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Rev. Malkmus Recovering After Surgery

It was 75 years ago that I had my first surgery at the age of 3 for tonsil removal. In fact, my earliest memory is as a 3-year-old being wheeled down the hospital corridor on a gurney, scared to death. That thought was in my mind this past Monday, July 9 at 7:30 a.m., as they wheeled me down the hospital corridor on a gurney.

The hernia surgery took approximately an hour and a half, and the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room, alert, feeling good, and Rhonda was there in the room with me.

Because it was outpatient surgery, after the anesthesia had worn off and the doctor had checked me out, we were on the road home. Doctor’s comment: “You sure have strong stomach muscles and no fat!” He went on to say that the reason the hernia protruded so significantly was because I had no fat to hide it.

Why, after more than 36 years on The Hallelujah Diet, did I develop a hernia?

The doctor said the weakness in the stomach lining could go back to childhood and that carrying 5-gallon jugs of distilled water up and down the stairs of our home could have precipitated the rupture. It was shortly after carrying these heavy jugs up and down our stairs that the bulge was first noted.

Healing has been extremely rapid and Rhonda and I have gone for walks each afternoon and evening (even the day of the surgery), increasing distances each day (a total of four miles on day six).

Before leaving the hospital the doctor gave me prescriptions for both a strong pain medication and nausea. We were supposed to fill the prescriptions on the way home from the hospital. But I said “No”, because “I won’t need them”. As expected, I have experienced absolutely no pain or nausea.

At the time of this writing, 3:00 a.m. Monday, July 16, a few hours less than one week since the surgery, I’m feeling great and chomping at the bit to return to my regular daily exercise routine. However, my doctor told me he doesn’t want me doing any power walking, strenuous exercise, or lawn mowing for at least four weeks.

My doctor seemed quite impressed at my body’s physical condition and restorative abilities at almost 80 years of age. I told him I give all the credit to The Hallelujah Diet, which I have been on for the past 36-plus years, and to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, who led me to this diet after I was told I had colon cancer.

My next public appearance will be on Saturday, August 4, when I share with those gathered at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina, my next “’God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar. Hope to see you there!


  1. Warjon642 July 16, 2012

    I can honestly say “l know exactly how you feel”…..being in the same situation just last month and for an inguinal ( protruding) hernia about 3-4inches below belly button/groin area repaired with surgical mesh procedure the real pain is the “healing” of the surgical site . Although folks heal differently….praying your recovery is swift and painter!!

  2. Dleonhardt July 16, 2012

    so glad your surgery went so well. I know Rhonda is happy to have you back home where you belong.

  3. Juditha2011 July 17, 2012

    Great story! and I have to concur with what you said because the same thing happened to my husband, John, whom you met when we became health ministers a few years (4)? back and he will be 81 in Oct…he had hernia surgery a few months ago and he experienced the same as you. John had malignant melanoma and hodgkins lymphoma in 2000/2001 and went on the Hallelujah lifestyle diet and got well. His hernia protruded out so much, and he didn’t get the surgery till it was unbearable and huge only because the doctor thought it was a small opening. When the doctor got in there he realized different. John healed fast as well and his boss, at work, who is in his 30’s had hernia surgery about the same time and it took him 4 times as long to heal and he still isn’t quite right but of course, he is a sad diet person and not with the Lord.

  4. Evangelistro July 17, 2012

    To God be the glory! We give Him the praise. Glad to know that you are healed Rev. Malkmus!

  5. Dearest George,
    We all love you and know GOD has you in the palm of His hand. You and Rhonda continue to be such wonderful inspirations to us all. We are proud to say we are Health Ministers and use examples like this to inspire others to get off meds and get stronger by being on the Hallelujah Diet.
    Praying the LORD will heal you quickly and completely because we need you. Rhonda told us she has another motive to have you healed. She said and I quote, “I have only one addiction and that’s to George”. LOL!
    Love to you and beautiful Rhonda,
    Vivvy & JR (1Cor.2:9)

  6. Mary Ann Gerhardt July 17, 2012

    Dr M,

    Like God says if do what everything he wants you to do, he will heal you. God Bless.
    Mary Ann G.

    My husband and I attend the HACRES group with Health Minister Debbie B. in La Vernia, Texas.

  7. God's leading lady July 17, 2012

    With all due respect I think that all the credit should have gone to Jesus Christ FIRST and then the The Hallelujah Diet to hich He led you to! I’m just saying!

  8. God's leading lady July 17, 2012

    Sorry, my comment should have read; With all due respect I think that all the credit should have gone to Jesus Christ FIRST and then the The Hallelujah Diet to which He led you to! I’m just saying!

  9. Ponypeople55 July 17, 2012

    Rev. Malkmus, thank you for sharing your experience with us! You are our inspiration and our role model. We thank God for every remembrance of you!

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