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Spring Cleaning For Your Health


For all Christians, the Easter season is a time of rebirth, reflection and renewal. In addition to the time for prayer and inner thought, many people use spring as an opportunity to start over. For some, this means leaving behind bad habits, while for others it means starting a new journey. Rather than spring cleaning your garage this season, consider a spring clean for your health.

By taking control and guiding yourself down the path to optimal health, your body will rejoice.

Detox the Bad
During this time of renewal, there is no better place to start than a detox of your kitchen. If you are not already, consider following a primarily raw, plant-based diet. This means clearing out packaged and processed foods from your fridge, pantry and diet. As nutritionist Lola Berry told Body and Soul, removing all added sugars is a must. In most cases, people, especially those on the Standard American Diet, are consuming excessive amounts of sugar without even realizing it. While detoxing your eating plan, you may also want to consider a total body detox.

In fact, a detox in the form of a juice cleanse is one of the best ways to get started on your new healthy eating plan. An effective juice cleanse can help remove toxins so that your body can rebuild cells and start fresh. While improving digestion, fighting cravings and boosting organ health in the process, a juice cleanse can give your body the jump start it needs to get on track, our Hallelujah Diet experts explained. A cleanse such as the Perfect Cleanse contains all the elements you need to obtain optimal nutrition, maintain energy levels and reduce damage to cells.

This spring, consider a juice cleanse detox.This spring, consider a juice cleanse.

Nourish With Nutrients
At the end of your cleanse, rather than feeling depleted like other detoxes may leave you, you’ll feel revitalized. This is because the Perfect Cleanse was created based on the research of autophagy. Essentially, during the fast, your body will consume the weak and damaged cells for energy. Though this temporarily reduces the size of your organs, once you start fueling your body with nutrient-filled raw food again, stem cells rebuild them to be healthier and stronger.

As such, nourishing with the right foods – mostly raw and all plant-based – is essential for this process to come full circle.

Revamp Your Habits
The winter season can leave you feeling sleepy and sluggish. Between the holiday treats and gloomy weather, it’s no secret that many of us fall behind in getting our regular exercise and avoiding temptations in the months leading up to spring. As part of spring cleaning for your health, once you’ve cleansed and nourished your body, make it a goal to get back on track with your smarter habits and revamp your lifestyle.

The good news is that getting outside for your regular physical activity becomes easier as the days grow warmer and the hours of sunlight extend longer. There’s nothing like getting outdoors and being active during those first beautiful days of spring as you relish in the sunshine, blue skies and rebirth of plants and flowers. Use these feelings of rejuvenation as a catalyst to continue on that path of good health by maintaining your healthy habits.

Spring brings a welcomed bought of sunshine.Spring brings a welcomed bought of sunshine.

Increase Vitamin D
Another downside of winter hibernation is the lack of Vitamin D. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get the necessary amount of Vitamin D their bodies need to maintain strong bones and fight infection as it is, our experts at Hallelujah Diet explained. Sunlight is the most natural form of Vitamin D, but because of the skin cancer scare, deficiency is a real problem among many people. For example, according to Intermountain Healthcare, 85 percent of residents in Utah do not get enough of this vitamin. This can be detrimental to health, as Vitamin D has been shown to act as a form of prevention against several conditions, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

This spring, make it a priority to up your intake of Vitamin D. You can do this safely through about 15 minutes of sun exposure each day, Intermountain Healthcare explained. Food such as mushrooms can be another viable source of the vitamin. You can also consider supplementing with a product such as the Hallelujah Diet Vitamin D3 with K2.

This spring, make your health a priority with a total body clean.


  1. Connie Gesser April 16, 2018

    The perfect cleanse is a great way to detoxify the body this time of year. It is easier that many juice cleanses because you don’t have to use a juicer to make the drinks.

    The 5 different beverages that you drink on the cleanse are made in a personal blender with Hallelujah Diet supplement powders. They are quick and easy to make and taste great!

    My favorite drink on the cleanse is the one with the berry super food. The cleanse is easy on the digestive system so you feel alert and have a lot of energy all day long.

  2. Jennifer April 17, 2018

    I love the idea of a spring cleaning for your health. I know as a wife and mother I love the springtime and I always try to declutter and spring clean my house. It’s such a good idea to do the same for my health and get myself and my family in better eating habits.

  3. Angela Solomon April 26, 2018

    Spring Cleaning your body is such a wonderful idea as most of us do Spring clean our homes each year . The Perfect Cleanse is a great way to “spring clean” our bodies.

  4. T Black May 7, 2018

    Spring is a perfect time to include a “Spring Cleaning” of our bodies. Think of it as a fresh start. Detox to get rid of impurities, and regenerate by replenishing with healthy juices and nutritious foods.

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