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Udderly Amazing: The Dangers of Cow Milk

For over 23 years, Hallelujah Acres has been trying to warn people of the dangers of cow milk – both for babies and adults.

Way back in 1995, in my book “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” I wrote on page 100:

“… it produces allergies in infants, diarrhea and cramps in the older child and adult, and may be a factor in the development of heart attacks and strokes. Other disorders linked to milk include gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia and bronchitis. And there’s more: leukemia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and simple dental decay.”

Recently, I came across one of the most exciting videos documenting all I have been saying through the years concerning cow’s milk. It is less than 90 minutes long, but well worth your time – especially if you have a baby or child drinking cow’s milk or if you are drinking cow’s milk yourself:

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