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Why You Should Take Immune Boosters All Year Round

Your immune system is a complex network of white blood cells, organs, and tissues of the lymph system. This is spread throughout the body and involves many types of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues. These include the thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and bone marrow. It defends you every day against germs and microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi. In most cases, the immune system successfully keeps you healthy and free of serious infections. There are multiple ways to help you strengthen and protect your immune system so that it is ready to engage a serious attack when your health is threatened. In this article, you will learn that immune boosters should be an essential component of your overall wellness lifestyle. In a healthy state, your immune system is resting and monitoring, but not attacking an infection. You need the nutrients to keep it well armed so that your immune system can quickly defeat a serious infection when it comes around.

How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Boosting your immune system is easier than you might think. With the right adjustments to your lifestyle and everyday habits, you can keep your system in the best possible health and strong enough to protect against the germs and viruses that fill our air. Apart from following the tips for maintaining a healthy immune system outlined below, consideration should also be given to boosting your immune system by taking targeted supplements.

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Although you try to live a healthy lifestyle, you still might not be getting enough of the nutrients your body requires.  You might want to stock up with a supply of immune-boosting vitamin and mineral supplements. Doing so will help ensure that you’re taking in optimal amounts of each essential nutrient and make up for what might be lacking from your diet. In particular, those found in the Hallelujah Diet’s® immune system booster kits a great place to start.

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Lifestyle Tips

In addition to these supplementation ideas, you can also consider the following tips for keeping your immune system in a healthy state:

Stay hydrated
All major systems in your body—immune included—are impaired when you’re dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Doing so will make your all-day hydration easier.

Prioritize healthy hygiene
With germs to be found just about everywhere, it’s essential to practice healthy hygiene. Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes and wash your hands throughout the day.

Get enough sleep each night
 Your body relies on an adequate amount of sleep each night. By getting enough sleep, you’re encouraging cellular repair and helping your immune system maintain itself.

Manage your stress levels
 When you’re overly anxious, stressed or depressed, your overall immune system is weakened and may even impair the function of your digestive system. Start dedicating more time to relaxing and find more ways to minimize your stress to avoid illness. Keep a positive attitude. Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Be assertive instead of aggressive, assert your feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive. Learn to control your emotions by recognizing them and their effect on you. Learn to pour out your emotional state to God and find balance as you spend time in His Word. As you become more like Jesus Christ your emotional health will improve.

Exercise regularly
The human body prospers when it’s strong. Not only does exercise help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your muscles, but it also reduces stress levels, improves quality of sleep, and rids your body of toxins. Try to get at least two and a half hours of exercise each week—that’s 30 minutes a day—to improve your overall wellness.

Follow a healthy diet
The power of a healthy diet is undeniable. Processed foods, especially those with refined sugars, are known to break down the immune system. Abandon the unhealthy options and opt for a more natural, plant-based way of eating. The right blend of vitamins and minerals and supplements will provide your body with all the fuel it needs to repair and restore over time as well as to thrive.

The Bottom Line

While an active and healthy lifestyle will go a long way toward ensuring that you are in the best health all year round, follow the advice provided here, including the additional supplementation, and you will feel positively awesome all year long!


  1. Annette Whitworth June 1, 2019

    This was great information about keeping a healthy immune system. Everything I read up above is so true. I do agree with eating foods that is not process with those refine sugars in them. We do need a good night sleep. We should consider taking some of the supplements for boosting our immune system. Thanks.

  2. Connie June 1, 2019

    The suggestions take supplements, Stay hydrated, get enough sleep, exercise, manage stress, follow a healthy diet are very helpful.

    I appreciate the paragraph on exercise. When we exercise, we get the following benefits. Exercise makes the body strong, helps you maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your muscles, reduces stress , improves quality of sleep, and rids your body of toxins

  3. Terry Singleton June 3, 2019

    This article is a nice thought for those who don’t have immunity issues. I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and my immunity system has become my enemy. It is attacking my hearing, and I have lost nearly 80% of my hearing. Hearing specialists can do nothing for me. They say my last option is implants. All because of my immune system. Any suggestions?

  4. Connie Gesser June 6, 2019

    Dear Terry,
    Over the past 20+ years through research and experience, we have learned that almost all diseases are a result of toxicity, inflammation, and deficiency. The medical modalities address symptoms of disease and not the underlying causes. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms with drugs and other modalities in an effort to control or eliminate the symptoms. This does not cure a disease. Only the body can cure!
    The only cure for any disease can only take place when the body heals itself. When we eliminate the toxins (and toxic exposures), and provide the body the resources it needs to carry out self-healing, the body will in most situations heal itself. We have seen this manifest in over 170 testimonies of different physical issues being resolved by the body after the principles of the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle have been adopted and closely followed.
    We cannot and do not offer medical advice. Our ministry is one of providing biblically based and scientifically sound information so individuals can make informed decisions as to how they can best support the innate self-healing within each of us.
    Some folk have found Vitamin B12/B6/Folate and Magnesium can be helpful with malfunctions of the nerves.
    Bio-Curcumin twice daily at meals and Serrapeptase on an empty stomach twice daily can help mediate a proper inflammatory response.
    NOTE: The information in this email is not intended to diagnose or treat medical issues. We are not medical doctors. Our goal is to provide information that enables individual to make informed choices as they take personal responsibility for their health.

  5. Daniel F. Peternel June 14, 2019

    Good stuff; thank you!
    Confirms other things I’ve been reading.

  6. Jennifer March 26, 2021

    Great information. Our immune system is so important. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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