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89% Say Obamacare Will Cost More & Negatively Affect Health

Following President Obama signing Health Care Reform legislation into law on March 23, 2010, Rev. Malkmus posted a poll on his blog in which he asked folks to give their opinion as to how passage of this bill would affect the health of the American people.

Thus far, 528 have responded and following are the questions and poll results:

Will passage of Obama Health Care legislation:


  • Negatively affect health and raise costs. (89%, 471 votes)
  • Improve health & lower costs. (9%, 45 votes)
  • Have no effect (2%, 12 votes)


Interestingly, the Hallelujah Acres poll showed a higher percentage of Americans feeling this Health Care bill would have a negative effect on health care and costs. Almost every other poll taken also shows an overwhelming percentage of people feeling this Health Care Reform bill will not improve Americans health or lower the costs of health care.

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