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Pinging And Knocking? It Could Be The Wrong Fuel.

In last week’s Health Tip, we shared what was the best fuel (foods) with which to fuel (nourish) our bodies. That fuel is the food God told us we should nourish our bodies with in Genesis 1:29 – a diet consisting of 100% raw, enzymatically active, plant sourced foods.

In this Health Tip I want to take us from the very BEST fuel we can nourish our bodies with, and share the very WORST fuel we can nourish our bodies with.

The worst fuel is the Standard American Diet (SAD) – the very fuel most Americans are fueling their body with each and every day of their life. It is an extremely dangerous fuel for many reasons:

The Standard American Diet Exposed

I was raised on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and spent the first 42 years of my life consuming that diet. It is the same diet most everyone reading this was also raised on and has spent most of their life consuming. It is also the diet most of the rest of the world has “sadly” adopted.

And what has been the result of consuming this SAD diet? Almost every person consuming this diet dies an early and untimely death as a result of suffering a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or complications from another disease — this is in direct contrast to God’s design of dying of old age.

How many people have you known who died of old age?

And this early and untimely death is usually preceded by that person suffering for years with colds, headaches, the flu, stomach problems, constipation, fevers, pimples, tooth decay, high blood pressure and cholesterol, being overweight, experiencing fatigue, having to wear eyeglasses, and we could go on and on here.

Why does the SAD produce these kinds of results?

Why are we not experiencing the ultimate health God designed our bodies to experience?

Why are we dying prematurely?

Let’s do an analysis of the Standard American Diet (SAD) to see if we can find the answer to these questions:

An Analysis of The Standard American Diet (SAD)

In order to be properly nourished (fueled), the human physical body requires certain types of fuel (nutrients) in proper proportions (fats, proteins & carbohydrates). Satisfying these nutritional needs ensures that the body is properly fueled and can run at peak performance as God designed.

These nutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) are found in perfect balance in God’s Original Diet as revealed in Genesis 1:29. The nutrients found in the Genesis 1:29 diet are in the exact proportions needed to produce energy, health, and longevity. These nutrients are also received in foods containing high levels of enzyme activity.

By contrast, the SAD diet is woefully lacking in these basic nutritional needs, while being excessively high in harmful substances.

For instance, the SAD is high in the wrong kinds of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, while at the same time is low in the good kinds of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Also, the SAD is lacking in enzymes, the life force found exclusively in raw, plant sourced foods.

As we pull up the table for each meal of each day or the snacks we place in our body between meals, we are in complete control of what substances we place into our body with which to fuel it. Sadly, most people pay scant attention to what they are placing into their bodies for fuel, fuels that will determine how well their body will run.

Today’s Fuel Is Tomorrow’s Body

The nutrients a person provides their body with today will not only be the fuels their body will have available for it to run on today. These nutrients will be the building materials the body will have available to create tomorrow’s body.

Think on that statement for a moment.

Have you ever considered that the only building materials your body has to build tomorrow’s body cells are the nutrients placed in the body today?

Can you even begin to contemplate what kind of cells those building materials will produce?

For a moment think of the building materials you provided your body with today: Was it things like Twinkies, sugary soda-pop, bag of potato chips, cheese burger or hotdog? Or was it God’s Genesis 1:29 plant sourced building materials?

Our bodies are comprised of some 100 trillion living cells. Everything our body is comprised of are LIVING cells – whether they be our hair or nails that keep growing, blood cells pulsing through our body, bone cells, immune system cells, eye cells, skin cells, and we could go on.

These 100 trillion living cells are constantly in the process of dying and replacing themselves at the rate of about 300 million cells every minute of every day of our life.

As these cells die and replace the quality of the new cell that is replacing the old cell is dependent on the building materials we provide them.

High quality fuel produces high quality cells, at least equal to, if not superior to the cells being replaced.

Low quality fuel, lacking in proper nutrients, will produce an inferior cell.

As long as a person remains on this low quality fuel, a slow degeneration and deterioration of the cell structure of the body will continue. Over time, this low quality fuel will determine the health and integrity of the entire body and the physical breakdowns that result.

Symptoms of low quality fuel are:

  • low energy
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • colds and flu
  • headaches
  • diabetes
  • failing eyesight
  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • pimple outbreaks
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • multiple sclerosis
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • cancer
  • …and the list goes on and on.

Each Body Cell Is A Miniature Generator

Each and every cell in your body is a miniature generator that takes in fuel (nutrients), burns them to produce energy, and then expels the waste as spent fuel. The Bible says that we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made, who can know it.” And friend, truer words were never spoken.

God has provided each of us an intricate masterpiece! Yet how many people have appreciation for the incredible physical body God has provided them?

They think they can throw any old garbage into their body and get away with it, but remember what the Bible says in Galatians 6:7…

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

If we sow garbage into the body we will get garbage results.

If we sow God created plant sourced nutrients into the body we will experience energy, health, a sound body and mind, and longevity. Remember, today’s fuel is tomorrow’s body!

Why Is The SAD Diet So Sad?

Enzymes are found exclusively in raw foods. All animals in the wild, whether the plant and grass eating animal, or the carnivorous animal that eats the flesh of a plant eating animal, receives these enzymes into their body in the foods they consume.

Only living raw plant sourced foods contain enzymes. When food is cooked before being consumed, the heat of cooking destroys all enzymes or life force. At cooking temperatures of approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit, enzymes begin to break down and experience total destruction at about 122 degrees.

For proof of this truth, go the grocery store and purchase five raw carrots. Bring them home and cut about a half-inch off the stem end of one carrot. Place it in a shallow basin of water, and watch it grow – it will grow!

Take the other four carrots and cook them – boil one, steam one, bake one, and microwave one.

Then take each of the cooked carrots out of their heat source and cut a half-inch piece off the stem end of each and place them in a shallow basin of water and watch them grow.

Will they grow? Of course not!  

Why? Because the heat of cooking has killed all life force (enzymatic activity) within the carrot.

The SAD diet consists of almost 100% cooked or pasteurized (a form of cooking) foods. Thus the SAD diet is almost totally devoid of enzymes.

Enzymes are involved in almost every body process, and without a steady supply of enzymes being provided in the diet, the body is unable to function at the levels it was designed to by God.

The Genesis 1:29 diet, consisting of 100% raw plant sourced foods, contains an abundance of all the enzymes the body needs to function at a high level.

Our bodies need fat! But the fat our bodies need was designed by God to come from the fats found in the raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts God placed in the garden foods.

Healthy fats are found in most vegetables and fruits. Avocados and nuts are high sources of healthy fat. Greens contain omega-3 fatty acids. Fat in small amounts is also found in corn, bananas, squash, mangoes, broccoli, cucumber, grapes, peppers, cantaloupe, and most other garden foods.

The SAD contains too much fat, and it is the wrong kind of fat. The SAD is loaded with animal fat that clogs arteries, causing the heart to pump harder to push the blood through the fat clinging to the arterial walls.

This causes elevated blood pressure, the need for stents and by-passes, and ultimately heart attacks and strokes that ultimately result in the person’s death.

God designed plant source foods to satisfy all human bodily needs for protein. All plant foods contain varying amounts of protein. Such foods as avocados, seed, nuts, and beans are high sources of plant protein and meet all bodily protein needs.

In addition, as old body cells die and are replaced by new cells, a high percentage of the dying cells’ protein is recycled. If a person is consuming sufficient calories, it is almost impossible for a person on an exclusive plant based diet to not receive adequate protein.

And by the way – the teaching that we need to consume foods containing a complete compliment of amino acids is bogus and has been totally disproved (by the same person who developed the theory, in fact – Frances Moore Lappe). The body stores protein as individual amino acids and when protein is needed it assembles the protein from the stored amino acids. There is no need for “protein combining.”

Almost all the protein found in the SAD diet comes from animal flesh and dairy. And where did that protein come from? Was it not the protein found in the plants the animal ate, that has been concentrated in the animals flesh? When humans eat the flesh of these animals, they are consuming the concentrated protein of a dead animal.

When that animal flesh or dairy is cooked or pasteurized, this concentrated cooked protein overloads the body with protein which raises havoc within the body. It causes acid stomach problems, osteoporosis, gout, cancer, and more.

Cooked, animal source protein, found in both flesh and dairy, not only contributes to the cause of cancer, but feeds cancer, too.

Carbohydrates (Sugar)
Sugar is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are an ideal energy source for the body because it can be readily converted to glucose and used as a fuel by the cells of tissues and organs. Green plants use the sun’s energy to make sugar through the process called photosynthesis.

Humans were designed by God to gain access to this sun energy locked within sugar molecules by eating plants. Almost all garden foods contain sugar in varying amounts. Fruits contain the highest amounts, but sugar is also found in most vegetables as well.

A person on The Hallelujah Diet receives all the sugar and sun energy their bodies need for energy from the sugars found in the plant foods they consume.

Sadly, the sugar consumed in the SAD diet bears little resemblance to the sugars God designed our bodies to be fueled with. For instance we would have to eat some 3 feet of sugar cane to obtain just one teaspoon of refined sugar.

You could never eat that much sugar cane! But in the refined form, people think nothing of consuming a 12 ounce can of soda which contains some 11 teaspoons of sugar, which is equivalent of eating 33 feet of sugarcane!

The average person on the SAD consumes some 50 teaspoons of refined sugar daily, which breaks down to some 172 pounds annually.

Refined sugar is not only an addictive drug, but is an immune system destroyer. Our immune system was given to us by God to protect us from germs, viruses, and bacteria. Refined sugar knocks out or greatly hinders that protection.

Plant sourced foods are the only source of fiber! God designed our bodies to move food through a very lengthy digestive tract through means of fiber. This digestive tract is approximately 30 feet in length. When a person consumes a 100% plant based diet loaded with fiber, it takes only some 16-18 hours to make the journey.

The SAD diet contains very little fiber. For instance, there is zero fiber in animal source foods. Refined flour and refined sugar, and most processed foods are also devoid of fiber.

Foods devoid of fiber take as long as 3-4 days to make the journey instead of 16-18 hours. Constipation problems are just one of the results of consuming a diet nearly devoid of fiber.

Also, in the nearly 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures of the body, animal source foods rot on their 3-4 day journey through the body. This is the cause of body odor!

This rotting flesh is also the primary cause of most colon problems – colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colon cancer, and more.

Leave The SAD Behind!

Today, we are attempting to fuel our bodies with the very foods that are creating almost every physical problem we experience.

How can we cease experiencing these physical problems? The answer is an easy one! Leave the SAD behind and adopt the “GOD” diet (God’s Original Diet), the Genesis 1:29 diet!

I personally left the SAD diet over 36 years ago at the age of 42, when I adopted a diet based on God’s Genesis 1:29, 100% plant based diet. This diet has served me extremely well these many years, and as I approach my 80th birthday, I still have a body that is strong, well, and exuding with energy.


  1. Kristy June 19, 2012

    What about Genesis 9:3 (NIV) “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” Didn’t God give us the animals and the fish to eat as well? How can you say this is not God’s diet when He says it is in the Bible?

  2. Kristy,
    I hear that line of logic a lot. However, remember that WHEN God told Noah, it was after the flood; after the corruption of men, and animals. Also, at the BEGINNING, when everything was UNCORRUPTED, we were to use vegetables and fruit for our meat. Even all the animals were vegetarians.

    You are also assuming that the meat we would be consuming is unadulterated meat, as at the time of the beginning. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Animals that are consumed today are almost not animals, so full of chemicals and things poisonous to humans.

    If we want to use the Bible as our guide, I would prefer to go to the source, the Garden, and all that was perfect both in fact and in usage…

    • Kristy June 19, 2012

      Yes, you make a good point. However, I can assure you the plants we eat today are also poisoned and void of the pure nutritional value they possessed when the earth was first created. Our land has been stripped and over-farmed, reinforced with chemicals to enable plants to grow. I believe God gave us the plants AND the animals to eat. If it were not good for us, why would God give it to us? Even Jesus himself ate fish (Luke 24:41-43).

      I followed a vegan lifestyle for 6 months. I bought only organic veggies, I juiced and avoided any processed foods. After the second week, I was drained of energy and sick. I felt like I was in a fog all day. It was awful! I stuck it out for 6 months, thinking I would get past the “detoxing” stage. I finally gave up when it began affecting my work. When I added meat back into my diet, it was like an awakening. I felt stronger and healthier. My mind cleared and energy returned. My husband and I now follow the Paleo diet and have lost weight and feel great! I don’t believe there is one perfect diet for everyone. I think you have to experiment and try out different plans until you find one that makes you feel your best.

      • Goldenmama June 19, 2012

        i LOVE OPEN FORUMS SO ALL CAN ADD IN THANK YOU. i HAVE BEEN ON AND OFF RAW SINCE THE 80’S AND YES MIRACLES HAPPEN..NEVER LIKE EATING A LOT OF MEAT, WE WERE POOR AS CHILDREN AND LUCKY TO HAVE A GALLON OF MILK IN THE FRIG..milk never agred with me either..anyway w/o going on and on, one of my queries about relating to the bible is this: In the dessert when all were hungyr Jesus/yahway..took the Fish ( flesh) and bread and multiplied and fed the people..Now that is not vegitables or fruit..

        It would have been EZ 4 him to open up the skies and drop down dates, figs, fruit etc. and in the dessert of all places a FISH?? Hmmmm!!!!
        I think it was the dessert, not sure, I may be incorrect. Anyway there are a Myriad of bible verses about foode w/o restrictions as to meat or not meat.

        I bel as in Geneisis, B4 sin, fruits & veggies were the ideal for our Sinless bodies and minds..since the sin..our temples can w/stand the flesh of the land ( but un adulterated)

        Rememjber we have Dominion over all beasts..hmm what would we do with them if we did not eat them?? The land would be o/whelmed with animals ( ywes I know other animals eat animals..but still lot of animals on planet earht if humans did not eat them..

        I bel it is all about balance and if we go back to nature, meat was Caught not offered in trays at the convenience store…so that is not in the PLAN, if u no what i mean.

        If one consumes in moderation , and actually the body does not need as much as we have been lead to bel it does….we would be well..using common sense eating a little flesh once in a while and lots more greens, veggies, fruits.

        I feel much lighter eating raw whole live foods and Heavy eating ANY cooked my body tellw me what it needs and when I listen it is healthy and alive with balanced healthy energy and clairity of mind

        Food now a days is NOT even is chemicals, even the so called has not even considered the SHOCk that the animal goes thru when killed and that goes into the meat folks eat…however even with all of that I do bel that God has supplied our bodies with miracullous powers to keep it helthy if all is done in moderation…very very little flesh….no junk food and lots of greens, veggies, supply our energy..

        There are times I have an erge for meat and eat it and am just fine..most of my food is raw and live..OK 4 my 3 cents worth…love u all.

        hugs. love & blessings geri

    • S Laird June 19, 2012

      Well put, Raymond. I work at Hallelujah Acres and your point about uncorrupted is exactly the way we explain The Hallelujah Diet in discussions like this. Comparing meat (or even bread) from Biblical times with that of today is like comparing apples to oranges – they’re not the same.

      In fact, one of the main reason that there is so much gluten intolerance these days is because we have hybridized and genetically modified our grains so many times over thousands of years, that we have inadvertently created grains with exponentially higher levels of gluten in the process.

      Organic meat, as good as it is, may be closer to what was eaten in Biblical days, but the human body of today is not equipped to handle it. We have so many more toxins bombarding us every day that meat just doesn’t cooperate with the human body anymore (if it ever did).

      I personally believe that part of the reason that Rev. Malkmus was given his mission to create The Hallelujah Diet is because a primarily raw, plant-based diet is the only means left for modern humans to properly take care of our bodies. Our world is so messed up that eating the best of the best is our only escape from disease that seems to plague almost everyone else. It’s a “full circle” thing. As we see the world crashing down around us, we need to go back to the beginning in order to survive – The Hallelujah Diet is an end-time mandate, if you will.

      Arguing about Genesis 1:29 vs Genesis 9:3 is not the point. The deeper point of it all is that we need to go back to the beginning in all aspects of life as much as possible as we see the end approaching. It’s a biblical principle, not only in terms of food, but simple living, getting back to the basics of faith, and preparing our hearts so that we can be ready for His return.

      • Cyndee June 19, 2012

        Scott, You are so right. I just finished the training to be a health minister and learned so much. I had gone off the” HAcres” food and did a different diet. This included meat. My pains in my hands and knees came back,lack of energy and others things I had lost on the HACRES diet. I am back and so excited to see things get better again. Why I left this way of life was thru a “friend” and I am so glad to be back. I have a testimony that I could share and will at another time,but I just wanted people to know, bible verses or not this is the healthy way to live thru raw fruit and vegetables with only 15 % cooked. WE have so many testimonies on here,check them out. God bless you all.

  3. Linnet Woods June 19, 2012

    Man was existing on a diet of raw fruit, vegetables and the occasional hunted animal, long before the Bible was written by mortal men who told the stories that had been passed down to them by others, doubtless embellished and stripped of various items as nobody ever seems to be able to resist tweaking things before passing them on.

    The original manuscripts were written in another language altogether from the one you read the Bible in and I have seen many translations, all differing widely and all calling themselves ‘the Bible’. This is not the ‘Hallelujah diet’, to which you as Christians can lay claim, it is the natural diet of animals including humans. By trying to make it God’s command instead of sensible advice you are probably going to alienate more people from the correct diet than you attract to it. Already, the first comment you had was about the semantics of the Word, rather than the benefits of eating properly. Q.E.D.

    • Kristy June 19, 2012

      Hallelujah Acres uses Genesis 1:29 to justify eating a plant-based, raw diet. That is what I was commenting on. You don’t seem to believe in the Bible, so frankly I’m surprised to even find your comments on this site. Surely there are plenty of other sites you can air your evolution-based eating style comments on.

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