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Special Sale at Hallelujah Acres This Friday!

Friends, I am excited to announce that for the first time in our history, we’re having an after-Thanksgiving sale — and the discounts are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Hallelujah Acres!

You’ll see other business having these so-called “Black Friday” sales, but since our focus is health and hope, we’ve named ours “Bright” Friday!

There will also be a special event the following Cyber Monday specifically for folks who purchase our products online.

These two events include special prices on limited edition books autographed by myself and Rhonda, plus savings up to 75% on our most popular DVDs, juicers, supplements, and special gift packs we’ve never offered before.

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts, this is it!

You can get a sneak preview of these sale items at the Bright Friday and Cyber Monday page on the Hallelujah Acres website.


  1. Suzidubick October 2, 2012

    You need to clean up these old pages…I was all set for a huge sale 😉

  2. Rose Marie November 25, 2013

    Where are the sale items???

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