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Fever Aids The Immune System

I subscribe to a number of alternative health publications – always looking for a tidbit to share with our Health Tip subscribers. I found the following tidbit in the April issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report:

“Fever is a built-in system that aids the body in stopping and fighting infections. Most people make the mistake of taking anti-fever medications throughout the course of an infection. While medication will lower your temperature and make you feel better, it will also reduce your defenses.

“Studies have shown that lowering the temperature in African children with measles resulted in a fivefold increase in mortality compared to those who had fevers. Fevers are of no real danger to the sufferer until the temperature exceeds 104 degrees, or if a child has a pre-existing history of febrile or other types of seizures.

“Several things in the diet can worsen infections. These include high sugar intake, use of omega-6 oils and high red meat intake. Iron, especially from red meat, stimulates bacterial and viral growth.

“Both sugar and omega-6 oils can suppress immunity. Nicotine is a very powerful immune suppressant, even from nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes.”

The Blaylock Wellness Report is a monthly publication of Newsmax Media, Inc., and available by paid subscription. 

Rev. Malkmus Comments…
When I was a child, my registered nurse mother, when either my sister or I had the slightest fever, would go into a panic and do all that she could to lower the temperature of the fever. Now we learn that fevers are part of God’s built in self-healing mechanism. Once again we learn that God had it right when He built in fevers to help us overcome infections, while man has it so wrong when he tries to suppress what God built in. Just be careful that that temperature does not exceed 104 degrees, as Dr. Blaylock warns.


  1. julie solomon April 21, 2015

    What are the best oils to use?

    • Christy Okon April 23, 2015

      All oils should be used in moderation, but you can use extra virgin olive oil, grape seed, coconut and for non cooking oils you can use flax-seed oil or pharmax fish oil.

  2. Patsy Salb May 3, 2015

    I thought grape seed oil is to be used very sparingly to the ratio to other oils.. I thought Omega 3 ; 6 ; and 9 oils are needed to be in balance to each other or they will cause havoc in our system. ? It’s too complicated to know the balance, so I just use Organic Extra Virgin Oil (not to fry with). My husband uses Grape Seed oil to fry his eggs because of the high smoke point of 420 degrees F. There is too much info out there. So how is anyone to know the truth?

    • Christy Okon May 4, 2015

      We do not need to get bogged down with ratios which are impossible to keep up with. Basically, we want to avoid any oils that are processed or heated as much as possible. The only essential oils are omega 3 and omega 6. Almost all of us get an ample amount of omega 6 in the diet but fail to get ample omega 3s. Getting about 3 Tablespoons of flax seed (ground), or 1 TBS of flax seed oil and 1 tsp of Pharmax fish oil daily will insure we meet our omega 3 needs without worrying about ratios, etc.

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