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Update — Paul and Ann In Nigeria

For the past month, Paul and Ann Malkmus have been ministering to the health of Nigerians, and their reception by the Nigerian people and its political and religious leaders has been thrilling!

Below I share the most recent communication my son Paul has sent me regarding their experiences:

Hi Dad,

We’ll its Monday, December 17th and its hard to believe that a month has already passed. And, what a month it has been. WOW, there have been many blessings.

We arrived in Lagos on Friday, December 7th. On Saturday, we spoke twice at a church and on Sunday we spoke at another large church. Monday, December 10th, started with a live TV interview on a national morning talk show and Tuesday was a national health conference.

We held Health Minister Training in Lagos Wednesday through Friday. We trained dozens of new Health Ministers including a medical director and nutritionalist from a major Abuja hospital.  There were at least two other medical doctors, a professor and a bishop. The reception was outstanding.

We ended the training early on Thursday (Day 2) so we could speak at the Redeemed Holy Ghost Congress. Over 5 million people are scheduled to attend each night of this five day program. Its an amazing place that resembles more of a city. We spoke at 4:30 pm for one hour. Our audience was comprised of over 10,000 pastors.

We are in Lagos through Wednesday and head back to Port Harcourt on Thursday.

See you soon!

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