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Rev. Malkmus’ On the Road Journal

Rhonda and I left Shelby, N.C. on Friday morning, May 7th, and drove for nearly nine hours. We arrived in Chillicothe, Ohio, where the seminar was scheduled for the next morning, around supper time. After checking into a motel and learning there was a Golden Coral just blocks away, we went to our room where we had our carrot juice and BarleyMax, then we were off to the Golden Coral.

We have a small DC electric refrigerator we carry in our car with us when we travel. It enables us to bring along enough carrot juice for three days, plus organic fruit and other items that require refrigeration. We always try to make sure that the motel room has a refrigerator in it so that we don’t have to lug in the refrigerator from the car, although it does have an ac plug in the event we can’t get a room with a refrigerator.

Golden Coral restaurants have a nice salad bar and good selection of vegetables including baked sweet potatoes, which we greatly enjoy, so that was where we had our evening meal. Then back to the motel room for the night.

Next morning we drove just a short distance to the Chillicothe Baptist Church, arriving about 8:30 a.m.

Our host, Ronda, and her family were already there setting up for the 10:00 a.m. meeting.

Until seminar start time we greeted the attendees.

The seminar began at 10:00 a.m. with an introduction by a local Chiropractor who encouraged those attending to listen carefully and take heed to what was to be shared.

Some 200 were in attendance for the seminar and before it began, over a dozen gave testimonies of the improvements they had experienced in their health after they had adopted The Hallelujah Diet. These testimonies included cancer and fibromyalgia gone, along with numerous other physical problems, with one reporting a weight loss of over 100 pounds.

We left the church around 3:00 p.m. and drove to Lexington, Kentucky, arriving around supper time.

Once again we were blessed to have a motel where we could have a healthy supper nearby, as there was a Whole Foods market with a nice organic salad bar within walking distance of the motel. After checking in and having our carrot juice and BarleyMax, we had a lovely supper.

To bed around 9:30 and up at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It seemed strange not getting up at my normal 3:00 a.m. get-up time

Attended Sunday School, Morning and Evening Services at Clays Mill Independent Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky (the same church I will share my God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar in this evening).

It is an incredible church, with folks giving their hearts to Jesus in both services. They also baptized at the end of both services.

In all services the pastor promoted my Monday evening seminar and in the Sunday evening service he gave me opportunity to personally encourage the people to attend. Many people expressed interest in the seminar and we are excited about once again sharing God’s Health Message.

This is being written from my motel room in Lexington, Ky on Monday morning, May 10th. It is 4:50 a.m. as I sign off. Will report on this evening’s seminar in Lexington and tomorrow evening’s seminar in Lewisburg, West Virginia next week.

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