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Can The Hallelujah Diet Help Mental Illness?

“My husband and I have been involved in alternative health care for 25 years. However, he has been diagnosed with four different mental illnesses including schizophrenia, a personality disorder. My question to you is: Can he remedy these disorders by adopting The Hallelujah Diet? I realize that you cannot diagnose or prescribe, but your comments would be greatly appreciated. If so, which foods help the brain the most? Thank you kindly for your prayerful reply.”
Jennifer, Idaho

Editor Responds

Hi Jennifer, though we cannot diagnose or prescribe, we have found that The Hallelujah Diet, along with suggested supplementation, is foundational in supporting the body’s ability to heal itself regardless of the problem (physical or mental).

With mental or emotional disorders it is imperative we supply the body with Omega 3 fats. I personally use a quarter cup of ground flax seeds and a teaspoon of Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil in my green smoothie each morning to help make sure my mental abilities are functioning optimally.

These Omega 3 fats are essential for supporting brain function. I would encourage you to get a copy of the book “The Omega-3 Connection” by Andrew Stoll, M.D. In his book, Dr. Stoll discusses the critical role Omega-3 plays in dealing with a host of brain issues.


  1. You cannot have mental illness, why? Because the mental thought is not part of the brain. The brain receives the thought from the heart. Therefore the brain is a sender and a receiver of information. .However you can have a Chemical imbalance in the brain just like any other part of the body. Let go of diseased thinking, stop the medication and nourish the body with new thoughts, new beliefs, and the right balance of nutrients and the proper diet. I know what I say is not popular, but it is true. We don’t have diseases we have cellular malfunctions because we break the laws of nature. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. We all need to emancipate from medical mental slavery. Dr. “K” practice in the non-secular science of medicine. Where genes do not control biology you do. visit and step up out of the dark ages of disease care.

    • Auto70264859 December 28, 2011

      Just one issue. What if you don’t know what you’re taking/ being given”? How do you find out/get off of it?

  2. Gluten has been shown to play a huge role in schizophrenia. Do the hallelujah diet but eliminate all gluten and see what happens. If you google gluten intolerance and schizophrenia you will find some good articles, you can go deeper to find studies.

    You can have blood tests or biopsies to see if you have celiac however, they do not always pick up gluten intolerance because it has to do with how the body digests food and if there is a problem with leaky gut or gut permeability. The best way in my opinion is to do an elimination diet. Blood tests do not pick up everything but an elimination diet will loudly proclaim what is not working for you.

    Healing the gut with nutrient dense foods, and especially freshly extracted juices, omega 3 oils as mentioned above, probiotics to help with neurotransmitter development, L-glutamine is a powerful healer for the gut wall and a digestive enzyme and maybe betaine HCL to improve digestion and absorption combined with eliminating gluten have helped many people.

    Colon hydrotherapy is powerful in healing the gut as well.

  3. I know someone cured of psychosis through orthomolecular psychiatry, of which diet plays an important role, so yes, the hacres diet can help. Pls read info like Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition by Dr. Hoffer, Healing Schizophrenia by Dr. Hoffer, Natural Healing for Schizophrenia by Eva Edelman. All of these are about orthomolecular (right molecules) treatments. Biochemical testing can be very helpful because you need to see where the body is out of balance – what foods cause an allergic reactions (IgG delayed reaction food allergy blood test is recommended), what toxins like aluminum or mercury are present, what deficiencies are present is such things as D3 and Omega 3s, etc. Orthomolecular psychiatrists have testing done and add missing nutrients, they remove toxins, and they have people stop eating what they are allergic to. Sometimes drugs are required for acute psychosis but I think otherwise they should be avoided because they just cause more problems. Read Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs by Dr. G.E. Jackson. If it is okay to give a number, there is a doctor in the DC area who can help people regardless of where they live. His name is Dr. C. Gant and his number in DC is 202-237-7000 or I may be called for information, Health Minister A. Dunham 843-455-6419. I attended a Harvard continuing education seminar in 2005 conducted by Dr. Stoll after I read his book, The Omega-3 Connection. The seminar was “Psychopharmacology in the Trenches: Pharmaceuticals and Natural Therapies.” He disclosed his wife has a company that sells Omega-3 pills and at that time he received funding from about 10 different drug companies. He did discuss some natural treatments but most of the several day seminar was about drugs. Most of the audience was made up of psychiatrists. There was much discussion about how people were taking various drugs and were still depressed. One doctor said when drugs did not work for one patient she had him try hypnosis, which he was not very interested in trying, but he did it and it worked for her. Perhaps this was due to the placebo effect? What we think is very important.

    Philippians 4

    4 Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice! 5 Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon.
    6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
    8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9 Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.

  4. I add the following:
    According to Dr. Shinya (famous surgeon) in his book The Enzyme Factor says, “Animal protein and sugar demand increased calcium and magnesium leading to calcium deficiency… contributing to nervousness and irritability” and a deficiency of magnesium manifests in “irritability, anxiety, depression, dizziness, weakened muscles, muscle spasm, heart disease and hypertension.” Minor examples of how nutrients effect mental states. The condition of the mind should not be separated from the body as they are interdependent/one. In his book The Microbe Factor he describes enzymes as “protein-type substances involved as catalysts in all phases of life activities. The pumping of our hearts, breathing, digesting, absorbing and eliminating food, thinking, and even feeling are all functions dependent on enzymes….We wouldn’t be able to sustain our life activities even for a moment without enzymes.” As Rev. Malkmus explains, living raw food and juices have these living enzymes our bodies need to function properly. Shinya says, “Unless these enzymes are functioning properly, all the nutrients from even the most balanced diet cannot be utilized.”

  5. I have dealt with extremely severe type one bipolar disorder for 11 or 12 years. For the longest part of this time there was not many medications or anything that helped a ton. We tried many of them in desperate attempts to find anything that might help. Once the almost killing me by overdosing me severely on lithium and damaging my kidneys big time, I turned almost whole to natural means. I got off almost all my meds and started using vitamins, minerals, herbs, and oils and started seeing a difference over time. After my mom had a heart attack, she found the Hallelujah Acres Diet and we both started immediately on top of the other natural things we were already doing. I found I felt sooo much better, could think clearly, my moods started stabilizing and slowly came off all my medications. For a good long time I remained off any psych meds. I have been doing this diet, although mine is a little modified. I am completely gluten free and have cut a lot of refined sugar and carbs out of my diet and it has made a world of a difference. If you met me today you would wonder if I was the same person as I was around 2 years ago.
    I use a lot of nutritional supplements like complex vitamin B and olive leaf, essential oils, omega 3’s, exercise, and things like that including the diet. I love my juicing, and my green smoothies just cracks up my friends and I during morning classes in nursing school. While they joke around, I seem to be one of the more healthy nursing students in many ways and seem to avoid colds and stuff that most everyone else seems to catch from their patients and other students. Yes, I have been able to change my life and improve the disease enough to be able to go back to school and function almost completely normal. I still deal with it at times, but not as bad and many symptoms like anxiety have lessened, and the psychosis I would sometime get when in the extreme ends of my bipolar cycles, have completely disappeared.
    It was a combination of things with good nutrition and a very supportive family and friends that helped me get to where I am now. Thanks to H-Acres for being there! I love you guys!

    • Congratulations! I know this was a long, hard road to travel, but you did it! Keep doing what works for you and may God bless you. I hope you will continue to spread the word about nutritional healing for “mental” symptoms. Ann

  6. For so-called mental illness, I would try the Hallelujah Diet and the nutritional supplement True Hope. See Also, fasting combined with prayer and Bible study has been known cure what’s being called psychiatric disorders. For example, the e-book entitled “Fasting the Ultimate Diet”, at, has a chapter titled “The Mentally Ill Improve” describing the success of fasting on Schizophrenics.

  7. Karen Peterson-Weeks September 15, 2013

    Re: MENTAL ILLNESS. There is a christian found product that has brought back those affected severely with chemical imbalances also. It is called EMPowerPlus by the TrueHope org. Also, a new discovery that targets the overactive nervous system, it quiets it down without any ‘stoned’ affects from THC. The new plant is grown having high amounts of CBD and low THC: Cannabidiol (The Stanley Brothers). It stopped life threatening elipsy in children and helped those with other nervous system disorders.

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