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Start the New Year Off Right With a DETOX! Lose Weight, Feel More Energized Than Ever and Jumpstart Your Health!

The New Year signals new beginnings for us all: a new outlook, a new mindset, new goals. And of course for many of us: A new body!

Ridding your body of nasty toxins and losing weight is invariably the most popular New Year’s Resolution. Especially after the holiday festivities, we tend to feel heavy, flabby, sluggish and generally unhealthier by year’s end. We at the Hallelujah Diet understand this, and we want you to feel clean and fresh again.

Let’s take this ubiquitous wave of motivation and encouragement to charge into 2015 making healthy choices. The best way to start? A healthy detox!

After hearing from our community, we realized New Year’s detox plans are typically hindered by one main issue: It’s difficult to do it without feeling exhausted or starved.

You spoke, we listened, and we created a 7-day detox program so you can kickstart your health and weight loss and get your body back on track.

The Hallelujah Diet’s® 7-Day Detox Program is the only solution that both detoxifies you from head to toe while supercharging you with active nutrition.

And it works. It is the ONLY cleanse to Purify + Nourish + Energize your body all at the same time.

A detox alone will not produce the best results. You will feel deprived, exhausted and even more listless. This is the biggest reason why many people give up on detoxes.

As your body eliminates weak cells, they need to be replaced with stronger, healthy cells… with a surge of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

The Hallelujah Diet’s® 7-Day Detox Program was built around this vital principle, so you can regain energy & vibrant health.

Get your body back and do a full-sweep detox & rejuvenation with the Hallelujah Diet’s® 7-Day Detox Program. Our cleanse is the ONLY detox that’s super-effective, energizing and supercharges your cells with nutrition.

Why the Hallelujah Diet® 7-Day Detox Is the MOST Effective & Unique:

✔  All In One: Purifies + Nourishes + Energize

✔  Lose Weight (not just water weight)

✔  Kicks Off the Detoxifying Process

✔  Detoxifies and Provides Active Nutrition

✔  Helps You Get Leaner & Stronger

✔  Increases Your Natural Resistance To Illness

With the 7-Day Detox Program, you’ll get all the essential elements you need to

feed your body with powerful nutrition + detox + maintain your energy levels:

✔  FREE Recipes for Juices, Broths, Soups and Pureed Soups, which contain even more nutrients for maximum health

✔  FREE Daily Detox Schedule

✔  FREE Shopping List

✔  FREE Daily Motivational Emails

✔  FREE Journal to document your successes, progress and challenges

Say good-bye to detoxes that deprive and drain you, once and for all.

Can you envision your lighter, clearer, brighter self in just one week? Sign Up Today and get ready to start the 7-Day Detox Program on January 12th with the rest of the Hallelujah Diet team!

Start this journey today and SIGN UP for the healthiest weight loss you can imagine! We’ll send you everything you need on January 12 when our 7-Day Detox Program begins.


  1. Tried to sin up for 7 day detox on iPhone 5S Kept going to blank screen.

  2. Good Morning! I would love to sign up for the 7 day detox but am only getting a blank screen on that page? Is it a glitch on my end? Thank you for your program! I’ve been interested in this lifestyle and am anxious to start out 2015 with Hallelujah! Blessings!

  3. Trying to sign up for the 7-day detox program but don’t find a place to do so. Can you please help. Thanks.

  4. eileen fitzgerald December 31, 2014

    interested in the detox starting January 12, 2015

  5. While a detox is a good thing I want omething that will detox & clean fat from my liver. Do you have such a plan? Thank You, Dave

    • Christy Okon January 7, 2015

      The overall Hallelujah Diet along with the LVR supplement would be great!

  6. Marti Orozco December 31, 2014

    I truly appreciate all you do for the community with your products. Your ministry is a blessing to me and to many people who have tried your product.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  7. Mary Jean Prip January 2, 2015

    The sign up for this seems to have an error. when trying to submit contact info, your site does not allow me to click on the name, and email input box.

  8. Hello ~
    I have a green star juicer. Should I remove the rind (peel) before juicing?


    • Christy Okon January 7, 2015

      If it’s not organic, we recommend that you do. The peel can have a lot of toxins otherwise. We also recommend washing it very well.

  9. After signing up when do you get the shopping list, and recipes?

    • Christy Okon January 12, 2015

      You should be receiving an email with all of that information this week.

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