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Roebuck, SC Seminar A Big Success

This past Saturday, August 21st Rhonda and I drove to Roebuck, South Carolina, which is just outside of Spartanburg, for a 10:30 a.m. seminar at the First Baptist Church. We had a great seminar with an attendance a little over 300.

The pastor of the church opened the seminar with prayer and the ladies of the church prepared boxed organic salads for those attending. Testimonies of improved health after adopting the Hallelujah Diet were abundant at the start of the seminar. Those are always the thing that cause first-timers or skeptics to pay attention to what follows.

For this seminar, we had an unusual number of first timers. In most seminars we have at least 25% of the folks attending already on or familiar with the Hallelujah Diet, but for this seminar I doubt there were more than a dozen on the diet.

We appreciate the Health Ministers who worked so hard to make the seminar a success.

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