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What Are Your Thoughts On Childhood Vaccines?

The above question was posed to Dr. Blaylock in the July 2011 issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, available by subscription only at 1-800-485-4350. Following was Dr. Blaylock’s response:

There is compelling research to show that many of the components in vaccines are brain toxins and can cause abnormal development of the infant brain. American children are getting far too many vaccines, spaced too closely together; research shows that this combination damages developing brains.

For every case of full-blown autism, there are hundreds of children with varying degrees of behavioral and learning problems. Nutrition has been shown to be very powerful in preventing serious reactions sometimes associated with common childhood infections.


EDITOR: Be sure to read Marie’s testimony of what happened when she reluctantly allowed the doctor to give her first child a vaccination — and what happened to her next three children after refusing to allow doctor’s to give them any vaccinations. Read Marie’s testimony here.

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