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Update – Hallelujah Acres Nigeria

Paul and Ann Malkmus have been ministering to the health of Nigerians for the past three weeks now, and their reception by the Nigerian people and its political and religious leaders has been thrilling!

Below I share the most recent communication my son Paul has sent me regarding their experiences:

Hi Dad,

We’re doing great! We had a good Health Minister Training last week with 108 people. They enjoyed the class and we are so excited to be developing a new crop of Health Ministers here in Nigeria. We have graduated nearly 200 thus far with several more trainings coming up in the next few weeks.

We actually had a day off Saturday. This was our first and looks to be the only day off until the end of next week. Sunday we spoke at Foundation Faith church. There were about 3,000 in attendance with a follow-up health seminar the next day with about 100 present.

Tuesday and Wednesday we trained the store staff here in Port Harcourt. Some of the store staff from Abuja came for this training also. Today we stocked the Port Harcourt store getting it ready for customers. It is now open and ready for customers.

We leave in the morning for Lagos, the next leg of our journey, where we’ll be for about two weeks. We speak twice Saturday at a Seventh Day Adventist church. This opportunity came because the Health Minister from that church happened to be on a business trip in Port Harcourt and happened to be staying at our hotel and found us in the dining room one night at dinner!

We speak once Sunday, train the store staff Monday, then have a health conference Tuesday, and have another Health Minister training Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thursday afternoon we will also speak at a conference where we are told over 1 million people will hear our presentation.

Paul and Ann


  1. Hello, can those in Nigeria buy the Hallelujah Acres products online?

  2. Oh sure. It’s a free world. I ordered some items online 3 days ago. They’re on the way through fedex. Just be careful the equipments run 110v. You need a step down transformer. I understand hacresnigeria has ordered for 240v versions to be produced if you can wait a while

  3. When are we going to start seeing Nigerian recipes? Or advise of what to eat or not to eat specifically for Nigerians. Thanks

  4. Bebe Joshua May 30, 2019

    What should i take for hormonal imbalance and infection

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