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Osteoporosis: A Natural Approach

For the past few Health Tips we have been conducting a little contest between the “wisdom of this World” and the “wisdom of God”, and I have been letting you be the honest referee determining which corner wins the contest.

This week I would like to present another of the contestants in the corner of “the wisdom of this World”: osteoporosis.

An ever increasing number of Americans consuming the Standard American Diet, especially senior citizens, are experiencing low bone density, while a rapidly growing number of other Americans are becoming increasingly concerned and looking for ways of preventing their bones from becoming brittle.

Why An Alkaline Diet Is Critical For Strong Bones

The pH scale runs from 0 (100% acid) to 14 (100% alkaline). On the pH scale, neutral is 7.0, while a normal reading of the blood’s pH is 7.35 – 7.44, which is slightly alkaline.

Few people realize that if the pH of the blood drops below 7.0 and into the acid range, that person will die.

A highly acidic diet not only is the primary cause of osteoporosis, arthritis, and gout, but also numerous other physical problems!

Alternatively, a diet rich in alkaline forming foods, not only allows the body to maintain the blood’s crucial alkaline pH with ease, but also provides the body with an abundance of alkaline plant-based nutrients that helps the body defend against disease.

Alkaline foods are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes (if raw), trace elements and phytonutrients.

These alkalizing plant-based nutrients help the body build and maintain a strong immune system, thus helping the body to not only resist disease, but if disease is already present, gives the body what it needs to help fight the disease and restore health.

The Hallelujah Diet is an alkalizing diet and stands in sharp contrast to the highly acidic Standard American Diet (SAD) being consumed by the average person.

Sadly, most people are unaware of the potentially devastating consequences inherent in the highly acidic Standard American Diet or how quickly the Hallelujah Diet can restore alkalinity to their body.

What Doctors and Authors Say About Diet and Osteoporosis

Russell Blaylock, M.D., in his December 2006 newsletter “The Blaylock Wellness Report,” writes:

“People who eat little or no meat have very low incidences of osteoporosis and this is confirmed by worldwide studies. Meat is acidic and depletes the calcium in bones.”

Colin Campbell, Ph.D., on page 19 of “The Protein Debate” writes:

“The consumption of animal-based proteins can lead to a chronic condition known as metabolic acidosis, which has been known since the late 1800s. Secondary effects of this condition are extensive and include, for example, bone calcium loss.”

Ross Horne articulates the problem in his book “Health & Survival in the 21st Century,” with these words on page 270:

“Osteoporosis is merely the natural reaction of the body trying to protect itself from the internal acidity caused by the intake of excessive protein, whereby calcium from the bones is sacrificed to neutralize the acid which if not so neutralized, would cause even greater harm. Osteoporosis is therefore the lesser of two evils and completely avoidable by avoiding the excessive protein intake which is a feature of the modern diet.”

John Robbins, in his book “Diet for a New America,” tells us on pages 199-200:

“The United States Department of Health and Harvard University . . . called the association of meat-based diets with the increasing incidence of osteoporosis inescapable. . . The more I’ve studied the conclusions of the hundreds of studies in the medical literature, the harder it has gotten for me to abide the National Dairy Council’s promotion of milk ‘for strong bones.’

In spite of its high calcium content, milk, due to its high protein content, appears actually to contribute to the accelerating of osteoporosis. The occurrence of this disease in the United States has reached truly epidemic proportions, and the promotion of dairy products as an answer to the suffering of millions seems, not only self-serving, but absolutely immoral and downright dishonest.”

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., sheds more light on the subject in his book “Conscious Eating,” on page 135-138:

“Most authorities agree that an over acid body [caused by a diet rich in acid forming foods] is a precondition for the onset of either acute or chronic disease. An acidic system [that pushes the blood toward acidity] is a fertile ground for disease for several reasons. The more acidic a system becomes, the less the alkaline biochemic buffers are able to maintain the blood’s healthy pH of 7:4. One way the system compensates in order to preserve the blood pH is to deposit excess acid substances in the tissues and joints . . . which contributes to the development of arthritis and osteoporosis.”

Neil Nedley, M.D., in his book “Proof Positive” writes on pages 154-155:

It is well established that a meat and high protein fare increases the risk of osteoporosis. . . One of the most comprehensive studies on osteoporosis helps to put the role of calcium in perspective. This study was not restricted to the lone effect of calcium intake, but in relation to hip fractures. Four major research centers worked together to analyze white women over 65. They found that a low calcium intake – even below 400 mg per day – did not cause hip fractures. . . Numerous additional studies have shown that the higher the animal protein intake, the lower the density of the body’s bones and the greater the risk for hip fractures.”

That’s what the experts have to say, and I agree with them wholeheartedly. But I would like to add something else…

We Were Created In Perfection

When God created these glorious physical bodies we each possess, He created them in perfection and designed them to be nourished exclusively with a diet consisting of the plant foods coming from the garden:

“AND GOD SAID, Behold, I have given you every herb (VEGETABLE) bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the FRUIT of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for FOOD.”

~ Genesis 1:29

Since the greatest percentages of these garden foods were alkaline, with just enough of them being acidic for the acid needs of the body, these garden foods created the perfect balance between acidity and alkalinity within the body to promote health and maintain strong bones.

A diet of predominantly alkalizing garden foods supports the blood’s alkalizing pH. When the diet consists primarily of alkaline forming foods, disease has great difficulty surviving, while an acid forming diet allows disease to proliferate.

Years of consuming the highly acid foods as found in the Standard American meat based and high sugar content diet, depletes the body of readily available alkalizing minerals, forcing the body to seek another means of alkalizing itself.

One of the means the body uses to neutralize this acidity is to seek for something within the body of an alkaline nature. The most alkaline substance within our body, in greatest quantity, is calcium.

So, in an effort to neutralize all that acidity, the body starts removing the highly alkalizing minerals from the bones, the primary mineral being calcium.

This loss of calcium from the bones causes the bones to become porous and brittle, ultimately “causing” osteoporosis!

How To Deal With Osteoporosis God’s Way

So if the cause of osteoporosis is an acid diet and lack of exercise, what is the solution?

Fortunately, God made the body in such a way that when we stop the transgression and initiate the solution the body will almost always begin healing itself.

In most instances, the solution to osteoporosis is to simply stop putting into the body the highly acidic meats and sugar laden Standard American Diet that caused the problem, adopt a highly alkalizing plant based diet, and start exercising!

A highly alkaline plant-based diet, along with daily resistance or weight-bearing exercises will not only usually prevent the development of osteoporoses in the first place, but will in most instances initiate the innate-self healing needed to reverse the problem, and in time, restore bones to their proper density, strength, and integrity!

A Personal Testimony

At about the age of 71, I was standing on the top of an unopened 6-foot ladder, which was leaning against our log cabin on uneven ground, attempting to reach a spot with my staining brush that was almost out of reach.

The ladder slipped out from under me.

From where my head was when I began the fall, to where I landed on a landscaping railroad tie timber, was a distance of approximately 16 feet. I was able to extend my arms in an effort to break the fall somewhat, but I landed full force on the left eye area of my face.

Friend, that fall could have, and should have killed me!

But the only consequence was the swelling shut of the left eye and some minor lacerations around the left side of my face. There was no pain! No bleeding! Not a broken bone! Nor did I seek medical attention!

The reason I did not seek medical attention was because I knew that unless I had a detached retina, there was little the medical community could do for me except give me pain medication (drugs), and take X-rays (using dangerous radiation) to determine if I had fractured my skull.

It being a Wednesday, I went to church that evening, and was seen by over 100 people in our church. By Sunday, when I next went to church, the people who had seen me on Wednesday evening could not believe that I had experienced a serious fall only four days earlier as there was very little visual evidence remaining of my accident.

As for self-treatment, all I did was provide my body the building materials it needed to restore my body to health.

I did that by increasing my raw vegetable juices and BarleyMax to 6 servings each per day for the next week or so. In addition, I took 5 Serrapeptase every few hours for the first few days to help the body reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Why do I share this experience? Because, if I had not been on the highly alkalizing Hallelujah Diet for the preceding 30-plus years, but rather been on the highly acidic Standard American Diet, I have no doubt that I would have broken numerous bones, or been dead as a result of that fall.

Let me share how you can protect yourself from osteoporosis:

Simple Steps to Maintain and Regain Bone Density

Eliminate acid food and drink – The elimination of all highly acidic animal flesh foods; including eggs, dairy, and cheese is imperative. All sugar-laden soft drinks must be eliminated, along with all products containing refined sugar, as refined sugar is highly acidic.

Consume a diet high in alkalizing foods – The Hallelujah Diet is an alkaline diet, patterned after God’s Original Diet (Genesis 1:29 diet). The most alkalizing foods one can consume would include kale, spinach, collards, deep green lettuce, and especially cereal grass juice powders such as BarleyMax. This makes the Hallelujah Diet the best alkalizing diet available.

Load bearing or resistance type exercises should be performed daily — Resistance exercises are a vital part of my daily workout routine because exercise increases bone density and strengthens bones. The Fit 10 works well here!

Calcium intake – Green foods are excellent sources of calcium. Most folks do not need additional calcium.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones – Sunshine provides the body with vitamin D. Without vitamin D, it doesn’t matter how much calcium a person takes into their body, because the body cannot utilize calcium without adequate Vitamin D being present. If abundant exposure to sunlight on the skin on almost a daily basis is not possible, a vitamin D3 supplement is essential. In the winter months, when there is very little sunlight available, both Rhonda and I take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 on a daily basis, just to make sure our bodies can utilize the abundance of calcium our plant-based diet provides. Be sure to supplement with K2 when supplementing with vitamin D3.

Vitamin K2 supplementation may be one of the most if not the most important component and is essential to direct calcium to the bones and keep it out of the blood and tissues where it is not needed or desired.

Magnesium intake – About 68% of the US population are deficient in magnesium. This can be a greater factor in bone health than calcium. Green foods are excellent sources of magnesium and calcium and should make up a large portion of our diet.

Vitamin C deficiency is often related to bone loss. Consider supplementing with liposomal vitamin C and/or sodium ascorbate.

As a person stops placing the CAUSE of osteoporosis into their body, and starts nourishing the body as God designed it to be nourished, not only does bone density usually start to restore and the osteoporosis begin to disappear, but so also do almost all other physical and even psychological problems.

The body will almost always heal itself of whatever the problem is when the CAUSE is removed and good nutrition and exercise are provided.

How Is The World’s Wisdom Doing?

As for the contest between the “World’s Wisdom” and “God’s Wisdom” who do you think is winning the contest? As I’ve said for the past several weeks, I feel like the “World’s Wisdom” is being represented by today’s Goliath (the medical and drug industry along with various Foundations), but little David (George Malkmus) using “God’s Wisdom” in these Health Tips may have struck the knockout blow.

Write me and let me know who you think is winning the contest.

Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.


  1. Christy Okon April 14, 2015

    Olin Idol, our Dr. NP on staff says: We are not medical doctors and cannot offer individual advice concerning the use of or getting off of medications. It is always wise to work with a knowledgeable medical doctor in reducing and getting off medications. It is not uncommon for folks who follow a whole food, nutritionally dense plant-based diet to find as their body begins responding to the nutrition that the need for the medications diminishes. However, medications should not be abruptly discontinued. Medical supervision is appropriate in determining when and how to reduce or eliminate medication.

  2. Christy Okon April 14, 2015

    Yes we do. You can find that here

  3. Margaret May 2, 2016

    My mother is 90 years old and has been diagnosed with onset dementia. She has had a couple mini strikes before and after the diagnoses. She has gotten pretty sedentaryj and no longer wants to do much or go out anywhere. She also has had all of her teeth taken out which makes it difficult for me to prepare healthy meals and raw meals because she can’t eat food that are hard. I really want her to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I really would like to do the Hallelujah Diet. Do you believe that my mother would be able to do the hallelujah diet with her circumstances? Do you have any suggestions for special meals that she would be able to eat?

    • She should be able to do well with a diet primarily of well-cooked plant based foods and fresh raw veggies in the form of green smoothies and blended salads and fresh vegetable juices. It is important to insure she gets ample omega 3 from flax seed oil and Pharmax fish oil as well as B12

  4. Cheryl aubuchon May 2, 2016

    Do you have a remedy for intercertial cystitis. Inflammation of the lining of the bladder. I am in constant pain and constant pressure to urinate and the Drs say no cure

    • We do not offer advice in terms of cures or treatment of medical issues. However, some have found D-mannose and cranberry juice (unrefined with no sugar added) or extract to help create an environment in the urinary tract that does not promote development of this condition.

  5. Vickie Allen May 6, 2016

    I am 67 and at 39 had a near fatal car accident, when the paramedics arrived I was jack knifed over the the passengers door, and what they call dead, no pulse and not breathing. I had knocked the window out with my head. God allowed them to resuccitate me and take to the nearby Trauma Hospital, Riverside, CA. My brained swelled inside my skull and I was in a coma 3 months and total in hospital 6 months. The reason I’m conveying this is that with such a horrible accident, car was totaled, I had No broken bones which was amazing they said because I didn’t have my seat belt on I was tossed around in the car. This was Aug. 88. I turned 40 in the hospital. I have never been athletic but had most of the time was dieting so even tho I didn’t know it at the time I was eating pretty healthy. Since the accident, which left me a slightly moved spine so my balance is off. I have fallen hundreds of times and still have never broken a bone. However God knew this and was probably preparing me in the way I ate. I took a course about 15 years ago through Hallelujah Acres. When I turned 65 my Dr. had me go to the hospital and have a regular bone density test done. When they called me with the results they didn’t say you have good bone density they said “you have very strong bone density and not even a hint of osteoporosis. So even tho I didn’t start with the knowledge from H.D., God started me the knowledge, but I have continued to learn from their daily Newsletters.
    Also Cholesterol, Diabetes, and High Blood pressure run rampid in both sides of my family. Because of what I have learned thru H.D./Acres I do not take medicine for any of them. Had Arthritis in my knees but they have pretty much cleared up. Was in wheelchair for a while with them. I only drink water now. Sometimes I cheat but for the most part I eat well. Because of my balance I am unable to do exercise’s or walk much. I have gone from 217 down to 165 then back up again. Now at 204 but my own fault.

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