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Dangers Lurking in Hair and Nail Salons


“Dear Dr. Malkmus, My husband and I have been on your Hallelujah Diet for over 15 years, and our health has been fabulous ever since we made the diet change in 1998. Thank you so much for your ministry and all that you have done to help people everywhere improve their health. But I have a question: ‘Are gel nails harmful?’ My nails are not terribly strong and I have been getting ‘gel nails’. I am concerned that the chemicals that are being applied on my nails are going into my nails which go into the bloodstream, and that isn’t good. Can you comment on this? Thank you!”
~ Marilyn

Rev. Malkmus Responds

Marilyn, many years ago I sold a health insurance policy to small business owners. When I first started working for the NASE (National Association of Self Employed) I could sell to any small business owner and their employees. However, whenever I went into a hair or nail salon to try and sell a policy, I was very concerned about breathing those toxic fumes, and got out of the store just as fast as possible, though I sold a lot of policies in those salons.

A year or so after I started selling these policies, a directive came from headquarters that we could no longer sell policies to store owners or anyone else working in a hair or nail salon. Their reason: They were getting too many claims for ill health among that group of people.

Testimonies from folks who have gotten well on the Hallelujah Diet have come from people who worked in these salons, they had experienced physical problems as a result, and their problems went away after they got out of the toxic environment and made the diet change.

One lady I remember well: She had been having her hair dyed for many years and as a result developed a life threatening bladder problem that she was able to overcome after she stopped dying her hair and adopted the Hallelujah Diet.

What a lot of people do not realize, is that any toxic substance that is placed on the skin is absorbed through the skin and goes into the blood system, and this can have serious negative effects upon a person’s health. We should always strive to keep everything that goes into or on the body as pure as possible, and that includes the air we breathe and any beauty products that are applied to the body.


  1. I’ve often suspected that the rise in breast cancer might be influenced by older women getting their hair dyed. Those chemicals go right into the scalp and from there into the lymphatic system. When the insurance companies won’t sell policies to those who work in beauty salons, that’s saying something!

  2. Carla Bramlett November 11, 2013

    I have often suspected that “beauty products” are harmful to the health. But
    until definitive results are found, I do not plan on stopping using them. Thus far I am healthy and living the Hallelujah Lifestyle and being a Health Minister. I
    was a hairstylest for 25 years and never suffered any adverse effects from the
    chemicals I was around. No rashes, no cancer no other issues. While later in
    life and long after retiring I did have some health issues that lead me to the
    Hallelujah diet, I cannot say those illnesses were directly related to “beauty
    chemicals”. I can however say they are linked to the diet I was eating. LOL
    While I no longer live/work in that environment I do occasionally go
    there. I have had my gel nails removed but only because I know the “dust” in the nail salon is not something I want to subject my grandson to. Since I am now a
    24/7 Grandma, I can’t go to the nail salon without my little minion with me.
    🙂 I will not allow him to inhale those chemicals. Coming to this realization, has made me second think what I was inhaling all these years. It can’t be good! God works in mysterious ways, and who knows…my Grandson only being 6 weeks old may have just saved my life?

    • So can you offer an alternative hair color that’s safe and natural that works? I want to quit coloring but I’m not ready to go grey yet! 😉

      • Carla Bramlett November 14, 2013

        I know of NO hair colors that I would deem 100% safe. I’m not ready to go grey yet either, so I guess I am risking my health in the name of vanity. I’m praying about it though, and vanity may not win, I am seriously considering embracing the highlights God has given me. But and FYI…the darker the hair color the harsher the chemicals. As far as lightening products go, the bleach used on hair is toxic. I quit getting “highlights” years ago after I saw so many scalps ruined by bleaching products.

        • Dana Baird Beazley February 5, 2014

          Henna is a good alternative but you have to make sure it is pure and not mixed with mettalic salts ,henna is made from a plant and is permanant. I am a hair dresser and used henna for years.There are other dyes out there that are not as bad but you have to search for them.But henna is the only one I know of that is nothing but pure plant based.Henna for Hair is a good web site to go to she has tons of info on it and sells it as well as samples for you to try.

      • is one. google non-chemical hair dye and a bunch come up. I have not done the research but you can! 🙂

      • Hey Carla,
        I would suggest you try and “go grey”. I made the jump and got all kinds of compliments on how pretty my hair is. Another thing to consider is what happens with the chemicals that go down the drain after the dye application is rinsed out. It all goes into the bodies of water and eventually into the soil. So if you go gorgeous grey, you’ll help the environment, have shinier hair, save money, probably look more attractive and help our sick planet. Dawn

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