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12 Million Misdiagnosed Each Year

An article in “Natural Health 365“, dated June 22, 2015 titled “Medical Errors: 12 Million Misdiagnosed Each Year” drew my attention. Here is how the article begins:

“In America, the average person relies on his or her physician to diagnose and treat medical conditions and health problems when symptoms arise. This conventional approach sends millions of people to emergency rooms, doctor offices and clinics across the country – every year. Sadly, at the same time, it’s understood that conventionally-trained physicians can give a wrong diagnosis about the health status of a patient… The study suggests that 1 in 20 people … are misdiagnosed.”

Read the entire article.

Rev. Malkmus Comments

Almost 40 years ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 42. Whether it was a misdiagnosis or not I will never know. But they wanted to do surgery, and give me chemotherapy and radiation. All treatments were refused and, at the advice of an evangelist friend, I changed my diet. A year later my cancer was gone.

In 2001, while I was lecturing, I started repeating myself. I was rushed to the local hospital where I was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke – a bleed on the brain. The doctors wanted to immediately begin a drug regimen and to air flight me to Charlotte for cauterization of the bleed.

Again, as with the colon cancer diagnosis, all treatments were refused and they immediately wanted me out of the hospital. By ambulance they took me to my home and by stretcher placed me in my bed. Rhonda had to sign a paper that I had arrived home still alive.

At home, Rhonda placed me on the Hallelujah Recovery Diet (as I had done 40 years ago after my colon cancer diagnosis). A little more than a week later, a neurologist said I was a miracle because he could find no physical or mental limitations — nor do I have any physical or mental limitations to this day, 14 years after my stroke.

For nearly 40 years I have been my own doctor, maintaining a healthy diet and treating any physical breakdowns with good nutrition rather than with doctor-prescribed drugs, radiation, and surgery. And as I approach my 82nd birthday, I have a strong and healthy body, which I attribute to being my own doctor since 1976.


  1. We juice almost every day but I am allergic to Barleymax, what should I do? Even a tiny bit makes me congested.

    • If one suspects a possible allergy to grasses, it is better to start very slowly with BarleyMax by taking 1/8th teaspoon daily for a few days and gradually increasing the serving frequency and then the serving size as one is able to do so.

  2. Ann Teague June 28, 2015

    I had breast cancer 13 years ago I have been trying to gain not lose a pound I am at 106 now. The diet talks about loosing, is there any thing in the diet that will help me to gain? I also stay tired and have copd I am 74. I am going to try the hallelujah diet. I need to know what to buy.

  3. George, you are my hero and a like mind!!!! People don’t understand when you don’t follow the doctor’s advice so I try not to discuss things. It’s because I want quality of life! I’ve worked in the medical field for 22yrs as an RN I should probably add. Most treatments and tests are unnecessary or wrong, or at least don’t address the core issue. Seriously can’t believe how little doctors and dentists know about health! One exception, in my opinion, so far, if you get a skin cancer or bad spot get it nitro’d immediately or cut out. Keep going George!

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