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Two Major Events This Week at Hallelujah Acres

Back in July, when Rev. Malkmus spoke in Branson, Missouri, Jim Bakker learned he was in town. He asked Rev. Malkmus to appear on his television show, “The Jim Bakker Show.” Brother Bakker was so excited to learn what Hallelujah Acres was doing that he asked us to return for another appearance.

But this second appearance was not just another one-hour show, it was a full week! Five one-hour shows plus additional filming is now taking place on the set of The Jim Bakker Show, featuring  Kevin and Jennifer Van Kirk who own and operate The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Branson, Missouri.

Filming, which takes place October 18-22, can be watched LIVE on the internet via streaming video, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central Time.

If you miss the live streaming video, you can click here to find a TV station near you where the show will air approximately 10 days after filming.

Jennifer Van Kirk wanted us to share this with you regarding their exciting opportunity:

Dear Friends, God is truly blessing us and providing opportunities to get the word out about healthy living. Kevin and I are excited to announce the dates and times that we will be guests on the Jim Bakker Show.  We will be giving [the studio audience] a taste of what it is like to attend a Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center.


There will be food prep demonstrations, health tips, question/answer sessions, nationally know guest speakers such as Jerrod Sessler (NASCAR driver and stage-four metastasized melanoma survivor), Michael Sustar (recovered from Multiple Sclerosis having had multiple lesions on the brain), as well as Paul and Ann Malkmus from Hallelujah Acres headquarters.


For more details call: Jim Bakker Show at (417) 779-9000

Women’s Retreat


The highlight of each year here at Hallelujah Acres is the annual Women’s Retreat. This year’s event begins this Thursday, October 21 and continues through Saturday. Guests include:

  • Victoria Boutenko
    World renowned raw food pioneer and accomplished author
  • Jackie Pegram
    Women’s ministry veteran, and creator of Woman at the Well
  • Tiffany Esser
    Personal trainer and sought after fitness speaker
  • Rhonda Malkmus
    Hallelujah Acres co-founder and author of Recipes for Life
  • Dr. Stephan Esser
    Natural Hygienist and MD, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Donaldson
    Research Director, Hallelujah Acres Foundation
  • Rev. George Malkmus, Lit. D.
    Hallelujah Acres founder and author of The Hallelujah Diet

We have approximately 300 registered for this event! Guests are arriving from across America and even other countries. Join us for food, fun, relaxation, music, education, and the beautiful presence of God!

For more information or to register call 800.915.9355.

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