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Olin Idol: Finding His Way to Optimal Health

Spreading God's message and encouraging individuals to follow a primarily raw, plant-based diet is exactly what the team at Hallelujah Acres hopes to achieve each and every day. Specifically, Olin Idol, Hallelujah Acres' vice president of health, wants to help others find courage in fueling the body the way God designed it to be nourished, all while developing a trusting relationship with Him to enjoy a fulfilling life.

How He Was Lead to Hallelujah Acres
Long before health expert Olin Idol joined the team, he completed college at what is now High Point University with a degree in religion. His intentions were to enter ministry, but due to reasons beyond his control, he followed a different path, working as an insurance agent who specialized in property, liability and health. His interest in health and nutrition began around 1970, when he began taking numerous supplements and drinking distilled water to better his body. But then, in 1993, Idol picked up one of Rev. Malkmus' books and decided he needed to make additional improvements.

"It was not until around 1993 when I read Rev. Malkmus' book, 'Why Christians Get Sick', that I changed my diet to the Hallelujah Diet, dropped most of my supplements and found what few physical issues I had go away," he said.

After finishing the book, Idol traveled to Edison, Tennessee to meet Rev. Malkmus and enjoy lunch at his small restaurant. From that point on, Idol decided he wanted to join Malkmus on his journey to optimal health and spread the good word. He took the first Health Minister Training in Edison in 1994, and a year later he became Rev. Malkmus' assistant.

The Hallelujah Diet's Positive Impact
As a child, Idol experienced significant problems with sinusitis, headaches and allergies. In his early 20s he developed GI issues, and later experienced tendonitis. He took medication from his late teens until his early 40s in the hope that it could ease the pain, but Idol didn't find satisfaction in body healing until he discovered the Hallelujah Diet.

"Supplements did not get to the root of the issue and they continued until I learned of and adopted the Hallelujah Diet," he said. "Within weeks, all of my issues went away as my body had the resources to heal and the offending foods were eliminated."

After pursuing his interest in becoming a health minister in 1994, Idol began a successful ministry and later fulfilled his passion after joining Rev. Malkmus in 1995. With the education and experience Idol gained through his training, he was able to provide health coaching and teaching to individuals in need, providing physical and spiritual healing. He is also the author of "Pregnancy, Children and the Hallelujah Diet" and "The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar."

Olin's Advice
If you're interested in following a healthier lifestyle, Idol's advice is to do your research, trust in God and put in maximum effort to achieve optimal health.

"There is a wealth of knowledge available now that was not available just a few decades ago," he said. "Give the Hallelujah Diet a 30-day 100 percent effort and experience the difference."

God created the body with the ability to self-heal, so it's your job to follow His intent.

"We must nourish the body as God designed it to be nourished," he said. "We need to develop a relationship with God through salvation by trusting the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf and then grow in grace by studying His Word. When we meet our physical and spiritual needs, our emotional health will be nurtured as well. We can enjoy optimal health and a fulfilled life."


  1. T Black May 16, 2017

    Olin Idol is one of the most educated people I have ever met when it comes to our bodies, health, and nutrition. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met him, and to be able to turn to him with questions. We are truly blessed that he is always so gracious with his time and vast knowledge. Thank you, Olin, for everything you do.

  2. Connie Gesser May 20, 2017

    I enjoyed reading Olin’s story and seeing the nice picture of him and his wife. We all appreciate and rely on Olin here at Hallelujah Diet because of his vast wealth of information about natural health.

    • Melody Hord May 22, 2017

      Furthermore, Olin is grounded, has an even disposition, the real deal, kind, caring and someone we greatly respect.

  3. Monika Hazelwood May 20, 2017

    And I completely agree with T. Black’s comments!

  4. Monika Hazelwood May 20, 2017

    I am very thankful to God and Hallelujah Acres for Olin’s good quick help
    with specific health questions on how others have regained it (their
    testimonies) and by doing the same I got well in record time also!
    It is nice to see a pic of your dear wife, too!

  5. William Daniel May 20, 2017

    Every so often I contact Olin via email with a question about health or about a supplement.
    He always answers in a timely manner with good advice. I hope he is with HA for a long time.

  6. Ernie May 29, 2017

    Yes, I agree with T. Black’s comments too. Dr Idol is very knowlegeable, helpful, and wise. He is a Christ-like man.

  7. Laura Michaud August 10, 2020

    I am 79 yrs old, 3 days ago I start having blood in my urine , not a lot just once in a while with a burning sensation, I am vegan and no dairy, I have in very good health other than that, thank-you LORD, I am a health minister, went to Carolina for my courses, I no longer teach , I do not want to go the worlds way for my health , I would appreciate your advice

    • Melody Hord August 10, 2020

      Hi Laura!
      Sorry to hear about your seeing blood in your urine. There could be many reasons blood is in the urine. Doctors have great diagnostics to find out what the issues are. Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know what is causing the blood? Then you could make your best decision on what to do about it. Is there a good urologist in your area?
      Have you been following the Hallelujah Diet and drinking a minimum of 2 glasses of fresh juice daily?

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