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Why We Love BarleyMax Products

A search for “BarleyMax” on either the Hallelujah Diet® website or Hallelujah Diet® store quickly reveals that this organic juice powder is the key to helping many customers rebuild, recharge, and refuel their bodies. The barley juices made from the BarleyMax organic powders contain living nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body. Customer reviews for every BarleyMax product are easily found. Here are just a few:

“I have been using Barley Max (Berry) for several months and can honestly say I can’t do without it now. I ran out, and so I didn’t take it for over a week and felt the difference!! I need to make sure I keep enough supply, so I don’t run out!” – Theresa K.

“Every morning I take a tablespoon of BarleyMax by placing it under my tongue. It helps me maintain energy all day and is a superior supplement. I rarely get sick.” –  Francine M.

“I wouldn’t be without this wonderful product. It is an important part of my healthy diet. Thank you, Hallelujah Acres.” –  Merldine C.

h diet enzymes over other nutrients

Our Raw Food Lab Proves It!

BarleyMax is the highest quality living organic juice powder and the most nutritionally dense product available. It has been tested against a number of leading competitors in the Hallelujah Diet® Raw Food Lab, and the results speak for themselves: “Hallelujah Diet’s BarleyMax offers one of the highest amounts of health-boosting enzymes on the market. Not only does BarleyMax offer a rich volume of enzymes, but it was also formulated so that the living nutrients can easily and readily benefit the body.” Here are some of the benefits of taking BarleyMax products:

  • Scientifically proven
  • Boosts energy
  • Eliminates harmful toxins
  • Builds your immune system
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Helps to balance blood sugar
  • Improves elimination
  • Cleanses the blood
  • Promotes longer life
  • Improves circulation
  • Protects against disease
  • Calms the gastrointestinal system
  • Excellent source of calcium, vitamin K, & protein
  • Contains 8 essential amino acids

From the choice of seed through proper irrigation, organic composting, timely harvest, and a unique method of dehydrating the juice into a powder, right down to how it’s stored, BarleyMax is carefully produced so that it consistently delivers an enzymatically active, vibrant, and nutritious and tasty green drink every time.

The rich scent, vibrant color, and delicious, fresh taste of BarleyMax powder are living proof of its pure nutrition and health-promoting power. Made from the juice of gluten-free, organic young barley and alfalfa leaves, harvested at the peak of nutrition, BarleyMax is jam-packed with living nutrition. Also available as BarleyMax A/F (alfalfa free) for those desiring a 100% barley juice powder.

It mixes easily with water or one’s favorite juice, and the benefits are easily enjoyed. There are three unique and fresh-tasting flavors: Original, Berry, and Mint. Moreover, of course, there is also a capsule form available for those looking for the convenience of taking the supplement during hectic times of the day.

h diet barley max product lineup

Barley Grass Juice Powders & Products

BarleyMax products from Hallelujah Diet® provide your body with countless vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, live enzymes, and more that your diet likely doesn’t provide. Also, these products supply antioxidant protection to help your body limit DNA damage that leads to aging and disease. Each barley grass product is organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher certified, and non-GMO and has no refined sugars. Here is the complete list:

  • BarleyMax – Alfalfa Free –  60 Day Supply
  • BarleyMax – Mint Flavored –  60 Day Supply
  • BarleyMax – Berry Flavored – 30 and 60 Day Supply
  • BarleyMax – Original –  30 and 60 Day Supply
  • BarleyMax – Capsules –  30 Day Supply

The Benefits of Consuming BarleyMax

BarleyMax is jam-packed with:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Essential amino acids
  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavonoids
  • Trace elements
  • Antioxidants
  • Live enzymes

Also, with its living enzymes and countless micronutrients, BarleyMax offers one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source. The secret of how BarleyMax is made is what makes it so different from dead, freeze-dried green juice powders on the market. Specially selected barley grass seeds are grown in a mineral-rich, volcanic lakebed at an elevation of 5,000 feet. Slower growth at this elevation allows the plant to absorb maximum nutrition from the incredibly nutrient-rich soil.

Harvested at just the right moment for peak nutrition, the barley grass is cut, washed, juiced, and rapidly dried with a proprietary drying process that retains the living nutrients. At the end of this process, each 8.5-oz container of BarleyMax contains the gluten-free—meaning free of grain, dehydrated juice of 15 pounds of freshly harvested barley grass and is ready to be shipped to your door!


  1. Eric Keeble February 2, 2021

    Hello, When are you going to get a Canadian rep?
    Used to use Barlwy Max all the time.

    • Melody Hord February 2, 2021

      Hi Eric, I am not sure if, or when a rep will be available.
      Hallelujah Diet ships to Canada from the US for $30. per order. There is Free shipping on retail orders over $350.

  2. T.J. Nash February 2, 2021

    We have Barley Max capsules that say “MFG 06-19”. Are they expired?

    • Melody Hord February 2, 2021

      Hi T.J., According to the purchasing agent at Hallelujah Diet, BarleyMax should be good for 24 months after manufacture date unopened. BarleyMax is full of enzymes. Once it is opened, oxygen and even moisture can get in. Therefore, even when it is a brand new container, it is best to be used within 3 to 4 months once it is opened.

  3. Is Triomax also a good strong, product like barley max is?

    • Melody Hord February 3, 2021

      Hi Debbie, TrioMax is a great product and it tastes really good.
      Hallelujah Diet teaches that BarleyMax is a superior product. The long growing season and deep roots in nutrient dense soil could easily make it better than freshly juiced wheat grass or barley grass grown in a tray.
      However, Hallelujah Diet teaches that freshly extracted carrot and beet juices are superior to dehydrated carrot and beet juices. If anyone is battling something serious, they are strongly urged to make fresh juice over using the dehydrated carrot and beet juice.
      For someone who is not battling something serious, the dehydrated carrot and beet juices come in handy when juicing is not an option, yet someone still wants to get the nutrients from carrots and beets in their diet.
      BarleyMax is highly recommended to help a person when battling something serious. In fact, Hallelujah Diet urges 6 servings a day of BarleyMax to give the body copious amounts of the phytochemicals in Barely grass when a person is in great need of nutrition.
      BarleyMax is definitely the best.

  4. Sherri Robertson February 4, 2021

    Do you still have Health Minister training available online?

    • Melody Hord February 5, 2021

      Hi Sherri, The Hallelujah Diet Health Minister Training is still on-line. However, a person must call Hallelujah Diet in the US to register. 1-800-915-9355 Hours are M-F 8am-6pm and Sat. 9am-4pm EST
      Click HERE for an overview. Has your body made improvements through a diet change?

  5. Do you / will you carry the BarleyMax grains in the US? I live in Hawaii and was getting it from Japan but I can’t get it shipped anymore

    • Melody Hord February 26, 2021

      Hi Laura, Hallelujah Diet only carries the dehydrated juiced grass powder.

  6. BarleyMax is a superior product. Anyone could benefit from it, whether or not they follow a plant-based diet. It supplies such a wealth of nutrients, and I personally find it gives me a boost of energy. The Berry flavor is my personal favorite.

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