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My Wife Suffers With Depression

“Dear Mr. Malkmus, my wife has suffered with depression for the past three years and is taking antidepressants which only help sometimes. After an episode in which the antidepressants will help for awhile and she seems to be overcoming the depression, she has a relapse and goes right back into depression. She eats mainly plant foods and has reduced dairy and sugar intake, and takes antidepressants, but still suffers with bouts of depression. Could you help us? Shalom.”
Craig M., Victoria, Australia


Editor Responds

Craig, many people have overcome depression issues after faithfully following The Hallelujah Diet. But if victory over depression is desired, there are some critical components that must not be neglected:

1.    Refined sugar intake must be more than reduced, it must be eliminated! Refined sugar has a very negative effect upon the mind and contributes to depression.

2.    Vitamin D insufficiency – Low levels of vitamin D are associated with depression as well as most chronic conditions. Seventy percent of children here in America are deficient in vitamin D and the percentage of adults deficient in vitamin D is even higher. I am sure these deficiencies are similar in Australia where you live. Optimal blood levels of vitamin D are 50 to 80 ng/ml.

3.    Omega 3 fats – Low intake of Omega 3 fatty acids is a major underlying issue of depression. I would encourage you get a copy of the book “The Omega 3 Connection” by Andrew Stoll, MD. Dr. Stoll has found great success in treating depression with omega 3s. Pharmax Fish Oil provides the critical long-chain DHA component of omega 3s as well as the short-chain omega 3 itself.

4.    Exercise – Aerobic exercise is an important component in overcoming depression. Increased oxygen intake occurs when the body is being aerobically exercised and increased oxygen helps control depression.

5.    The Hallelujah Diet – Comprised of 85% raw and 15% cooked plant-based foods along with abundant raw vegetable juices, The Hallelujah Diet is really the starting place for all physical and psychological issues. However, what we stop placing into our bodies is as important; many of the toxic substances found in the Standard American (or Australian) Diet (SAD) can contribute to depression as well, and must be eliminated. You can read more about The Hallelujah Diet here.



  1. escaped sheep April 27, 2012

    As someone who has struggled with depression in varying degrees of severity, may I offer some thoughts? Please be assured I am not coming from a judgemental place but from one who knows the hell of ongoing depression and was forced to cosider things I wasn’t willing to for some time, until it got bad enough for me to get willing to take out the trash on several levels.

    Depression can be caused by physical toxins and spiritual toxins.
    The spiritual first: Our responses to things in our lives can lead to depression, as they can create a spiritual log jam which means no one is going anywhere in any direction until it is cleared. Check for things like repressed anger, fear, bitterness, unforgiveness, helplessness in the face of a violent trauma, and what some have called “bitter root judgements”, where we judge someone and hold them in contempt and wind up reaping a negative harvest from what we have sown, etc.

    I am an extremely senstive person and so for me, issues of bitterness and unforgivness were deeply buried and hidden behind other forms, ie, pride behind hurt, that sort of thing. I had witnessed a violent and horrible act for which I thought I was responsible in early childhood, and this belief paralyzed my abilty to live my life well into my forties because I didn’t feel as if I deserved to live, which caused depression, which in turn neutralized my abilty and desire to take care of myself. I didn’t think I was worth taking care of properly if you get my drift. I also judged and felt contempt towards the persons involved. If you feel “tied” to anyone this can be an indicator of the bondage of unforgivness and judgement. Don’t spend endless amounts of time on emotional archeaology but just ask the Lord to show you what needs attention so that the log jam can be cleared. The Holy Spirit knows how to do this for us better than we could paying someone 150 bucks an hour.

    Physical toxins: Get rid of caffeine and sugar, both in obvious and hidden forms. Even things like ketchup, miracle whip, etc have loads of hidden sugar. Sugar is very close to heroin in molecular structure I’ve heard, and definitely effects mood and cognitive processes. Get rid of all refined starches as these become sugar upon entering the blood stream. The information on this site on how to heal your body and elmiinate the poisonous stuff we put into it is excellent. Get good bowel movements going; carrot juice helps with them as its got alot of fibre in it. Bowel toxicity can lead to severe depression, feeling all over ill, and brain fog and eventually serious diseases.

    I wish you well.

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