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How to Stay in Shape During the Colder Months

Meeting your exercise requirements and staying fit during the winter doesn’t have to be out of reach! Here are a few ways to stay in shape during the colder months.

During the summer, there's ample opportunity for exercising while enjoying the great outdoors. You can hike hill and mountain trails, jog through the park, swim in your pool and more. When winter rolls in, however, you may find it more difficult to stay physically active outside due to icy conditions and frigid temperatures. The motivation might be lacking as well; cozying up to the fireplace on a cold winter's night might sound more appealing than heading to the local fitness center after a long day of work. But just because the forecast has changed doesn't mean you shouldn't continue exercising! Fitness is a key element to a healthy lifestyle, promoting longevity by boosting your immune system and warding off disease and illness.

"Fitness is a key element to a healthy lifestyle."

Per the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, plus two or more days dedicated to muscle-strengthening activities every week. That's spending just 30 minutes a day, five days a week on a routine that combines exercises like fast-paced walking, jogging or running; riding a fitness bike; and lifting weights to work the major muscle groups like the legs, hips, back, core, chest, shoulders and arms.

Meeting your exercise requirements during the winter doesn't have to be out of reach! Here are a few ways to stay in shape during the colder months:

1. Head to the Mall
Whether you need to do some shopping for the holiday season or just a place to walk around, the mall offers the perfect opportunity for exercise. There's so much room to roam, and some malls even open early just for walkers. Plus, think about all of the stairs you can climb!

2. Try a Home Exercise Program
If you planned on going to the fitness center, but a treacherous winter storm has you trapped indoors, just use your living room to your advantage. Pop in a workout DVD and make the most of your time inside by getting physically fit. There are plenty of at-home exercise programs, including some for the low-impact rebounder, that offer a variety ways to sculpt your arms, legs, core and more. 

3. Sign up for a Dance Class
Sure, dancing is a fun activity for expressing yourself, but most people don't realize just how beneficial it is! According to the Department of Health & Human Services of Australia, dancing helps to improve the condition of your heart and lungs, increase muscular strength and endurance, manage your weight, improve coordination and more. Find a beginner's dance class offered near your town, and give it a shot!

Dance is a beneficial form of exercise.Dance is a beneficial form of exercise.

4. Try a Traditional Workout Class
If dancing isn't quite your style, you can always join a traditional workout class to get your blood flowing. Most local fitness centers and gyms offer instructed workout classes for a small fee, and some are even free with a gym membership. These sessions are great opportunities to learn a new exercise technique and perhaps make a few friends along the way!

5. Embrace a Winter Sport
While you may not find yourself jogging along the icy sidewalks this winter, that doesn't mean you can't get physically fit outdoors. Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing and sledding are heart-healthy activities you can embrace during the winter months. Plus, all of these winter sports pose the perfect opportunity to get the family together for something fun! Just remember to proceed with caution and take things easy, especially if you've never tried the particular sport before.

Don't Forget Your Protein!
After wrapping up your workout, it's critical that you finish it with a helping of protein. Using a supplement like our Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein can help speed up muscle recovery and build muscles to be even stronger. Our formula consists of a blend of organic protein concentrates from dry peas and rice, as well as organic raw seeds that are high in beneficial minerals.

No matter how you choose to exercise this winter, don't forget to follow up your routine with a serving of protein!


  1. Great information! In the winter months I love being able to go to the gym and work out. The different workout classes is very enjoyable. I like the Zumba classes along with the swimming classes at the YMCA. The essential protein powder at HA is very good in with a smoothie.

  2. Angela Solomon December 5, 2017

    Great information on how to keep moving during these cold months ahead of us! I myself have used the HD Protein power, this is a wonderful product to add into your daily regimen.

  3. Great reminder to keep exercising during the winter months. It’s easy to use the weather as an excuse. Thank you for the tips!

  4. CAROLYN B CALHOUN November 19, 2019

    I would highly reccomend the Silver Sneakers Program offered by Medicare at your local YMCA. Thanks for this encouraging blog. And don’t forget your protein Smoothie.

  5. It is easier to hibernate on these dark cold winter evenings than it is to get out and exercise. When it is already dark when I get off of work, it makes it even harder to fit exercise into my schedule. When I lived up north, cross country skiing was a great option and one of the best exercises ever! Signing up for a dance class is a great idea. No only does it help your physical body, it also help the brain to be learning new dance steps. Ballroom is a lot of fun. It is my favorite kind of dance.

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