insurance Agent in an office with 20 other Agents and none of us could afford health insurance. Talk about muzzling the mouth of the ox while he’s treading out the corn Deut 25:4! How ironic was that when we were all clearing 50k and very well versed in insurance, but none of us could find a company to cover us. In fairness I had “pre existing conditions” and if I had gone with one it would have cost me nearly 1k a month before I stepped foot in a doctors office so 12k a year if I never got sick!
    In addition to that remember birds of a feather flock together so in my circle I had 10 direct family members and friends who were all self employed and NONE of them had coverage either.
    Everyone makes the argument that in this country you can get care if you need it and that is true. One day my blood sugar was over 400 and I went to the Emergency room and they saw me…and 1600 dollars later I was still paying for it 3 months later.
    As the one country in the civilized world not offering affordable health care to it’s people we needed something and as much as the republicans talk the truth is in the last 30 years we have had republican presidents for most of it besides Clinton (as you pointed out) and they NEVER deal with health care! Never! So as you pointed out we went from 900 million to 2.something trillion and the republicans still haven’t dealt with it other than by making deals with the private insurance companies by passing Medicare D and C – which I made a ton of money off while working for the insurance companies so I know exactly how much they made – do your research.
    I didn’t plan on writing this much and I never write into these things, but you hit the wrong nerve today.

    • Pajp007 May 24, 2012

      The insurance payment that you would be FORCED to pay under Obamacare would make your 1600 in 3 months look really cheap and you could be denied help if you are not of the acceptable age and condition.Obama has lied about so many things big and small, and even about himself, that it is remarkable that so many people are willing to be duped into thinking that this medical control of their lives will do any real good.THANK YOU Rev Malkmus for your concern for every aspect of health care and for bringing our attention to the real problems inherent in this medical plan.

    • guest May 25, 2012

      James, when I read what you typed, it seemed to justify everything Rev. Malkmus was saying, although I do not think that was your intention.

    • William May 28, 2012

      If you made “tons” of money you could have bought health insurance!”

  5. Did you actually hear the President say that oler people who need extensive medical treatment should take a pill; I am disappointed, you should stick to “the message” of healthful living and stay out of “dirty politics”

    • response to dez May 22, 2012

      This following is an accurate statement: “President Obama has already expressed that in order to minimize health care costs the elderly who need expensive treatments should be given a pill rather than obtain expensive treatment.”

      You can actually hear President Obama saying these words at:

      Or you can go back to the article and left click the highlighted “President Obama has already expressed” and it will take you directly to President Obama’s comment.

      • Cool57one_jm May 29, 2012

        President Obama didn’t say for the womans Mother to take a pill to die. He said maybe take a pain reliever if that would be the best medical thing to do for her at 105 years of age. My word how long does anyone want to live when your time has come just forget it & go to heaven. My Dad spent 1 million dollars at age 69 to cure him of a strain of leukemia which there was no way he’d live or get well. So virtually he beacme a guinea pig. It was awful to watch believe me. I think it was a waste of money & caused much more suffering for him than refusing treatment & dieing natrually. But he was a very wealty man & choose to try to live with the odds completely stacked against him, he was so mad while he was dieing it was unbelievable. he made no peace with anyone he just stayed mad till his last breath. All the money in the world will not save you if it’s your time.

  6. Conconvg May 22, 2012

    Dr. Malkmus, you REALLY do need to STAY out of the politics of the Day!! Shame on you trying to influence the lovely Christians who follow your diet. Your remarks are completely self serving and it is too obvious!! You want a sicker society without affordable health coverage so they will desperately turn to your diet for some HOPE!! Satan is working through you! Jesus wants us to have a fair and loving society where people aren’t dying because they can’t get or keep affordable health care. We are the only industrial nation in the world that doesn’t offer this protection to our citizens with our collective tax monies!! Why should our monies go to WAR against others when we could negotiate and pressure agreements that work -now that we have an intellectual President with a BRAIN who can do that! Do you think God wants us to loose the E.P.A.? Environmental Protection Agency?? Less money for the poor?? Come on. Your self serving interests make me so mad. Separate what you sell and do at Hallelujah Acres from trying to sway voters who trust you!!

  7. I’m suprised about about your worry of bankruptcy when our current system is already a primary or secondary factor in more than half of bankruptcies in the US. The US is the only developed nation where getting sick can bankrupt you.

    Also, by almost any metric, we are not as healthy as the Europeans and Canadians. For example, by the last 3 year average, the US is ranked 34th in infant mortality.

  8. Norcal1962 May 22, 2012

    I don’t understand why so many conservative Christians are opposed to a nationwide healthcare system financed with tax revenue. I find it ironic that wealthy “liberals” are willing to subsidize healthcare so even the poor can have access, yet the outspoken Christian right tell the sick to drop dead if they can’t afford insurance themselves. As other readers have mentioned, health insurance is out of reach for many “hard-working” people. The Bible teaches that we are to help the poor, feed the hungry, and heal the sick, not selfishly hoard our own riches while the majority suffers.

  9. magickchicken May 22, 2012

    There are several issues I would like to raise about this topic:

    First, if you have the government take over paying for health care, then they will decide who gets it and who doesn’t. For example, not giving the best medications or treatments to those over 60 or whatever random age they choose because they have ‘already lived their lives’. Right now, our system is somewhat based upon the idea that, if you can pay, you can get treatment, so older people can still get good care if they can afford it, because they are more in a position to pay for that.

    Second, my husband is Australian and their national healthcare system is in crisis. Almost everyone pays for additional private insurance to supplement their national health care, because if you have to go to the national hospitals your treatment is sub-par and you are just a number. You always see a different doctor every time, so no one knows what’s going on with your case or following you. We lived in Korea for seven years, and it was the same there. Yes, it’s cheap. Like $5 per visit. But you see a different doctor every time, and they only give you antibiotics for 3 days at a time so that you will have to come back and see them again if you want to actually take care of whatever infection you have. Most people don’t go back the second time, so their country is having problems with these bacteria that just mutate and get stronger and stronger. They also have huge out-of-pocket costs for wellness care, which is not covered. My friends have to take their Korean in-laws, who are in their seventies, in every year for their recommended wellness checks, which cost over 1 million won, or $1000 US.

    Third, what no one talks about is the difference between AFFORDABLE health care and NATIONAL health care, and why our health care systems are not affordable. I had several friends in Korea who were doctors and dentists…I think they enjoyed practicing their English. But one night they explained to me why the costs of the American system are so high. Quite simply, it’s R&D. We in America shoulder the cost of 95% of the world’s R&D in the healthcare industry through our ultra-expensive healthcare system. We create new drugs, new machines, new vaccines, and new ways of testing which are then offered to other countries for pennies on the dollar or for free. You want to know where the AIDS vaccines come from? The MRI machine? These and thousands of other discoveries every year in Universities, private medical labs and national medical labs are financed by your health care costs and basically given to the rest of the world. Additionally, discoveries are made in other parts of the world which they cannot afford to produce so they sell their inventions to our pharmaceutical companies who make them available for public consumption. The gentlemen I was speaking to in Korea basically said, thank god for America because without you most medical advancements would not exist.

    Fourth, I am now a self-employed entrepreneur who owns a pool company. Every month I pay $220 for my own health insurance from BCBS and I can’t afford it for my employees, who all get health insurance through their wives. One of my employees’ wives has breast cancer and goes to the Mayo clinic for chemo and shots to boost her WBC count which cost $10,000 each, and she still has to work to get her health insurance. I understand every side of this argument and think about it a lot when I lie awake at night.

    What do you think about these things? Do you want to keep your medical advancements and R&D in place? If we take down the current system which uses trillions of dollars for R&D, we take down our R&D facilities. Should we start trying to make other countries contribute to our systems? It’s rather difficult, because some countries are too poor and other countries will just buy one machine or one vaccine and reverse-engineer them if we make them too expensive.

    I think this situation is not as black and white as it might appear, and whether we do national healthcare or not, our R&D expenditure has to be paid for.

    • I have lived in the US for 4 years now. I was born in Canada and lived there 37 years. The universal health care system is broken there, too.

      Every year the government quietly cuts back on the services previously provided, creating a surprise each year you renew your supplemental Blue Cross plan, etc. (which is needed because the system “ain’t what it used to be”).

      However, it is great in an emergency — no one EVER loses their house or goes bankrupt in Canada because of a medical emergency, unlike here in the US. But the system also creates an apathetic view toward taking personal responsibility for one’s health, because “the government will take care of me.”

      All the while, more and more private clinics are popping up because of long MRI wait times and service delays. It was all a great concept when in was introduced after WW2, but its creators could not foresee the abuse of the system (people going to the doctor for every sniffle because the visit is free), and resulting unsustainability because of it.

      The Canadian model is broken, the US model is bankrupting people, and the proposed system in the US is very suspicious. I have not seen a system that will work because it’s not the system that will fix people. PEOPLE need to fix themselves and be responsible for their own health before any kind of government assistance kicks in. That’s pretty hard to police, so I’m not sure there is a “universal” answer.

    • Conconvg June 18, 2012

      You make many good and interesting points. You obviously really care about people and don’t have an ulterior motive to your view point. I just have to believe that since we are the only industrial nation in the world to not offer some kind of Basic, bare bones, affordable medical coverage for everyone.. then someone, somewhere must have a program that works!!!; that’s affordable and efficient. I believe that Medicare works but need closer supervision to get rid of fraud and it needs better funding to expand and really compete with the private insurance companies. Have you seen their profits lately?? I know we have a real economic problem now but it’s not fair that our collective tax monies can’t work for the better health of our society and save lives! We spent something like 400 million dollars a day in Iraq. I have read that we could have covered everyone in our nations health care costs, for years instead of invading a country because of it’s oil and strategic location. Horrible what we did! When do we really prioritize. Jesus doesn’t want people excluded from health care because they can’t afford it or they have a pre-existing condition or have gone over their cap!.. He doesn’t want the EPA abolished so we can just get sicker and sicker with less and less environmental standards. It’s amazing to me that George Malkus doesn’t mention the environment and toxins and controls over business’s that pollute so badly when they could clean up if required. He has a political and personal business agenda.. Shame on you Dr. Malkus!!!

  10. organic4me May 22, 2012

    George…..I agree soooo much with what you had to say that I’m ready to by a condo at the acres just to enjoy conversations with you.


  11. Mr. malkmus very interesting , I must say ,but I will not comment on anyones comment and neither yours but i will on your next topic, on a solution to our current dilemma concerning health care.Keep up your fantastic knowledge .

  12. Pattiwild May 22, 2012

    Sounds like James isn’t following the Hallelujah lifestyle plan or he would not be making trips to the ER for high blood sugar, etc.
    Be sure and read next week’s health tip James and get THE REST OF THE STORY!!

  13. Rose Marie May 22, 2012

    Socialism and Communism – I do not think either would be advoated by Our Lord. Although those of us who know the Lord know that there will not be a perfect kingdom here on earth until the Lord returns, we have to believe that American has been blessed above other countries. Way to go Rev Malkmus – thank you for your honest appraisal of what is happening to our country.

  14. Toothpick53 May 22, 2012

    Good for you George Malkmus! You tell it like it is. This health care bill is part of the worlds’ system that Jesus told us to come out of, not to be conformed to the things of this world. It’s time the american people stood up to big government and show them that they can take charge of their health. It’s time to put a stop to big government.

  15. Delia May 23, 2012

    George, I can’t believe you are implying that America’s poor live better lives than those in Europe. Are you serious? This is what you said as you believe that Socialism is an evil that has made things much worse for those living under it. But the only example you could give of people living in worse conditions than your poor is Sth Africa. I have been to Europe & they do have cars & food & electricity, and I think a better standard of living than the USA. What about the 5 million americans living homeless in cardboard cities? Capitalism, when put into practice with the theory that “you can do anything to anyone as long as you get rich” is just as wrong. So is commercialism, consumerism & living way above ones’ means, which is what Americans have been doing for decades. Your government & corporations are corrupt & there is no way..NO WAY that those same corps., will let the Govt hand over control to the people, especially in regards to health. I know that it is frustrating to see people dying when they could ;be saved under the HA diet, but only the Lords return will bring us back to the garden of Eden. Until then I think you just need to concentrate on 1 person at a time & heal those who want to be healed. To the woman with the Australian husband, I am from Down Under, even though you don’t get your own doctor, you have to see whoever is avaiable at the time, all treatment is free…FREE…otherwise you can get insurance for private hospitals & have your own doctor & specialists. Otherwise, it’s absolutely free. You don’t get that in the USA. Most European countries give far better health care than America. God Bless you. Delia. Australia.

    • Cool57one_jm May 29, 2012

      You said everything very well. It’s true there are poor people here & children go to bed hungry every night & are homeless. The filthy rich can afford all the proper foods such as the HA diet. I try but can’t no matter how you slice it I can’t afford to buy all fresh vegetables, etc. I recieve about $650.00 a month to live on, as I was disabled as a child. I worked until I could no more at 45 yrs of age. I don’t get food stamps either, I’d recieve $39.00 a month & it just isn’t worth the hassle let alone the embaressment. I had a 12 vertebrae spinal fusion in 1968 because my ribs would have punctered my heart or lungs & killed me at 14 yrs of age. How can anyone say that the medical community hasn’t fought severe diseases & won. Like Polio, Smallpox, the discovery of antibiotics which has probably saved most of our lives at one time or another. I had blood poisioning from a blister on my heel due to new shoes & if it weren’t for antibiotics I may have died. People surely didn’t live way into their late 70’s 2000 years ago. I believe they lived till maybe 35 on average & many women died in childbirth. I think the care offered by the government is for people with pre existing conditions & no one is going to be forced to pay for this type of insurance it’s only if you need or want it. I’ve downloaded the full book from the government & read every page on the National healthcare that passed & no where read many of the things certain people say it says. It just isn’t true, there are good parts that will help people immensely. Medicine has come a very long way from 2000 years ago so that is a ridculous statement. I agree people run to the doctor for things that aren’t important, & half the population is obese which is terrible. I suppose we need to get the bad foods off the market & change the whole idea of why we eat, we eat to survive not for fun, depression, etc. Churchs have a lot do with this as in the Midwest by noon all the people can think about is eating themselves silly. I am from the West coast & weigh the proper amount for my height, I couldn’t be over weight as my spine couldn’t carry the extra load. I just skip meals & eat smaller portions to stay thin. I have very good blood test results & I’m almost 59, I do agree about keeping ones body well & eating correctly. I try to help people with their weight problems but 99% of the time they can’t do what I write when I give them a 20 page diet plan that they could be on the rest of their lives. I do try to help though.

  16. Rev. Malmus, although I do agree on several of your points, I strongly disagree that the poor in the U.S. drive cars and have food on the table and a roof over their heads. Have you read the latest statistics on hunger in the U.S.? It’s an abomination for the U.S. who has such an abundance of food. Being an African-American I don’t think we ever feel like we’re rich. Some of us have done especially well in our efforts (school, jobs, etc.) however, there is still a disportionately large number of African-Americans who do not own a car, live in poverty and do rely on the government for some assistance. African-Americans were enslaved for 400+ years, so some of the economic advantages that several groups may have, the African-American typically does not have. You may feel race is not an issue, but it is and always will be because of ingrained prejudices that are perpetuated generation after generation. For proof of this all we have to do is look at how President Obama is treated. I have yet to hear some politicians and others refer to him as President Obama – how disrespectful is that? The bottom line is, not everyone in America is going to change their diet, some just don’t believe. Howver, let’s say that some do want to change their diet yet their standard of living is lower and they have several children . . . not to mention the lack of decent, healthy food in poverty stricken areas – no car, no decent grocery store, only fast food restaurants or drug stores, limited income – you do the math; this is some of what we’re up against and I’d gladly support not having national health care if you can show me a better way to make some things happen.

  17. Carolyn Barrett May 23, 2012

    The United States reminds me more and more of the evil empire from Star Wars. Funny that Hilary is so into National Health Care when her husband finally woke up and went to a vegetarian diet for his heart problems.

  18. Nancy May 23, 2012

    I agree with this point of view. I am concerned that there are many in America today that feel they are entitled to the best care, best housing, best of everything, but are unwilling to work to get it. To achieve success in this country, a person needs to take personal responsibility for their actions, not allow or desire the government or ‘someone’ to support them. Unfortunately, too many citizens are taking without contributing.

  19. Kerijay May 24, 2012

    The younger generation are to lazy to fix a meal and have the mess to clean up it’s easier to go for fast food. Half of the people on unemployment wouldn’t take a job if you gave it to them when gas is $4.00 a gal why not just stay home. I see people using food stamps getting into a fairly new extended cab truck or SUV’S with gold hanging around their necks.

    I’m 72 years old and never thought I would see the day this country is in the shape it’s in. I worked hard all my life, few years at two jobs back then I didn’t make much money but I have never asked the government for anything. Interest on my home was 16% I made payments every two weeks to get it paid off. Didn’t have new cars, new furniture, cell phones, clothes came from Goodwill and still gave my 10% to God which has blessed me. A jealous heart also keeps you sick.

    It’s disturbing to see as high as $20,000.00 tax refunds for child credits going to Mexico children that don’t live here. It’s also disturbing to see taxpayers have to pay for the jobs President Obama was suppose to create when all it did was pay back his rich supporters and pay for union benefits. The jobs that have been created would have been with or without the President (it’s called capitalism) so I don’t like to see him taking credit for them when all his failed like the green energy scam, his shovel ready jobs, and the cost for the signs posted for the failed shovel ready jobs.

  20. Kerijay May 24, 2012

    It’s amazing if you talk to the nurses in the ER what people run to the ER for, things that could be taken care of at home. The abusers are the people that don’t work and don’t plan on paying for it anyway. People that work don’t have time to run for just anything they can take care of at home. The people are suppose to help the poor and widowers not the government look at the money given to poor countries from our government and the people never see it their greedy government keeps it. It’s only the Churches and missionaries that makes a difference in the peoples lives not government.

  21. Angiefulton May 26, 2012

    Mr. Malkmus, I respect you and appreciate your view on national health care but definitely do not agree at all. First of all, when people do not have any type of insurance and need medical care, everybody pays for the uninsured, EVERYBODY. What’s wrong with insisting that people have some form of medical coverage so that it lessen the burden on those who do. You use words like “force,” “socialism,” to support your beliefs. . .unacceptable and certainly not totally believeable. I agree with James and your objection to Obama care is without merit.

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