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Health Insurance – Dangerous To Your Health?

In last week’s Health Tip we talked about cancer. We concluded that cancer is nothing more, nor less, then cells multiplying out of control, caused by a toxic diet and inactive lifestyle. Why do cells do this? Immune system breakdown. God gave each one of us an immune system to protect us from germs, viruses, bacteria, misbehaving cells, maverick cells, cancer cells, and so much more. However, when our immune system is not kept strong through proper nourishment and consistent exercise, our immune system fails to protect us as God designed.

Cancer, In Most Instances, Is Self Inflicted

When we get sick, or experience cancer, it is not God’s fault, but rather and in most instances our own fault. How is this possible? We fail to provide our body’s cells, in particular our immune system cells, with the building materials required in order to obtain and maintain a strong and protective immune system.   We live in a day when cancer is usually blamed on someone or something else – “it’s in the genes” is a popular scapegoat. Yet it is not the grandmothers or great grandmothers who have the breast cancers, but the daughters and granddaughters. Whether we want to believe it or not, in most instances, we create our own health challenges and this includes cancer — cancers that could have been prevented through a healthy diet and lifestyle, and in most instances reversed by taking back responsibility for our own health, again through a changed diet and lifestyle. We do not have to be dependent on health insurance, modern medicine, or uninformed nutritionists in order to maintain or restore our health. We already have the information necessary to make informed decisions, and it gives us the power to take control of our own health! Most people fail to realize that toxic drugs and vaccinations (paid for by health insurance), have an adverse effect on the immune system. They further weaken an already weakened immune system, and a weakened immune system makes a person’s body a fertile feeding, breeding ground for cancer. People also fail to realize that possessing health insurance fails to protect anyone from experiencing cancer (or any other disease). In fact, using health insurance to deal with physical problems other than accidents can actually increase one’s chances of developing cancer. I personally believe the only legitimate need or use for Health Insurance is for accidents over which a person has no control. I also believe that if everyone was on The Hallelujah Diet (or similar plant-based diet), the only persons frequenting hospital emergency rooms would be those who had experienced an accident.

Possessing Health Insurance Can Be Dangerous

Currently, there is a huge debate within our nation over whether government should be responsible for providing health insurance for every citizen through a National Health Care plan. I can’t begin to tell you how dangerous providing health insurance for each citizen is to the people’s health, to say nothing of the cost. This cost that will continue to escalate and eventually bankrupt our nation if National Health Care is not repealed. In previous generations, before health insurance came on the scene, most people took responsibility for their own health, because they couldn’t afford to go to doctors and pay the high cost of drugs. Sadly, possessing health insurance has made it possible for people to no longer have to be responsible for their own health, because now someone else is in charge of their health and paying the bills when a person gets sick. For a moment, just take a look at the health being experienced by the average American who has access to Health Insurance today… Has having health insurance produced a nation that is the picture of health and oozing with vitality? Has having health insurance lowered the cost of health care costs as President Obama promised? Of course the answer to both questions above is an obvious “No!” But why? Here’s why… With health insurance, responsibility for one’s health has gone from personal responsibility to turning that responsibility over to a medical doctor. Who do you think has the greatest interest in your personal health – the doctor or yourself? Has having health insurance reduced the number of people developing or dying of cancer? Has having health insurance resulted in less heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma (and the list could go on and on) or less obesity?  Absolutely not! In fact the number of people experiencing these problems continues to rise, I believe for the very reason that people DO HAVE health insurance. So, if having health insurance (which pays absurd amounts of money to doctors, hospitals and drug companies) does not improve the health of the American people, why is there this constant clamor and concern that everyone possesses Health Insurance?

My Personal Experience

In 1976, even though I had health insurance, doctors told me I had colon cancer. I went looking for another way of dealing with my cancer than my registered nurse mother had gone with her colon cancer before me. It was only because mother had health insurance to pay the bills that she was financially able to go the medical route for her cancer. If she had not had health insurance, she and dad would never have been able to afford the extremely high costs associated with the medical route modalities. Mother was a registered nurse. When the doctors told her that her only hope of surviving that cancer was to submit her body to the extremely high cost medical modalities of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, she readily submitted — but only because she had health insurance to pay the bill. The cancer treatments administered by her doctors destroyed mother’s immune system. As a result, she suffered with pneumonia several times a year for years. Each time, she ended up in the hospital for weeks at a time, with more drugs being administered. She eventually died after years of unbelievable suffering, paid for by health insurance. At mom’s death, I was convinced it wasn’t the cancer that caused her death, but rather the medical modalities — paid for by health insurance — that destroyed her immune system. When my sister and I cleaned out mother’s apartment after her death, we removed several shopping bags filled with empty and partially full prescription bottles.

Why I Refused Medical Treatment For My Cancer

When diagnosed with the same kind of cancer by which I had watched my mother die a protracted and agonizing death, I refused any medical treatments. Because of mother’s horrible experience going the medical route with her cancer, I went searching for an alternative way of dealing with it, even though I had health insurance at the time, That is when I turned to Evangelist Lester Roloff for advice; Brother Roloff was a great Gospel preacher but in those days considered a health nut by his preacher buddies. He was the one who encouraged me to refuse all medical treatments and to take responsibility for my own health by simply changing my diet and lifestyle. Following Brother Roloff’s advice, I changed my diet and lifestyle overnight! Soon, my rectal bleeding stopped. Within a year, my baseball sized tumor had simply vanished. And friend, this all happened without the use of any medical modalities that would have been paid for by health insurance had I chosen the medical route! After learning I could control my own health by taking responsibility through a simple diet and lifestyle change, I dropped my health insurance coverage, and have been without Health Insurance for the past 35-plus years. I estimate that I have probably saved about $150,000 in insurance premiums. (I do believe it is important that a person carry some kind of accident insurance, however.)

A Little Girl’s Experience With Cancer

Some years ago, a 12-year-old girl in my church was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer shortly after I had recovered from my cancer. This little girl was a junk-food junky! I encouraged her parents to try a changed diet (as I had) before allowing her to undergo toxic medical treatments. Because they had health insurance that would pay the bills if they went the medical route, they chose that route rather than a changed diet. Their primary reason for going the medical route was because their Health Insurance policy would pay the bills for the cancer treatments but wouldn’t pay for a juicer and natural supplements! Though the doctors told the parents that their daughter’s chances of recovering from her cancer was 90% going the medical route – she died a horrible and protracted death less than a year later. I conducted her funeral. If the parents had not had health insurance, they would no doubt have refused the chemotherapy and gone the diet and lifestyle route — if this were the case, I believe she would be alive today.

25 Years Later

Twenty-five years after changing my diet to The Hallelujah Diet due to my cancer experience in 1976, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke (due to stress) in 2001. I was rushed to the Shelby, NC hospital where doctors wanted to airlift me to Charlotte for cauterization of the bleed and introduce drugs intravenously into my body. All medical modalities were refused (thanks to Rhonda), and once again I took responsibility for my own health. At the time of the stroke I had been without health insurance for approximately 25 years. But whether we had health insurance or not, based on the knowledge we had gained of the body’s ability to heal itself since my colon cancer experience 25 years earlier, medical treatments would have been refused whether I had health insurance or not. The total cost for that emergency room visit was just over $1,000.00 which we were easily able to pay from the approximately $150,000 we had saved by not carrying health insurance the previous 25 years. Not a bad return on our non-health insurance investment, wouldn’t you say? About five years ago I had a serious fall from the top of a 6-foot ladder, with my face landing on a railroad landscaping tie. Once again I took responsibility for my own health, and experienced extremely rapid healing without any medical attention or medical expenses. My only expense was a 60-capsule bottle of serrapeptase (proteolytic enzyme supplement) for the swelling.

Rhonda Tears Rotator Cuff

A few years ago Rhonda fell and lost all use of her left arm. X-rays revealed she had torn her left rotator cuff. She was referred to a surgeon who said that, without surgery, she would never be able to have full use of her left arm ever again. Rhonda asked the surgeon if he thought a healthy diet could bring about healing without the surgery. He almost laughed at the thought. Well, Rhonda didn’t laugh, but rather told the surgeon that because of previous almost miraculous healings of other physical problems she had seen, she was going to give the Hallelujah Recovery Diet a try before submitting to any surgery. She made the diet change and began doing special exercises to stretch and strengthen her rotator cuff. Within a few months her rotator cuff had healed so much that she had full movement and use of her arm! This happened without any surgery or any other medical modalities (other than diagnostic x-rays) that would have been paid by health insurance if we had had it. And by the way, whether we had health insurance or not, Rhonda would not have gone the medical route with her torn rotator cuff before giving the body opportunity to heal itself through diet and lifestyle efforts.

35 Years Later

In January 2011 I celebrated my 35th anniversary since my bout with colon cancer. On July 12th, 2011, I celebrated my 10th anniversary since the stroke. This year I also celebrated my 5th anniversary since that fall from the ladder. And yet here I am today by the grace of God and all because in 1976 Brother Roloff encouraged me to change my diet and lifestyle. Because I listened and applied his instructions, I am alive and well, and still have a strong mind and healthy body — even as I approach my 80th birthday. For the past 35 years I have made it a high priority each and every day to provide my body with the building materials necessary to maintain a strong immune system. I accomplish this through the abundant use of vegetable juices and BarleyMax, along with a 100% plant-based diet that is approximately 85% raw and 15% cooked.

The Only Answer To Cancer — A Strong Immune System

“The only answer to cancer” if we want to PREVENT CANCER (or any other disease) from developing in the first place is to maintain a strong immune system through a 100% plant based diet — especially a diet that provides the immune system with the concentrated nutrients found in the raw vegetable juices and BarleyMax.   And “The only answer to cancer” at least from my perspective, AFTER IT HAS DEVELOPED, is to rebuild the immune system with a healthy diet and lifestyle so that the immune system can be strengthened sufficiently to fight that cancer, destroy it, and thus win the battle.   In next week’s Health Tip we will share, the good Lord willing, how one can rebuild their immune system with good nutrition so that they can “Cancer Proof” their body. We will also show how to rebuild the immune system so that the body will be able, even after a cancer diagnosis, to fight the cancer battle and usually win. We will also share those things that are an anathema to the immune system – those things that weaken and destroy the immune system’s ability to protect a person from germs, viruses, bacteria, and yes, cancer. Indeed, health insurance is not the answer to cancer, but next week we will share what the answer is. I trust you will join us!


  1. Hello Reverend Malkmus,

    Loved your post today about health insurance. I have been reading your blog for many years and have just started one myself on WordPress as well. Earlier this year, I posted a blog entitled “Do Insurance companies really want us to be healthy?”

    Based on anecdote from John McDougall, there was one sentence that says it all. As the insurance rep told Dr. McDougall when he turned down his request to have his “lifestyle” program covered by their insurance. “You don’t understand the business, Doc. You see, we get a piece of the pie and the bigger the pie, the more we get.” In other words, the sicker we are the bigger the pie for the insurance company. Here is the link to the entire post. God bless you.

    J. Morris Hicks

  2. foxygolf August 3, 2011

    Hi Reverend Malkmus let me start by saying that I have been a follower of yours for more than a decade and a have been mostly on the Hallelujah Diet for about 7 years. I have seen my condition of BPH completely reverse over the last 5 years based on my doctor’s feedback at my annual physical last year. So I am a 100% believer in a diet and lifestyle change being safer than insurance and the allopathic system.

    Your statement in the article above “and in most instances reversed by taking back responsibility for our own health, again through a changed diet and lifestyle” seems logical but is not supported by the poll you conducted a while ago where only 10% of the respondents indicated that their cancer had been reversed.

    I was surprised by the low score for cancer reversal and by your comment.

    Blessings to you and all in your ministry.

    Tony Brown

    • Hi Tony! Thank you for reading the blog and for taking the time to comment.

      I believe the poll that you are referring to was a general sampling of individuals on the Hallelujah Acres’ Diet and not just Cancer Patients. It does not say that 90% did not recover, but rather 10% of those responding to the poll had Cancer and beat it while on the Hallelujah Acres’ Diet.

      Click here to take another look at the poll. The poll is titled, “Since Adopting the Hallelujah Diet, I have…”

      I would also encourage you to take a look at the hundreds of testimonies on our website from those who have beat cancer while on the Hallelujah Acres’ Diet.

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