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Best Eating Tips for Someone with Diabetes

If you have diabetes and want to work on reversing it, consider the following eating tips.


Did you know that 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes? That’s 9.3 percent of the country’s population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While we recommend following the Hallelujah Diet to reduce your risk for developing diabetes in the first place, there may be a number of you who are currently living with the debilitating disease. To live your life to the fullest, and perhaps even fuel your self-healing body to eliminate the disease from your system, you must adjust your eating habits.

If you have diabetes and want to work on reversing it, consider the following eating tips:

Pay Closer Attention to Food Labels
While it’s certainly in your best interest to avoid foods with a label, make sure you’re taking a closer look at the nutrition facts on the organic packaged foods you eat. As suggested by the American Diabetes Association, you should pay attention to the calories, fats and sodium content. Avoid added sugars at all costs. Additionally, stick to packaged foods that have minimal ingredients. The less ingredients, the better. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or you’ve never heard of it before, do some digging and understand if it’s a toxic additive before putting it in your system.

Cut Out Animal Products
As we’ve reported in the past, animal fat is the No. 1 enemy when it comes to diabetes. When you consume animal sourced foods like meats and dairy, they’re loaded with fats that coat the body’s cells. This layer of fat prevents insulin from reaching the insulin receptors of the cell, making it impossible for the body to properly handle glucose. Then, the pancreas works in overdrive to pump out more insulin, becomes exhausted and quits, producing higher levels of glucose in the blood. This can adversely cause complications in small blood vessels and impact the eyes, kidneys and heart.

“Animal fat is the No. 1 enemy when it comes to diabetes.”

So what’s the solution? Stop filling your system with these toxic fats so that your cells can learn how to process glucose properly once again.

Trust in Plant-Based Eating
You don’t have to rely on meats and other animal products to get essential protein, calcium and other nutrients. By following our plant-based, primarily raw food diet, you can strengthen your immune system, increase your energy and help support your self-healing body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Beyond following our plant-based eating regimen, you may consider The Hallelujah Diet™ Diabetes Get Started Support Kit. Including a one-month supply of fundamental supplements like our best-selling BarleyMax and Fiber Cleanse, plus a weekly meal plans recipe book and a help booklet titled “The Hallelujah Diet™ Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar” by our very own health expert Olin Idol, you can give your body additional support to reduce diabetic symptoms.

Soon, you could see drastic changes in your overall health and well-being for the better, much like some of our current followers. Read our diabetes testimonies today to learn how The Hallelujah Diet is changing lives everywhere!


  1. I believe that the human body was ment to eat a plant fruit diet I am a Christian and I believe animal where to have the same diet I have done research on it I am a diabetic I hope the rest of the world rest of world will start reading the Bible for two reason one for salvation and two for diet!!!

  2. Is eating fish ok? I am mostly vegan and raw…

    • Melody Hord July 3, 2018

      Hi Deb, Great question! The Hallelujah Diet is strictly vegan, except for fish oil which it highly recommends! However, some of the longest living cultures with the most centurions eat fish. Some WILD fish, such as wild Alaskan salmon, are high in valuable omega fatty acids which are very important for our cells. If you choose to eat fish, eating wild caught, rather than farm raised is the big difference. Here is a webinar on fish oil that you may find interesting.

  3. Intermittent fasting has become very popular. The Keto diet has likewise become very popular. It is very hard to know who and what to believe. I am looking for a diet solution since there doesn’t seem to be any medical help.

    I have a new problem with which I have been dealing and I don’t know which way to turn. There are a lot of commercials on television that deal with it–dry mouth syndrome. None of these products do anything but temporarily sooth. I have seen my dentist, my general practitioner, and a dental surgeon, all who offered no advice whatsoever. It seems it is considered a nuisance and not a big problem. It bothers me 24\7. Do you have any knowledge of this problem or advice for me?

    • Melody Hord July 10, 2018

      Hi Karen, Thank you for reading through the Hallelujah Diet blogs. Getting to the bottom of “why” something is happening can be very difficult. The Hallelujah Diet was started by Rev. George Malkmus many years ago. He had a dramatic turn around in his health form eating raw vegetables and fruit, along with carrot juice. The book he wrote called, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” tells his story and is very inspirational. Diet is just one aspect of obtaining optimal health, however a huge one! And yes, there are so many diets to choose from. If you want to produce ketones, I have found that the book the “Wahls Protocol” by Terry Wahls, M.D. explains that very well.(on Amazon)
      I am always experimenting and trying to choose what is best for me. I am a big advocate of lots of fresh RAW vegetables, especially blended in the form of a “veg-smoothie” or raw soup. “Less Is Enough” is a good recipe book on this.
      I do not know anything specific to dry mouth. Hallelujah Diet believes in the miraculous self-healing body that God created. When we keep out toxins and give the body a chance to do what it has been designed to do, it is capable of marvelous things. The thing is, you never really know what the body will do. All we can do is our part in supporting it.

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