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Foods that harm our ‘internal doctor’

Processed, toxic foods are harmful to the immune system - our internal doctor.

Made in the image and likeness of God, we have each been gifted with miraculous bodies. He has left it in our hands, however, to have complete control over our immune systems. By properly nourishing, fueling and caring for this "internal doctor," we can live almost entirely void of disease and illness, as Rev. Malkmus explained in "God's Original Diet." However, it is of utmost importance that we recognize this internal doctor as physical, rather than spiritual.

Fueling our internal doctor
Essentially, just as bringing your hands together in prayer prior to robbing a store will not undo the action, consuming a meal of fried food, sugar and sodium cannot remove the harmful and dangerous particles entering your body.

Reflecting on this, Rev. Malkmus turns toward the Bible to explain how all men are subject to the physical laws of the Lord. As it was said in (Galatians 6:7), "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Thus, the food we consume directly correlates to whether or not we are hurting or helping our bodies, weakening or strengthening them, preventing disease or welcoming it with open arms. Opting for a mostly raw, plant-based diet packed with rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients is essential for protecting and promoting our health.

Nourishing your internal doctor with God's intended diet is the way to optimal health.Nourishing your internal doctor with God's intended diet is the way to optimal health.

Foods that harm
One quick internet search yields page after page of articles citing the scary truth about the Standard American Diet. Our society has become a culture bursting with toxins, filled with fast food, added sugars, processed snacks, sodas and junk food. In 1822, the average American consumed 9 teaspoons of sugar every five days, according to researchers Stephan Guyenet and Jeremy Landon. Today, that amount has increased to an astonishing 153 teaspoons. Each year, Americans consume, on average, 130 pounds of sugar. 

"Americans consume, on average, 130 pounds of sugar each year."

One of the biggest problems is that even Americans intending to make healthy choices are blissfully unaware of the staggering amounts of added sugar they consume. It's not just the obvious candy, soda and pastries that have sugar, but everything from granola and bread, yogurt and cereal, sports drinks and chewing gum are loaded with sugar as well.

According to "God's Original Diet," refined and added sugars work against your immune system, suppressing the very inner network intended to fight off disease and keep you healthy. In fact, just 11 teaspoons of sugar will immobilize your immune system – your internal doctor – by as much as 33 percent. Now if the average American is consuming more than 13 times that amount in just five days, imagine what it is doing to this precious internal health care provider.

The problem with animal products
The American Heart Association has long advised limiting the consumption of animal products high in saturated fat, and for good reason. Preferably, animal products should be eliminated from the diet completely such as practiced on the raw and biblically plant-based Hallelujah Diet. Filled with various excess fats and cholesterol, food from animals such as meat, cheese, yogurt and milk, can increase the risk of stroke or heart disease, according to "God's Original Diet."

Removing animal food sources from a diet can help to significantly reduce an individual's risk of stroke or heart attack, according to the source. The difference between a diet of burgers and milk compared to raw fruits and vegetables could have a significant impact.

Other substances that harm 
It doesn't stop with added sugar and animal products. To take the best care of our internal doctor, remaining diligent to avoid all foods that cause us harm is essential. Rev. Malkmus explains that refined grains can cause several unfavorable internal complications such as toxic buildup and constipation. Hydrogenated oils, dyes, MSG and trans-fat should be avoided at all costs. So make the decision to promote your body's self-healing mechanisms and fuel your body with a plant-based diet.

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