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Special Training March 7-8 With Rev. Malkmus

Monday and Tuesday, March 7-8, is your opportunity to spend two memorable days with the Founder of Hallelujah Acres – the man God has used to bring health and healing to multitudes of Christians across America and around the world for the past 20 years.

During this 2-Day Workshop, using Rev. Malkmus’ most recent books, “The Hallelujah Diet”, and “The Hallelujah Diet Workbook”, you will learn how the Bible supports a pure plant-based diet to build and support a healthy, slim, energized body.

He will also reveal why the Standard American Diet (consisting of animal flesh and dairy, along with refined sugar and refined flour) consumed by most Christians today cannot help but produce physical breakdown and mental decline. It is the primary cause for most of the prayer requests for sickness in our churches each week.

Using scientific documentation, Biblical teachings and scriptures, as well as personal experiences and the testimonies of multitudes of others, Rev. Malkmus will also show how you too, can experience the degree of health he is personally experiencing at age 77.

You won’t soon forget seeing his energy and physical abilities as he not only teaches the importance of physical exercise, but demonstrates it in person. If there is a human example of “The energizer bunny,” many believe that Rev. Malkmus is it.

Cost is $125 per person and includes the two books, plus carrot juice, unlimited BarleyMax and Tuesday lunch. Get more information online or call 1-800-915-9355.



Following Rev. Malkmus’ 2-Day Workshop, Hallelujah Acres will conduct its 75th Health Minister Training, March 9-11.


Join more than 10,000 trained Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers who are currently sharing God’s health message in every state in the United States and in 49 foreign countries.


Learn how to share God’s health message and get the tools you need to effectively communicate this message to others. You’ll receive a wealth of information and abundant resources to assist you in your Health Ministry.

Our last Health Minister training included 108 attendees from as far away as Nigeria, Switzerland, Columbia, and Canada as well as from most states in the United States.

Since our first Health Ministry training in 1994 (25 attendees), our Health Ministry ranks have swelled to over 10,000. Has God possibly burdened you to help Rev. Malkmus and our team here at Hallelujah Acres, take God’s health message to others? Get more information here or call 1-800-915-9355.

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