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Rev. Malkmus Challenged on True Meaning of Christmas

Last week I wrote an article titled “The True Meaning of Christmas”, which produced lots of comments and email responses. This first letter challenged what I had written:

“George, You have a great health message the world desperately needs, but to hear you don’t understand that Christmas is a pagan tradition made up by men and not by God is disheartening. Only God can establish Holy Days, Feast Days, and special Sabbaths on which we can celebrate and worship Him. For good reason God has kept hidden the date which Jesus was really born.” William

William, You are absolutely right when you say that the date of Jesus’ birth is unknown, and that the day we celebrate Christmas was originally a pagan holiday.

But I think it is kind of neat the way the world has turned what was originally a pagan holiday into a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Though we don’t know the exact date Jesus was born, we do know that He was born.

When Rhonda and I celebrate Christ’s birth on Christmas Day we are not observing a pagan holiday, but rather celebrating the birth of the One who left heaven’s glory, took on a fleshly body, born in a lowly stable, in order to eventually go to an old rugged cross where He would shed His blood in complete payment for our sins.

Though we do not know for sure on what day Jesus was born, we do enjoy and appreciate that there is a day set aside each year to remember our Saviour’s birth. The bible tells us that that when Jesus was born, the angels, shepherds and wise men all came to celebrate the birth of Jesus, should we do less?

This past Sunday morning, Christmas morning 2011, Rhonda and I were in church with about 800 others singing “Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord.”

The pastor brought an outstanding Christmas message from the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, and at the conclusion of the service over a dozen accepted Christ as Saviour. I really feel sad for those Christians who fail to celebrate the birth of Christ on what we today call “Christmas Day”. They are missing so many wonderful and exciting blessings!

Many Other Letters Received

“Dear George, you really hit the right point. In our church here in Indonesia we also preach about Jesus whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time. Thank you for sharing “The True Meaning of Christmas” and reminding us of the real reason for the season. You shared some very powerful truths.” Health Minister Ichsan G., Indonesia

“Your article on “The True Meaning of Christmas was both interesting and timely. God bless you and Rhonda and all those at Hallelujah Acres with good health and continued success as you enlighten those Christians who don’t understand that ‘You don’t have to be sick’” Charles

“Dear George, Thank you so very much for the detailed article regarding “The True Meaning of Christmas.” Jesus has been my Lord and Saviour ever since I came to understand through the study of God’s Word about God’s plan of salvation when I was in my 20’s so many, many years ago. Oh what great joy came into my heart when I asked Jesus to come into my heart and experienced with thankfulness the forgiveness of ALL my sins. And the second greatest event in my life after salvation was when I started implementing the Genesis 1:29 Diet (Hallelujah Diet) and I learned the added gift of grace God had given me of a self-healing body. Much love, and a Merry Christmas to you, Rhonda, and all at Hallelujah Acres.” Monika H.

“Thank you for sharing ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’. It helps to remind us of the reason for the season.” Art B.

“Rev. Malkmus, the scriptures you used in your timely article ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’ were the very Scriptures God used to bring me to Jesus. It was especially joyous reading them in a format where so many others would have opportunity to hear them and hopefully come to know Jesus as I have come to know Him. May God richly bless you!” Felice

“Thank you Pastor George for telling this wonderful Christmas story again. This is the story that is seldom told nowadays and even the Christian needs to be reminded and refreshed again and again. Christmas show us God’s love in action – ‘For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life’ – John 3:16” Christine C.


  1. Arettagall December 27, 2011

    When I read about the xmas tree in Jer.chap.10.I quit observing this “tradition”…What do you get when you mix the good with the bad?

    • Foreverhoneymooners December 28, 2011

      I think it’s interesting that you applied that passage to a Christmas tree. Though it does describe the procuring and adorning of the “tree”, it was not left whole as I understand it. It was shaped into an image of a god to be worshiped. I am very willing to consider the whole counsel of the Word and would love for you to elaborate some more as while we do have a tree, we certainly do not worship it. We don’t put presents underneath it even. Though if we did, the presents are not presented to the tree itself…?
      I guess I feel like it’s what we “do” additionally as a family that preserves the truth of the season whether we have a tree or not. What emphasis and in what manner to we discuss the tree? How is Jesus made central to our celebration? How can we use the opportunity to share Him?
      I feel that absolutely anything can be “good” or “bad”. It’s originally designed intention is not at all limiting. Don’t you agree that purpose and meaning is created by the person rather than the object?

  2. Thank you Rev. George for all your health information and your evident love for the Lord and your true understanding of the scripture. Unfortunately, there are always critical people who are always trying to find fault and judge. I’m wondering if they need to do some searching within themselves … perhaps there is bitterness and unforgiveness in their heart. Blessings Pastor to you and your family. Lorraine M. Toronto

  3. You may want to watch the DVD called “The Star of Bethlehem”
    I think you would find this very interesting. We certainly did!
    How God works…yes the Heavens do declare the Glory of God!

  4. Arettagall – humm . . . in food that would become rotten food. We are not being malicious here, but the church holidays were an attempt by Rome to get the support of the pagans. There is MUCH information available about this and it is urgent to learn! We have chosen to leave the holy days of the church and follow Yahweh’s (yes, he has a real name, not just titles) set apart days, the Biblical calendar. I do not condem or fault those in the church who are still walking in darkness, but I do pray they will wake up before it is too late.

    • Curious, are you a Seventh Day Adventist?

      • No – not at all. But for the last 3 or 4 years I have been on the most exciting journey of my life. I grew up in a Mennonite home, was a Mennonite and Christian all my life. Then, as I said, a few year ago, through the searching of a friend – and then myself, I began to see that most of what we have been taught in the church is straight out of the zeal of Constantine and the Roman Catholic church to remove anything ‘Jewish’ from the faith of Yeshua, Shaul and the early ‘church’. Neither ‘Jesus’, ‘Paul’ or any of the Apostles thought they were starting a new religion. It was a sect of Jewdeism in the first century. Jeremiah talks about the ‘lies of our Fathers’ and I am sure part of what he was talking about was what was going to happen in the ‘early church’. I don’t know how much I can write on here, but if you would like to learn more feel free to email me at To think about: When did God change Saul’s name to Paul? Why did Paul offer sacrifices at the Temple AFTER Jesus had risen from the dead? Why does the church say the Torah is no longe of value and yet both Jesus and Paul were fully Torah observant? I’d be happy to talk to you further.

    • HalleluYah! Christians say His Name every time they sing or say this word! Every Bible has a “disclaimer” in the front which basically says YHWH is THE NAME of the heavenly Father, “but, we’ve decided to change it and give Him and His son titles!”

      Yes- been there, done that. Followed man instead of Yahweh and His son, Yahshua, for 50+ years. Then, finally opened that BOOK on page ONE….you know the one we carried under our armpit and only opened when the Sun-day keeping preacher told us where to open it and then told us what it meant after he read it to us.

      HalleluYah! His words are for the simple.

      “If you love me, keep My commandments.”

      Now- that’s pretty simple, don’t you think?

      • LOL!! It is the most exciting walk in the world and it makes the reading of His WORD the reason to get up in the morning. Hallelu Yah for sure! Shalom brother.

  5. Amen. amen! I love the idea that we have turned a pagan holiday into a birthday party for Jesus! Thank you for this!

  6. Hey William, isn’t that something! Even the pagans celebrate the birth of Jesus! Stop being a stuffed shirt and get on with the program. If Jesus had not come, you would not have the privilege of being saved.

  7. My grandmother born in 1900 (deceased since 1972) probably said it best: “Excuses are what we give others when we know what we’re doing is wrong.”

    Should we add to or take away from His words/commandments/rules? Revelation says NO.

    Jeremiah 10 let’s us know what He thinks of this particular man-made tradition/custom/dogma/ritual known as Christ-mas.

    Ironic indeed. A mass is performed for a “death,” not a “birth.” Thus, the “Death of Christ” somehow means the “Birth of Christ” to Christians. Merry “death of Christ!” Merry Christ-mas!

  8. I don’t celebrate Christmas and this is what I observe. People set up a wooden idol in their homes, they adorning it with lights and shiny objects. Then families gather together and bow down to it as they offer it gifts. They chant Christmas carols and make wishes for everyone to be merry.

    Do you see where I’m going? I know that you may have good intentions and believe in your heart that you are doing the right thing, but what does it look like you are doing? To me it looks like paganism. Yes, Christians have adopted paganism.

    The established Holy days are clearly described in the Bible but I don’t know of any church groups that teach their congregations how or why they need to be followed.

    • Either you have a love of the truth or you don’t.

    • Foreverhoneymooners December 28, 2011

      While I have a tree, I certainly do not worship it.
      While there are presents, they are not for the tree.
      While I do adorn it, it is for the warmth and celebration of love in our home.
      While we do sing Christmas “carols”, they are to remind us of our Savior.
      While I do wish people “merry”, my hope is that people would be joyful all year long as Christ has been born, died, and has been risen to give life eternal – the greatest gift to all mankind.

      To trees, presents, and songs I am not a slave. They are a vehicle for me to share the truth of Jesus.

      I believe the power for it to be used for good and for God is up to me.

      One thing I love about God is how incredible redeeming He is. And I aim to be just like Him.

      • I don’t go to the Winter Solstice celebration to worship the trees, I just go there for the music. Just because I dance around the circle wearing an evergreen wreath around my neck doesn’t mean I’m worshiping any pagan god, right? ; )

        Just because I wear a white sheet with holes cut out of it near a big cross that is lit on fire doesn’t mean I’m “one of them!”

        Who can make anything HOLY, set-apart?

        Now there’s a question we all need to answer sincerely from our hearts.

        Is it to be OUR way or HIS way?

        Thankfully, He let’s us ALL choose.

        P.S. Happy that you are “forever honeymooners!” We need more HAPPY couples in this world, that’s for sure!

        • Foreverhoneymooners December 28, 2011

          Thank you, Dalebob! We are 8 years and counting with joy and delight! We believe marriage is a wonderful gift and treat it and each other as such! It’s awesome!

          I guess what I am saying is a white sheet is not inerrantly evil. People make it an evil statement.

          A gold calf is not evil, the worship of it is.

          Conversely, in going to church, I am not a Christian.

          In not observing a holiday, I am not made holy.

          I agree with you; there is freedom in Christ, thankfully. I admire people who have convictions and stand by them and consider myself to be of the same breed.

  9. I am so amazed at what God is doing!!! Our family was convicted about the secular holidays a few years ago. This year we celebrated all of the Feast Days. We have felt as if we were one of the few who felt this way. However, it has begun to show up repeatedly this year. A man in Michigan distributed letters to his neighbors that explained the true Pagan roots behind Christmas, this made national news. People were so angered by this sharing of the truth, I thought if nothing else, we learned from Jesus to have tolerance. The article received thousands of responses. Many were from like minded believers. Our family does not in anyway shame others for what they believe, but we are constantly judged for our faith. Eventhough what we do more closely alligns with scripture…

  10. RobertCarroll December 28, 2011

    I’m with the gentleman William on this never said in the bible were we should celebrate his birth on December 25 so why do it.He gave us in his word what Holidays to celebrate people don’t keep them in the Old Testament.God also gave us a Dietary Law he want’s us to keep in the book of (Leviticus 11 Chapter)

  11. Dear Dr. Malkmus:

    Thank you for your article and your ministry.

    Earlier this year I have prayed asking Yahuah to reveal truth to me, and He has. I have been personally convicted of several things regarding my relationship with Him, one of them being the holidays, customs, and traditions that I grew-up with and celebrated as part of our culture; and my non-observance, acknowledgment, or celebration of any of the appointed festivals commanded by Elohim, to be observed for all generations.

    HE said if you love me, obey my commands, and I believe that this is what we all endeavor to do, in every facet of our lives. But just like growing-up on the wrong diet, we were also fed wrong information, which became common place and accepted as truth. Similar to the lie that “milk does the body good.”

    Elohim is Creator, Originator, Pure, and Holy. He has warned us throughout scripture not to learn or engage in the ways of the nations. Despite being a bible-reading, church-going Christian, I disobeyed His command because I lacked truth. I followed-along with the masses, with observances and traditions that are not found in His Holy Word. As a result we really do perish, due to lack of knowledge, and don’t even realize it because of the web of deceit that the enemy has so craftily designed, whether it is with our diet or regarding our obedience to His word.

    Being convicted of things that I have practiced for many years and even taught to my daughter, was a very painful process, as I thought I was honoring and worshipping our Father and King, but all along I was being an abomination to His Holiness and Lordship. Nothing was more painful than this discovery. But yet, I was still able to experience both His Love and Sovereignty, simultaneously.

    As we know, Yahuah is very deliberate, detailed, and disciplined in everything that He does. Just like He instructed and outlined how we are to eat, He has also outlined how we are to worship Him, without adding or taking anything away. We lack knowledge, when we believe that we can re-create, cloak, or redefine the origins of an event or idea, and presume that El Elyon will accept it.

    The strongholds [including those wonderful memories and feelings that comes with Christ mas] in our lives created by our disobedience is all part of the enemies plan to keep us blinded to truth and his devices. In the times ahead of us we should all be praying, seeking, studying, and obeying truth, and allow the double-edge sword to rightly divide.

    I am currently living overseas, where the majority of the population is comprised of other religious beliefs that don’t acknowledge the death or resurrection of “God With Us” for the redemption of mankind, but yet they celebrate Christ mas, with asherahs and all. So what does that signify to us? I saw a caption “The World Celebrates Christmas.” How will we be set-apart or identified from the nations upon His return?

    Your life and ministry has blessed and changed my life beyond words. Your ministry is one of my secondary sources / barometers of truth, which is why I was compelled to write to you (I have actually never responded to any online article). I pray that you will take our words and lay them on the altar of our Father and seek the Holy Spirit for truth, wisdom and guidance.

    I pray for Elohim’s continued health, peace, joy, wisdom, prosperity, and love in your life, the life of your family, and the life of your ministry. May your lamps be filled with oil.

    In Love, jc
    Rev. 18:4-5

  12. Gosh, so much division. I guess that I follow the law of the heart.
    Christ’s mother Mary, his father and his brothers and sisters most assuradly celebrated his birthday. Should we think that just because he died that they stopped?

    I don’t know the correct date that Christ was born on that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate it. Just because it isn’t in the scriptures to be celebrated, so what. If Christ had followed the letter of the law, the adulterous woman would have been stoned to death. She wasn’t. A blind man would not have had his sight restored. It was and on the sabath too. How many laws did Christ break? How much of the writen schripture of his day did he ignore and follow his heart? Doing what he knew was correct and good.
    So….I follow him and my heart and always try to do what he would do. I do not judge myself better nor do I judge others wrong because of the differences in our beliefs.

    Truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each person has their own interpritation of what that may be.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may we all be blessed with love, compassion, understanding and tolerance.

    • OK. That’s interesting. So you believe that Yahshua was NOT our perfect pattern and He disobeyed His father?

      Yes, LOVE is basic to the heart of Yahweh, which is WHY He sent His “perfect” son to show us how to LOVE Yah and to LOVE others- yesterday, today and tomorrow.

      Yah’s forever set-apart “rules” are even found in the NT over and over again as ALL of the disciples, then apostles kept His Torah.

      Can you participate in anything without knowing what the “rules?”

      Accepting the first FOUR commandments, rather than starting with Number 5 as most Christians do (as we, too, did for 50+ years), is a start.

      Study to prove all things. Just like an earthly parent, He will not feed us if we are not hungry. He will not give us drink if we are not thirsty.

      • No, please do not interpret my statements. You just seem to not understand what I am trying to say. 🙂

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