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Should Everyone Get A Flu Shot?

Dr. Brownstein, in his September 2015 issue of “Natural Ways to Health”, his monthly natural health newsletter, had an interesting article regarding flu vaccines.

“The idea that everyone should get a yearly flu shot is pure nonsense. As I have written before, the flu shot fails to protect against the flu virus for the vast majority of people. In fact, it has never been shown to lower the incidence of the flu.

“Worse yet, most flu vaccines are preserved with mercury, one of the most toxic elements known to mankind. There simply is no justification for injecting mercury into a living being.

“Other mercury-containing vaccines include the tetanus shot and meningococcal vaccines.

“Mercury is even more toxic when it is combined with aluminum. Unfortunately, many vaccines contain aluminum. Those include childhood MMR, HIB, hepatitis B. chickenpox, and Gardasil vaccines.”

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