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Physical Problems Caused By Animal Source Foods

For the past 40 years, I have not consumed anything that came from something that had a face on it – whether it be animal flesh or dairy, and yet at the age of soon to be 82 years of age I am still in good health.

In this Health Tip I am going to share four physical problems that are caused by the consuming of animal sourced foods.

Animal Source Foods Are The Primary Cause of High Blood Pressure

Last week, we talked about the animal fat, which is found in the flesh and dairy of all animal source foods, being the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. This fat blocks the blood flow, containing oxygen, and thus prevents the oxygen from reaching the heart and brain. These heart attacks and strokes kill millions of America each year.

This fat is also the primary cause of the high blood pressure a person usually experiences preceding their heart attack or stroke.

You see, before the blood flow to the heart and brain are completely shut off by accumulated fat, (the cause of that heart attack or stroke), the fat found in animal source foods has already started accumulating on arterial walls. This fat coats arterial walls, forcing the heart to pump harder in order to push the blood through, thus raising blood pressure.

Doctors are taught to deal with high blood pressure through the use of drugs — but high blood pressure is not CAUSED by a lack of drugs! Not to mention, these drugs can have serious side effects.

Rather, high blood pressure is caused by the fat found in the animal source foods and hydrogenated oils that a person eats.

Thus, there is a better way of dealing with high blood pressure than taking drugs: simply eliminate the fat found in animal source foods, by eliminating ALL animal source foods from the diet.

We also encourage the elimination of all foods containing hydrogenated and trans-fats from the diet. These are the foods found in Satan’s Alternative Diet (better known as the Standard American Diet or SAD) diet that are raising havoc in the bodies of both Christians and non-Christians alike.

In the place of all these animal source foods and hydrogenated oils and trans-fats, Hallelujah Acres promotes a 100% plant-based diet.

The reason? Animal-source foods contain BAD fat!

Only in plant-source foods can we find fats that are GOOD for the body! Plant-source foods contain good fat, with foods like avocados, seeds, and nuts being the highest sources of these beneficial, plant-source fats.

The human physical body needs some fat, but animal source foods provide too much fat, and it is in a form that is harmful to the human body. (It is indeed possible for a person to consume too much of the good fats, especially if they consume too many nuts.) But the main point is that the average person on the SAD diet is getting way too much fat, and it is the bad kind of fat, and that fat causes numerous physical problems.

Most people who adopt the Hallelujah Diet see their blood pressure return to normal range fairly quickly, and thus they no longer have need of harmful drugs to control their high blood pressure.

You see, God did not design the human physical body to have high blood pressure problems, but when man disregards God’s Genesis 1:29 plant-based diet and chooses to eat the SAD, animal-source food diet, serious physical problems often result.

Once again, we see that health is a choice!

Health is a matter of sowing and reaping – “Whatsoever a man (or woman) soweth, that shall he (or she) also reap!”

Animal-Source Foods Cause Harmful Acidity

The acid/alkaline balance of the blood found in the human body should be in the range of 7.38 to 7.44 on the pH scale (slightly alkaline). Neutral ph on this scale is 7.0. Any reading below 7.0 is on the acid side, and any reading above 7.0 is on the alkaline side. As you can see, 7.38 to 7.44 is on the alkaline side. The cells of our physical bodies were designed by God to function optimally when the blood readily maintains this alkaline environment in a very narrow range.

All animal source foods, whether raised organically or commercially, leave an acidic “ash” in the body once digested, and raise havoc in a physical body designed by God to function optimally in an alkaline environment!

Acidity caused by acid ash from animal source foods forces the body to fight to maintain its alkaline state; this fight increases the body’s susceptibility to disease. Disease has a problem surviving in an alkaline environment, but acidity contributes to disease growth — which means those who consume acid-causing animal source foods are making their body a prime target for disease.

Plant-source foods on the other hand, are mostly alkaline in nature. Even citrus fruit leaves an alkaline ash. These plant-source foods provide an alkaline environment for our cells in which to function, and this alkaline environment makes it very difficult for disease to proliferate.

But all that acidity found in animal-source foods causes more problems than just making the body susceptible to disease. In the process of fighting that acidity, the body must find something of an alkaline within itself to neutralize all that acidity — which damages the bones.

Animal-Source Foods Cause Osteoporosis

The most alkaline substance within our bodies, in greatest quantity, is calcium. So the body, in its infinite wisdom, tries to neutralize acidity caused by animal foods by going into the bones and teeth, and extracting calcium. This removal of calcium from the bones becomes the cause of osteoporosis.

This goes for dairy, too! Even though dairy has some measure of calcium, the acidity caused by consuming dairy products forces the body to rob itself of more alkalizing calcium than the dairy products offer in an effort to neutralize the acid — in other words, dairy products don’t contribute any calcium, they remove what your body already has!

Once again we find it a matter of cause and effect, what we sow, we reap – health is a matter of choice!

Animal-Source Foods Cause Acid Stomach Problems

A large number of people today suffer with acid stomach problems. In an effort to neutralize the acidity, they take antacids, either in the over-the-counter form such as Tums or Rolaids, or in prescription form. But an acid stomach problem is not caused by a lack of antacid medication; rather acid stomach problems are caused by eating acid-forming foods.

Some of the most acid-forming foods a person can eat are animal source foods! Taking medication does not remove the cause of an acid stomach! However, removing the acid forming foods from the diet almost always (and usually within just a matter of days) eliminates the acid stomach problem.

How can this be? The source of the acid in the stomach, which is causing the acid stomach problem, has been removed.

Are you getting the picture? We reap what we sow!

When a person experiences an acid stomach problem, or osteoporosis, they are merely reaping what they have been sowing when they consumed those animal foods. Simply eliminate the animal products and the problem goes away!

Human Physical Body Programmed For Survival

The innate wisdom God programmed into our bodies is always working toward survival, or else sending us a signal alerting us of a problem. Our body is constantly trying to keep us alive despite that we place harmful substances within it. Our body tries to correct any imbalances it finds, or sends us warning signals when it can’t fix the problem without our help.

High blood pressure is a warning signal from our body, telling us that we are consuming too much fat and that that fat is accumulating in our arteries and impeding blood flow.

Osteoporosis and soft bones are a warning signal from our body that our body is too acidic. Eating too many acid-forming foods causes the acid stomach problem that precedes osteoporosis. If that acid stomach problem is not corrected, it ultimately results in osteoporosis, as the body draws out the calcium within the bones to neutralize the acidity.

Headaches are a warning signal from our body that there is a problem inside. But rather than removing its cause of the headache, we have been taught to take a drug to suppress the headache.

Drugs do nothing to fix the cause of a headache, and thus the headache will usually return again and again. Most headaches are caused by substances in the foods found in the SAD diet. When a person adopts the Hallelujah Diet, most headache sufferers quite quickly see their headaches simply disappear. Why? Because they have removed from their diet the cause of their headaches. Once again we see the effect of cause and effect – health is a matter of choice!

Instead of eliminating the cause of these problems, a drug is often taken in an effort to control or alleviate the problem. These drugs do not remove the cause or correct the problem, but rather simply help to quiet the warning signals our body is trying to send us. Those who adopt the Hallelujah Diet, usually see all of the above physical problems, as well as most other physical problems they are experiencing, simply, and often quite quickly disappear, because the cause of these physical problems has been removed.

Animal source foods are either the cause or a contributing cause of up to 90% of all the physical problems being experienced today! Yet there is nothing Hallelujah Acres does that is more severely criticized by the Christian community then our efforts to discourage the consumption of animal source foods. I find it so interesting that the major cause of the physical problems Christians experience – animal source foods – are the very foods they defend with all their might.

Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.


  1. James E. Brangham October 19, 2015

    Thank you George for your continued efforts to help people see the light. I’m not what you would call a church going, bible studying christian, I grew up in the LDS church, I was too young to understand and was quite board with it at the time, so most of the time I slept through it. In 1973 I was 24 years old and at that time I had a personal experience with our creator witch has forever changed my life. When I was thirty I had a stomach ulcer, which I attribute to years of anger combined with a junk food diet and drinking too much coffee. I basically took care of this by getting away from coffee, learning over time to deal with the anger, and using cayenne pepper for my ulcer. At the age of 45 I was diagnosed with diverticulitis which gave me regular pain in the left abdomen quite often when I was physically active. Most of my life I have had jobs that were physically active or short haul truck driving with some physical activity. This brought me to the conclusion that I really need to make a change in my life or possibly spend many years suffering with colon pains if I did not. So I started studying natural health about 1994 and by 1997 my colon pains were few and far between. Three years of living more natural gave me a lot of relief. In 1998 I became vegetarian overnight after reading a little book called ”The Essene Gospel Of Peace”. In 1999 I gave up dairy products. In the year 2000 I started eating mostly raw. In the last few years I have been eating approx. 80% alkaline and 20%acidic foods. In the early 2000’s I started noticing prostate problems and I’m still working on that one. I have been able to get some relief. In the past 21 years that I have been into natural health, most of that time I have avoided going to doctors, but since retiring four years ago I decided, with the help of my friend that I live with, that I probably should have a primary doctor and some kind of insurance in case of emergency or an accident. Years ago I was in the army and would have gone to the vietnam war but I was a very serious conscientious objector, I was going to take my own life rather than go over there and take other lives. After cutting my arm and loosing about two pints of blood, my conscience got the best of me, and I used this experience to get out of the army. At that time the I could not get benefits from the army even though I got a general discharge under honorable conditions. However over the years the army’s policies have evidently changed, because now I am on a VA program and have a primary doctor. The doctor tells me my prostate is swollen on the right side and the tissue feels soft like it should, and probably not cancerous. It has given me a lot of irritation the past 12 years. And for the past year and a half I’ve been becoming incontinent. I thank God that I don’t have to use a catheter regularly, I have used them before and it it is very unpleasant ! I live on social security and not much else. When my cousin past away two years ago, luckily or should I say by the grace of God my cousins friend took me in, otherwise I would not be able to afford to eat mostly organic foods. And from what I read on the internet the other day, the organization that regulates the PLU codes on food products says that there are certain loop holes even in the USDA Certified products, were small amounts of nasty substances can be used on the crops in the growing process. I try to stay strong and keep a good attitude but sometimes, especially after reading something like this, it discourages me. In the past year or so I have seen a show called ”Ancient Aliens”. Some people tend to believe that many times they have visited our earth and pretended to be Gods in order to help mankind from destroying each other and our planet. I still tend to believe in a higher power. It’s a sad situation that our world seems to be run by those with the most money, and corporate greed seems to be running rampant. I have to keep reminding myself about that phrase that says ”Be not conformed to the masses.” I hope to remain strong till my time comes to leave this body,mind,and emotions and return to total peace, freedom, and joy. Once again I must say your video tape and emails have been an inspiration to me. Thank you and thank God. James.

  2. Kendra Clarke October 27, 2015

    I found this information informative and enlightening. I am starting my 7 day detox program tomorrow. I always wondered why my pressure would not go down and I am doing and taking the meds the doctor prescribed as directed. After this Hallelujah Diet transformation I will not need any more medication. Praise God. Update soon.

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