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Prevention Begins With Nutrition

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, (M.D.), in the June 2013 issue of “The Blaylock Wellness Report” has some very interesting things to say regarding the relationship between diet and disease.

He begins the article by quoting Ben Franklin who said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Dr. Blaylock goes on to say that the problem with modern medicine — his own profession — is that it is focused mostly on treating disease after the disease has already manifested, rather than taking the steps necessary to prevent the disease.

Sadly, modern medicine does not follow the advice of Ben Franklin.

Following are some quotes from Dr. Blaylock:

“The interesting thing about nutritional solutions is that they are powerful preventatives as well as treatment methods, and are much safer than pharmaceuticals.

“The benefits of a good diet are greatest the sooner in life you begin. Indeed, new studies have shown that the mother’s diet during pregnancy can program the developing baby for either good health or future diseases – including cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders.”

“This is not to say that it is ever too late to start a healthy diet. Even if started late in life, one can experience tremendous benefits and even reversal of some diseases.”

It’s amazing how this good doctor is saying here what Hallelujah Acres has been saying for over 20 years: Prevention is the key to wellness!

Here at Hallelujah Acres we find that the majority of those who apply the principles we teach soon recover from almost every physical and even psychological problem they were experiencing — and that if they will continue to apply these principles, potential for future sickness diminish greatly. That’s a great big “hallelujah!”

Why wait until the disease manifests before taking action? Today is the day to start applying the wisdom of Ben Franklin — Click here for a handy list of foods to avoid!


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