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How To Stay Healthy In Tough Economic Times

Does your life revolve around “Living to Eat” or “Eating to Live”?

Before you can obtain any help from this article, you must honestly answer the question above.

If your desire is to “Eat to Live,” then I can help you. But if all you want to do is “Live to Eat,” there isn’t much hope for you…unless you are willing to change your reason for eating.

If you will not change your desires from “Living to Eat” to “Eating to Live” you will not only see your food costs continue to rise and remain unnecessarily high, but your health problems will persist and your health care costs will continue to escalate.

You may ask: “What in the world does what I eat have to do with the physical problems I experience, my food costs, my state of health as well as my health care costs?”

The answer:  EVERYTHING!

You may not have previously given this subject much thought, but it is of vital importance that you come to the realization that what you eat plays a huge role in your health — and your finances.

In our current $15 trillion economy, over $1 trillion goes to food companies each year, while $2.7 trillion goes to the health care industry in an effort to undo the damage done by consuming the unhealthy, so-called “foods” they sell. I call them so-called foods because not everything we place in our mouth is food. Nor does everything we place in our mouth nourish our bodies.

A look at the Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word “food” will hopefully help us better understand where I am going with this thought:  “(Food is) any nourishing substance eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.”

The food merchants of our day do a masterful job in making you think their products are real “food” when they are not.  And sadly, the majority of their “so-called foods”, do not meet Webster’s criteria.

7 Reasons We Eat So Much Manufactured and Processed Foods

Some 90% of the money Americans spend on “food” goes toward these manufactured and processed non-foods that do not “nourish…sustain life…provide energy…or promote growth”.  Why is this?

There are a number of reasons:

  1. You Can’t Avoid Them – In 2006, 2,800 new candies, desserts, ice creams, and snacks were introduced into the marketplace, compared to 230 new fruit or vegetable products.
  2. They’re Marketed Aggressively – While the drug industry spends $20-billion a year to promote their drugs, the global food industry ad budget is $40 billion, greater than the GNP of 70% of the world’s nations. And  much of that money is spent on marketing to children.
  3. The Focus is On Profits, Not Nutrition – Food additives, which are chemicals are added to manufactured non-foods make them not just edible, but crave-able.  Manufacturers want us to eat more so that they profit more.
  4. They Turn People Into Addicts – Processed foods are intentionally altered to be addictive so that you never tire of eating them, even after you’ve had enough. Most of these manufactured foods are loaded with unnatural substances such corn syrup, salt, MSG, and others, which dramatically increase the potential of a person becoming addicted.
  5. Refined Sugar is a Secret Weapon – Manufacturers add refined sugar to their foods because it is cheap, it improves flavor, and it is as addictive as cocaine according to some research.
  6. Feelings of Deprivation – Often, people who do not have their favorite manufactured food available feel they are being deprived and will go to almost any length to obtain more, often at all-night ‘junk food’ (a.k.a. convenience) stores.
  7. Non-Foods Literally Change the Way Our Bodies Work – Once a person has become addicted to these highly processed and stimulating foods, the foods God designed our bodies to be nourished with (Genesis 1:29) don’t taste as good. This is because our taste buds and natural instincts have been perverted by manufactured foods.

The above evaluation will provide you with a vivid picture of the health you and your family will experience as a result of eating what you purchase when you go to the grocery store and shop anywhere but the fresh produce aisle.

Why Manufactured and Processed Non-Foods Don’t Satisfy Hunger

In their whole, natural, raw form, foods signal the body which tells us instinctively when to stop eating. But processed foods have been chemically altered so that they bypass that natural instinct.  Our taste buds become ‘perverted’ by these chemicals and don’t send the signals they were meant to do, so we become addicted and never tire of them.

Suppose you had never eaten a banana before and I hand you one. The first thing I want you to notice is that the banana is an outstanding example of God’s natural packaging. That banana will last for days, without refrigeration, and it is biodegradable (capable of decaying through living organisms contained within, leaving nothing behind for the landfill), and it tells you when it is ready to eat. Compare that with potato chips that clog our arteries and the bags in which they come that clog our landfills.

Now if your taste buds have not been perverted by manufactured foods and you have never eaten a banana before and I hand you one, and you eat it, you will probably say, “Wow!”  After you have eaten that banana, you will no doubt think that it is the most exciting, moist, delicious thing you have ever eaten and will probably ask if you can have another. And so I hand you another. After three or four bananas, what you first thought was the most delicious food you had ever eaten, is now a food I don’t believe you will want to eat more of.

Next, I give you an apple. Again, as with that first banana, you think it is one of the most delicious foods you have ever eaten. So you eat a second apple, and a third. What happens to most people after the second or third apple? Most people won’t want to eat another apple for a while.

Now I want you to notice something. God used your mind and taste buds to instinctively encourage you to eat the banana or apple in the first place so you could obtain the nutrients contained within which your body requires in order to satisfy its nutritional needs.

Now suppose I give you a bag of potato chips. How many chips will you eat before you are satisfied and don’t want to eat any more?  Two chips?  Four?  Six?  Eight?  Or will you eat a whole bag before your feel unpleasantly satiated?

The way children eat really illustrates this point.  Give a child who has never had their taste buds perverted by candy and cookies a banana or apple and see how quickly they are satisfied and no longer demand or desire any more.  Then, watch a child when given a piece of candy or a cookie.

Are they satisfied with one piece of candy or one cookie? (No.)  Or do they keep asking for more?  (Yes.)  And if denied more, watch how often the child will cry and possibly go into a tantrum demanding more.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Eat The Hallelujah Diet

With processed foods, it takes a long time before you don’t want to eat any more of them, and now you know the reasons why.  So let’s talk about seven reasons you should avoid processed foods and “eat to live” following God’s Original Diet

  1. The Hallelujah Diet foods are Garden of Eden foods, the only foods God designed our physical bodies to ever have placed in them. God articulated what foods we should eat in Genesis 1:29. And who would know better what foods we should nourish our bodies with than the very Creator of that body?
  2. Garden foods, primarily in their living and raw form, are the only foods that satisfy our instinctive cravings and properly nourish our God created physical bodies.
  3. Garden foods not only nourish our bodies, and promote health, but are the only foods capable of restoring health to a diseased body as well as being capable of disease-proofing our bodies.
  4. Garden foods make us strong and keep us healthy. Manufactured and processed foods cannot do any of the above!
  5. The medical industry depends on the food industry to provide them with their patients (customers), and thus the profits they need to stay in business.  If everyone adhered to The Hallelujah Diet and rejected processed non-foods, health insurance as well as national health care would, in most cases, only be needed in case of an accident or trauma.

Let’s Talk About Economics for a Moment

Almost everything you purchase that comes in a package, box, can, or container of any kind from your grocery store is a non-food, a food incapable of nourishing your God created physical body. So the question I’d like you to consider is, “Is the purchase of these foods a good investment?”

These manufactured foods do not contain the nutrients our body requires in order to be strong and healthy and capable of resisting sickness and disease. So again, I ask, “Is the purchase of these foods a good investment?”

Did you know that 47 million Americans now depend on food stamps, which allows them to purchase the non-foods that end up making them sick?  These people then depend on free health care to make them well? And who picks up the tab? The taxpaying Americans.

But, if everyone ate The Hallelujah Diet, it would save our nation literally trillions of dollars in health care costs each year, to say nothing of the suffering it would eliminate.

5 Ways to Eat Well, Stay Healthy & Save Money in Tough Economic Times

Question:  Is eating The Hallelujah Diet foods a good investment? I believe most people have, by now, arrived at the answer I give to that question.  It is a resounding “YES!”

  1. The Hallelujah Diet is comprised of 85% raw, living, garden foods. These are the foods God designed our physical bodies to thrive on, and these raw foods are less expensive than packaged manufactured foods. Now go through your refrigerator and see how many God-created raw foods it contains.
  2. The Hallelujah Diet is comprised of 15% cooked foods. While not always the ideal, these cooked foods do provide some nutrients, make it easier to achieve optimal caloric intake, as well as support the energy needs of the body. Children need about a 50/50 percent of cooked to raw food ratio. These cooked foods also make the diet more doable and acceptable to the masses, while doing the body no harm. These foods are also less expensive because they are usually purchased in their raw form and processed at home.
  3. Anything that comes in a container costs more than the original whole food from which it originated. Try to keep pre-processed and packaged foods to a minimum because they are not only expensive, but almost totally devoid of nutrition. Now go through your cupboard and refrigerator and see what percentage is comprised of manufactured and packaged foods.
  4. The Hallelujah Diet will, in most instances, enable your family’s bodies to disease-proof themselves. Now, think about all the money you currently spend trying to subdue the symptoms of so-called ‘avoidable’ problems you and your family are experiencing – such as colds, flu, headaches, acid stomach, skin problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeplessness, fatigue, and the list may go on and on.  You can stop the cycle of illness and treatment by getting your family off manufactured foods and on to natural foods.
  5. Consuming The Hallelujah Diet should stop the need and thus the expense of doctor visits as well as over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Think not only of the dollars saved here, but also the suffering, lost work days, etc. you will no longer experience.

The next time you go grocery shopping, evaluate how many dollars you spend on whole, living, raw foods, the foods God designed your body to be nourished with.

Then compare the dollars you spend on manufactured non-foods, which have practically no nutritional value, and which create physical problems for which you need to spend additional dollars to remedy.

Where do you want your money to go?

When you buy and consume those manufactured non-foods, you pay twice – once when you buy and consume those foods that made you sick and you pay a second time in an effort to overcome the physical problems generated by those foods.

Purchasing and eating your foods as close to the way God told us we should consume them in Genesis 1:29 as possible, is the only way you can:

  • eat well
  • stay healthy
  • and save money in tough economic times

Trust you will join us again next week for another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Acres Health Tip!


  1. Carol Doubek November 20, 2012

    First of all, I am sold on this way of eating and living. We live full time in an RV, and travel all over the country with a construction company. I would like to have some input as to a way to grow a garden, and teach others the same as I travel. I am going to do the sprout plan for sure, too. We are now in New Mexico, and will be here about a year more. Thanks for any help you can give to me. I do plan to get into as much of your training as possible. Carol Doubek

  2. Chris Durkee November 20, 2012

    The sad thing about our food supply is what big business is doing to even fruits and vegetables these days. We don’t even know all the genetic engineering that is going on with our produce. Just look at the sizes of some of the fruits and vegetables they sell. I jokingly used to say the produce is on steroids. It’s not a joke anymore. If possible, buy organic produce and also watch for labeling that says no GMO’s. Better yet, grow your own.

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