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Confused and Hurting

“Dear George, I became a Health Minister in 2004 after my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34. We were both on The Hallelujah Diet because in addition to my daughter having breast cancer, I was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. Somehow my daughter, who was seeing such incredible improvement with her cancer, got off The Hallelujah Diet and became so sick she yielded to the doctor’s continual efforts to accept chemotherapy.

The chemotherapy ended up being the cause of her death in July 2008.

“As for me, I also went off The Hallelujah Diet and since then have been suffering a lot with flare-ups of my rheumatoid arthritis. My Rheumatologist put me on Humara and injections every two weeks, but my condition only worsened. Then last May my doctor put me on Orencia which was helping. Then I developed gum infections and was given antibiotics. Then in 2010 I had a knee replacement. I do not like what is happening to me.

“For the past three days I have been praying and crying out to God to show me in what direction I should go to receive my healing and what are the things that are hindering my healing? I believe God is the great physician and my healer and not drugs. Unfortunately I went to my Rheumatologist today because of severe joint pain. He gave me a cortisone injection which gave me some temporary relief and that is why I am writing you. My doctor wants to start Orencia infusions next week.

“After reading your article on arthritis in the Hallelujah Acres Health Tip archives at 4:00 a.m. early this morning, I believe God is showing and leading me back to The Hallelujah Diet which so significantly improved my arthritic condition in 2004. I believe The Hallelujah Diet is the answer to my healing. What do you think I should do? What would you do if you were in my shoes? I am confused and hurting.”

Rev. Malkmus Responds

Dear Betty, I was so saddened by your letter. What happened? Both you and your daughter did so well on The Hallelujah Diet!  Why did you ever turn away from it?

As I say so often in my Health Tips, God’s Way is the ONLY way to true health, and, I believe, the only way you will ever experience improved health. The traditional approach to health – drugs – only leads a person to ever more drugs and the continued deterioration of health that you personally experienced with your daughter and now with yourself. But I also believe that as long as there is life and breath there is hope of restoring health.

The choice to continue to follow the traditional way of dealing with your physical problems or to return to God’s Way is entirely in your hands. You know the way that both Rhonda and I have chosen. In 1981, Rhonda was diagnosed with the same kind of arthritis that afflicts you. In 1991 she adopted The Hallelujah Diet and in less than one year her arthritis symptoms were gone and have remained gone to this very day… 21 years later.

But that is only because she has remained on The Hallelujah Diet these past 21 years.

You asked what I would do if I were you. I would do exactly what Rhonda did! And if I could afford it, I would get myself to a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center just as quickly as possible and learn how to immerse myself once again in The Hallelujah Diet.

And by the way, I have personally been on The Hallelujah Diet now for nearly 37 years and remain in good health as I approach my 80th birthday.

Keep me posted on your choice and progress. Our prayers are with you!

Rev. George Malkmus

Romans 12:1-2


  1. Brenda0251 October 9, 2012

    What does the diet consist of? I am in fairly good health. I have had breast cancerbut free of it for 19 months. Can you send me a copy of the diet, or where can I find it at?

  2. Dibsdab2 October 9, 2012

    Rev. Malkmus, Thank you for sharing this letter. This truth is much like the gospel. We know it is true and we know what to do, it is the doing we struggle with each and every day. I too struggle, but thank God for you and your family everyday! You showed me the truth and it is up to me to act on it.

    • JoAnn Hawthorne October 9, 2012

      Rev. Malkmus: God bless you so much for getting the message out. We must change our lifestyles so we can live the life of abundance. God, too, has shown me the way and I have avoided meat,, processed foods, flour, sugar things that work against my body. I enjoy having someone I have to be accountable to and that is through email. Receiving your newsletter keeps me focused. I have not visited yet but have come to hear you and your wife over 10 years ago. I did not understand how I could change the way I ate and stop partaking in some foods but was able to one day at a time by the Grace of God. Thank you for all you do and I want to encourage everyone that it is not impossible if we put God first. The people in the bible did not starve to death partaking of herbs, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables from the earth…..and neither will we. Thank you for the encouraging stories, testimonials, recipes and information. It truly is invaluable and life-changing. I will turn 60 on my birthday and my body looks younger than I was when I was 18. At my party, I have decided not to have any meat and I also plan not to have any cake, pies or cookies. The bread will be gluten free and I will have vegetarian cruisine. Besides…..its my party!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. merlene elrod January 9, 2015

    A friend just had shingles. The blisters are gone but the horrible pain is not. Her doctor prescribe nortriptyline (sp?) for her pain but it is very constipating. She lives in an assisted living facility where she has very little if any say about what she can eat. She is handicapped with cerebral palsy, cannot cook on her own, is on Medicaid and other gov. help. Before the shingles, she was not interested the HA diet. Now she is taking Barley Max for the pain & to help with her constipation. I think the Barley Max did begin to help with the pain, but I was not having her take the full dose because she was having diarrhea problems. I am wanting to become a health minister as soon as the Lord brings in the money. There are so many needs. Please pray. I My question is: what things or options can I do to help her?

    • Christy Okon January 12, 2015

      Olin Idol, our VP of Natural Health says: My wife was successful in supporting her body’s battle with shingles a couple months ago. At first onset, she began using 8 gramps (teaspoons) of Lyposomal vitamin C daily (divided servings of 2 to 3 grams 3 to 4 times daily and 3000 mg of Lysine in divided servings. In less than 5 days she was free of symptoms with having experienced almost no discomfort.
      Our body has an amazing ability to heal from in almost all situations when we supply the needed conditions. Most folks are woefully low in vitamin C intake as our body (unlike many mammals) is unable to produce it, thus we must get it from diet or supplementation.

      For Lyposomal Vitamin C, go here:

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