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Delightful Surprises In Kissimmee, Florida!

This past Friday afternoon Rhonda and I drove to Kissimmee, Florida for a seminar the following morning.

When Rhonda and I arrived, we found that 100 chairs had been set up in a room that barely held those 100 chairs! About a dozen excited people had already gathered (an hour before the seminar), including three ladies who had driven up from Miami to attend.

By the time the seminar began, every chair was filled, but people kept coming! Not long after the seminar began, dozens of people were standing around the room.

Health Minister Elli Davids introduced me. He shared his testimony of being diagnosed with prostate cancer 15 years ago (1998) and told how his cancer had simply gone away after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. When he was first diagnosed, Elli was 78 years old. As he introduced me Saturday at the seminar, Elli appeared as the picture of health, now 93 years young! What an exciting testimony to begin the seminar with!

Over a dozen more people shared their testimonies as well. Several told how they had seen cancers disappear as a result of making the diet change. Others told of diabetes gone; arthritis gone; incredible increases in energy and loss of weight.

These testimonies set the stage for what followed as I shared how, through simple diet and lifestyle changes, our bodies will usually heal themselves of almost any physical problem.

A Delightful Surprise

In attendance at the Kissimmee seminar was the singing group, “Twice Adopted” — 12 children who have been adopted by Randy and Linda Koenig of Branson, Missouri. They sing in churches across America and just happened to be performing in the Orlando area the weekend of our seminar.

They all love Jesus and they sing gospel songs. Just before they sang, their mother Linda shared that the entire family is on The Hallelujah Diet. She went on to share that, before the diet change, there was constant sickness and when one would get sick it would spread throughout the family.

But she went on to share that since the entire family adopted The Hallelujah Diet, they no longer get sick. What an incredible testimony! They sang with such enthusiasm for the Lord, and so bright eyed and radiant in health!

Click here to learn more about this incredible family.

Next Seminar – Charlotte, NC (March 2) plus Health Minister Training

Shortly after my last seminar in North Carolina, on November 2, 2012, Rhonda and I moved to St. Augustine, Florida. But on March 2, we will be returning to Charlotte for a “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar in the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel.

We are very excited about this event! Not only are we coming “home” to Charlotte for a seminar, Rhonda and I will be visiting the brand new Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters for the first time, just down the road a few minutes in Gastonia at 916 Cox Road! When we last saw it, construction on the new facility had just begun. Now complete, the new health food store is almost double the size it was in Shelby and many more people are able to take advantage of its services!

Then on Tuesday, March 5, I will be going back to the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel to delivery my “Biblical Nutrition” workshop at Health Minister Training.

Having celebrated my 79th birthday this past week, it is hard to believe that my next birthday will be BIG 8-0!

God is GOOD, every day and in every way! Appreciate your continued prayers as Rhonda and I as we continue to try and slow down and spend a little more time smelling the roses (and walking on the beach in St. Augustine).

I am still writing a weekly Health Tip, and trust you will continue to read them and share the information contained in them. We are thankful for each of you who continue to support us with your prayers and your many words of encouragement.

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