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Hallelujah Diet Book Now Available in Polish

Rev. Malkmus’ book “The Hallelujah Diet” was first published in 2006 and has been a best seller ever since first being published. It started out being number one on Amazon and being carried by both Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, and is currently in its 16th printing.

After many thousands of copies have been sold across America, it is now beginning to be printed in other languages.

Last year, Destiny Image, publisher of the book, came out with a Polish edition, and most recently an Indonesian edition.

Forwards to the book were written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Author of the “China Study” and Ed Foreman, author, speaker, and former U.S. Congressman from Texas and New Mexico.

The book also includes endorsements from Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of “Eat to Live” along with Dr. Francisco Contreras, Chairman, President, and Chief Oncologist, Oasis of Hope Hospital, Dr. Joel Robbins, Health and Wellness Clinic, Tulsa, Oklahoma, along with numerous others.

Forward by Former Congressman Ed Foreman

The sound, sensible, scientifically proven principles presented by Dr. Malkmus can help sick persons regain wellness and well persons maintain a vitality of life, longevity, and energy. It is not some “fad” diet, “kinky” exercise routine, or special “supplements” line to sell books and products.

It is a plain, simple, proven life formula for achieving vigorous, strong, healthy, disease-free living with energy and happiness. It is so easy, inexpensive, and uncomplicated that “professionals” have trouble accepting its simplicity and astonishing results!

I have personally sent hundreds of Dr. Malkmus’ books and CD’s to family members, friends, professional associates, political colleagues, the U.S. President, White House officials, et. al., because of my own experience and belief in the message and results! Thousands of our popular Successful LifeCourse graduates attest to the life-enriching, energy-building benefits. It works!

Review by Bisi

“This is one of the most outstanding books l have ever read about diet and nutrition. I also like the way Rev George Malkmus explains things, why we have to stay away from certain foods. He gives those serious about their health an understanding that l have not come across in any other diet book. It’s the understanding that makes you want to commit and do it. Thanks Rev George for such an outstanding book. How l wish this book could be placed in all medical schools. Your passion for health is felt on every page. May God continue tobless and keep you.”
Posted by: Bisi – UK

Read for yourself. The Hallelujah Diet by Rev. George Malkmus is available in the Hallelujah Acres online store.


  1. Denise Ost May 15, 2012

    Is it going to be printed in French anytime soon? (I live in France…)

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